How to Check Homemade Pregnancy Test? – 9 Unbelievable Ways

    Pregnancy is the most adorable feeling for any woman. From being a child to being able to give birth to one is a fantastic feeling that only women get to live. While it is easy to find test kits in the market, a homemade pregnancy test has been prevalent in many houses. Many of the women out there use missing periods as an indicator. It is not the right way to judge your pregnancy as accurately as it sounds. The best way to test pregnancy is by detecting human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in one’s urine. HCG is sometimes also referred to as pregnancy hormones used for detecting pregnancy in a female.

    All of the old remedies used by people are often linked with the same and therefore are commonly known. Even though many cheap pregnancy kits are available in the market, people often take a homemade pregnancy test as an option out. These pregnancy test not only provides confidentiality but also helps a couple out in an urgent situation. Imagine being stuck in the farmhouse with no drug shop near you. Apart from it, these homemade pregnancy tests can also help with an unwanted pregnancy and thus, maintain secrecy.

    Homemade Pregnancy Test
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    The best part of homemade pregnancy tests is the n number of tools you can opt for while testing the same. From bleach powder to sugar, everything readily available in the house can be used for a pregnancy test.

    Homemade Pregnancy Test – Principle

    A particular hormone is secreted into the urine when a woman conceives, also known as hCG. This hormone is also found in the blood when a woman is pregnant. The placenta produces the hormone when the embryo sticks to the uterine walls. All of the processes take place after the sperm enters the female egg. The hCG or the antibodies are used for the test to convey accurate results.

    However, one proposition unclear to the audience is the right time for a homemade pregnancy test. It is essential to give the human system time to react to the possibilities. During the first 2-3 weeks of pregnancy, the hCG is produced in high quantity and thus, spreads well in the blood system. On the other hand, detecting pregnancy at the early stages is not adequate due to the chances of false accuracy. Therefore, take the test 2-3 days after you have missed your period.

    There is a high probability that the test result is wrong since the menstruation cycle for every woman is different. It is essential to calculate the period due date correctly, keeping in mind the irregularities associated with the same. Hence, you can take the test several times to confirm the same.

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    Homemade Pregnancy Test – 5 Ways for Accurate Results

    Homemade Pregnancy Test
    1. While collecting the urine samples, use a dry and clean container.
    2. Use the day’s first urine as the sample due to the high hCG concentration.
    3. Similarly, it is essential to collect a substantial amount of urine; otherwise, you end up with incorrect test results, and thus, the process must be repeated.
    4. Homemade pregnancy tests can take up to 10 minutes to show results. Therefore, one must wait after testing the urine sample.
    5. It is always advisable to get accurate results for a second test. A confirmation is never bad in these cases.

    Top 10 Homemade Pregnancy Test Solution 2022

    All your answers about homemade pregnancy tests will be solved here. The best part is the availability of all the ingredients. While all the products are natural, they will be readily available in our kitchen.

    homemade pregnancy test

    #1 Pregnancy Test using Salt

    One of the most straightforward solutions is to use salt for a homemade pregnancy test. The method is quite simple as you have to collect the urine sample in a container and add one or two pinch of salt to the same. Wait for a few minutes for the reaction to occur; if creamy white clumps start forming from the reaction, you are pregnant. However, if there is no reaction, you are not pregnant and, therefore, should try the test again.

    #2 Pregnancy Test using Barley and Wheat

    hCG is indeed the hormone of love and growth. Both wheat and barley are highly available in any of the food systems. These cereals are an essential part of one’s daily meal. However, few of us knew that these could also be used for a homemade pregnancy test. While both kinds of cereal have their germination speed, it tends to heighten when a pregnant lady’s urine is put to use. Even though this sounds superficial, tests have shown that barley and wheat seeds grow almost 2x when a pregnant lady’s urine is used in place of water.

    Therefore, take a clean bowl with a urine sample and add barley and wheat seeds. If the germination seed is faster than the usual, it’s a positive sign.

    #3 Pregnancy Test using Sugar

    This is probably the most readily available item in one’s house. Using sugar, one can easily detect pregnancy. However, there aren’t any scientific studies proving the efficacy of this test. Therefore, we recommend you try other methods as well.

    The test is common to the others mentioned above. Take a urine sample in a clean bowl and add one teaspoon of sugar. Usually, the hCG hormone doesn’t let the sugar dissolve in urine. Hence, if you observe lumps in the same, it’s positive news to share.

    #4 Pregnancy Test using Mustard Powder

    While many tests are reliable and easy to deal with, this homemade pregnancy test using mustard powder can be hectic for people. Instead of rushing to the pharmacy, one can add warm water to the bathtub and mustard powder. Immerse yourself in the water and wait for 20-25 minutes. If you don’t get your pregnancy after 2-3 days, you are pregnant.

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    The mustard powder has been used as an ayurvedic medicine to treat delayed periods. With the consumption of mustard powder, one can regulate their periods and avoid problems related to the same.

