How to Delete Reddit Account – 4 Simple And Easy Steps

    “How to delete Reddit account” is the frequently asked question. this article will help you understand that and get interesting information about Reddit.

    Reddit is no stranger to people and has millions of active users monthly. If you’re one of them and you want to take a break from this platform, you can delete your Reddit account.

    In Reddit, you can gain both friends and knowledge. Reddit is a platform from where people get daily news – information about matters happening in one’s own country or worldwide.

    People on Reddit discuss a lot of information and facts with other like-minded people. One of the ways in which Reddit is different and better than other platforms is that people just go there to get news and information. You also get to see promotions of brands and celebrities.

    After joining Reddit, you can visit and follow many “subreddit”. Almost all subreddits of every topic are present for you to get information – take part in discussions. Or you can simply join some subreddits for fun purposes only.

    Reddit ranks #18 on the page of most visited websites in the world and it ranks #7 on the page of most visited websites in the United States. It claims to be “the front page to the internet” and is becoming famous day-by-day.

    Delete Reddit Account
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    But, that was the one side of a story. The other side is also no stranger thing for Reddit users or even for non-users. Let me take you to the 2016 flashback when President Donald Trump was elected. Under the popular subreddit r/The_Donald, the CEO of Reddit – Steve Huffman came to know that many critical and most popular comments were about himself.

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    The critical comments were in the response to the shutting down of a subreddit. This is not the end. The thing which was unknown to Redditors was that Steve Huffman could edit any and every comment. He could replace his username with the username (for example abc120) of his critic by inserting a code. This turned the insult back on the attacker which was a shock for Redditors.

    Many such incidents are noted which clearly shows that Reddit does not protect users’ data. Some of them are removal of awarrant canary”, celebrity nude photo leaked, and unruly content moderators. This shows that Reddit hand over its users’ data to third parties.

    Each and every click is tracked and may be sold by moderators.

    This article will help you understand “how to delete Reddit account”.

    Things To Know Before One Delete Reddit Account

    “How to delete Reddit account” is the frequently asked question by Redditors who want to take a break from it. It is a quite simple and straightforward task. But if someone wants to delete a Reddit account, there are few things he/she should consider knowing.

    • Reddit is the only platform that does not allow its users to temporarily close or deactivate Reddit account. If a user deletes a Reddit account, it is gone forever.
    • Deleting a Reddit account does not erase all the user data – such as comments or votes, etc. For example, if you ever commented “hello! My name is ABC and I work for a company named XYZ. This comment contains your personal data. This will still appear under that specific post but the username is displayed as [deleted].
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    So in order to delete the existence of your account from Reddit, you will first have to delete all posts and comments from your account.

    • After you delete your Reddit account, you are not able to recycle your username ever i.e you will not be able to make a Reddit account on the same (particular) username. No user can use or create an account with a username occupied by another Redditor.
    • Sadly, there is not any automated way or feature to download all the Reddit users’ data.

    How to Delete Comments Or Posts

    For deleting the users’ data you can head towards the website and Log/Sign in from the account that you want to delete.

    delete reddit account
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    In case you forgot your login details, you can reset them and get started.

    1. Once you’re logged in, click “My Stuff” and then “Profile” on the top right corner of the page to view your profile details.

      delete reddit account
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    2. From the top of the page, you can select “ comments” to view comments and select “posts” to see your posts.

      delete reddit account
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    3. Here you can check all the posts and comments you ever created. To delete a particular post or comment, select three dots […] that appear under them. Then select “delete”.

      delete reddit account
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    You’re done deleting the comments or posts you don’t want to make appear.

    How To Delete Reddit Account

    Let us go through the steps of “How To Delete Reddit Account Permanently”. Here is the step by step guide to do so:

    1. Click “My Stuff”, a menu-bar will appear on the screen. Then click on “User Settings”.

      delete reddit account
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    2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Then click/select the red “ Deactivate Account” button.

      delete reddit account
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    3. Reddit will ask for feedback [optinal] which asks “why are you deleting this account?” Then they will ask for the “username” and “password” to confirm that it is you to delete the account. Click on the “I understand that deactivated accounts are not recoverable” tab. Then click “ deactivate”.

      delete reddit account
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    4. Reddit will ask you once again to confirm the deactivation of your account. Click “Deactivate” if you’re sure to do so.

      delete reddit account
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    This is when you’re DONE! Now you’re unable to access the same account ever.

    Never take decisions when you’re emotionally disturbed. Be absolutely sure to delete your Reddit account. Because you will not get your Reddit account back after it is gone.

    Interesting Facts about Reddit

    • About 62% of people come to Reddit just for reading the news.
    • Almost 63% of the users of Reddit are under the age of 25.
    • 53% of users of Reddit are males and 47% are females.
    • Reddit ranks as the #07 popular website on the internet.
    • Reddit has 330 million active users/month.
    • Almost 58 million votes are created every day on Reddit.
    • About 2.8 million comments are created on Reddit Every day.

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