    #5 Pregnancy Test using Dandelion Leaf

    Nature plays its part in mysterious ways. Our ancestors have found so many ways to identify the presence of a new life. Using the dandelion leaf, one can easily predict whether a woman is pregnant or not. Get the dandelion leaf, urine sample, and a plastic container early in the morning. Keep the leaf in the plastic container and add the urine sample. However, make sure that the container is not directly under the same.

    After carefully observing for 10 minutes, if the leaf turns reddish-brown color, it’s positive news. Another thing to observe is the presence of bubbles in the container. This indicates pregnancy as well.

    #6 Urine Storage Test

    When a woman is pregnant, there is a high concentration of hCG hormone in the urine sample. With this privilege in hand, one can store their day’s first urine in a glass jar and let it be there for the next 24 hours. If you notice a white thing layer on the top, then it’s the hCG hormones floating on the top indicating pregnancy.

    However, this test can spread a stinky odor in your house. So, beware!

    #7 Pregnancy Test using Toothpaste

     While most of the tests mentioned above-involved kitchen items, this one uses toothpaste to identify pregnancy. It would be best to associate white toothpaste with this homemade pregnancy test since other kinds of toothpaste carry different chemicals that can alter the result.

    Take a bowl, add two tablespoons of toothpaste, and add the urine sample. Usually, toothpaste doesn’t react with urine due to the same PH level. However, with the presence of hCG hormone in the urine sample, the PH level starts differentiating, which causes a reaction to form a blue and frothy substance. The presence of a frothy substance signifies pregnancy.

    However, one of the significant disadvantages of this test is the amount of urine used.

    #8 Pregnancy Test using Shampoo and Soap

    This test is as simple as the one mentioned above. You need to get shampoo, water, and a sample of the day’s first urine. Take a clear bowl and mix all the raw components. Whisk the solution gently and wait for the solution to react. If the foam is formed on the top, it is a positive news.

    However, this test is not approved as chemically driven shampoo tends to form froth even without hCG. Apart from it, don’t add more than two drops of shampoo in the same. Any quantity higher than the same can lead to easy froth formation providing false results.

    Similarly, the test can be repeated using soap. Add the soap to a wide bowl and add the urine sample. If bubble and froth appear, then it is positive news.

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    #9 Pregnancy Test using Bleaching Powder

    One of the most used tests is the one using bleaching powder. Take one tablespoon of bleaching powder in a clean glass and add a urine sample. If a lot of frizzing occurs along with bubble and foam, you know that you’re pregnant. However, the frizzing should start as soon as the urine touches the bleaching powder.

    It is recommended not to inhale the fumes as it is toxic and can cause harmful effects.

    Well, that’s the list of all the different homemade pregnancy tests you can opt for. There are other well-reputed tests like vinegar and Dettol as well. However, we recommend you stick to the above-mentioned items since they are more reasonable and have a scientific touch. None of the tests provided above is clinically proven, and one must opt for clinically proven kits.

    Is Getting Pregnant after using Contraceptives Possible?

    Well, contraceptives are used to avoid pregnancy. However, many women have reported incidences where the contraceptives fail to perform effectively. Also, contraceptives aren’t 100% effective, which is miscommunicated during brand marketing. Some of the reasons why contraceptive pills fail are –

    • Taking contraceptive pills is about being at the right time. The menstruation cycle affects the effectiveness of contraceptive pills on a large scale. If you have reached the ovulation stage, contraceptive pills aren’t expected to be 100% effective. Ovulation amplifies the pregnancy phase, and therefore, things are enhanced.
    • Mixing medication can cause irrational problems in the human body. Therefore, we recommend users opt for a doctor’s consultation before using the contraceptive pill.
    • Often protection used during intercourse is not viable. If the condom is not worn correctly, there is a high chance of pregnancy. Therefore, take care of things like this beforehand.

    When to Consult a Doctor?

    Knowing the right time to visit a doctor is very crucial during pregnancy. As a new mother, taking good care of your baby is the priority we look up to. Therefore, one should avoid any complexity related to the same. With a positive confirmation on the homemade pregnancy test, get another clinically proven kit and confirm the news. If the news is positive, visit a doctor as soon as possible.

    If the pregnancy result is positive, you are already 3-4 weeks into pregnancy. Hence, avoid any delay as much as possible.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q1. Does the Shampoo Homemade Pregnancy Test Work?

    While there are reasonable conclusions for the shampoo pregnancy test to work, there isn’t any clinically available test that proves the reliability. People often use these tests to get a faster solution when the kit isn’t available.

    Q2. Can we check pregnancy by touching the stomach?

    This method is possible in the later stage of pregnancy. Several YouTube videos help you get a fast fix if the report is urgent. Check this link out to know more about the method in detail.

    Q3. How is the stomach affected by pregnancy?

    While seeing a bulge out on the stomach is expected, the whole process takes up to 9 months. The fetus starts with nestling down to your pelvis, and with time as the baby grows, it starts moving into the abdomen.


    Positive pregnancy is happening news for everyone. However, these homemade pregnancy tests mentioned above are often not 100% effective, providing negative results. Clinically, it is recommended to confirm the test by opting for a pregnancy kit available in the pharmacy. Apart from it, you can also opt for lab tests that use blood to identify pregnancy.

    Check out this 40-week pregnancy calendar if you have received good news.


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