How To Change Twitter Handle: A Simple Guide For You

    Do you wish to rebrand and revamp your Twitter handle? Are you searching for ways about how to perform this activity without affecting your followers? Looking out for ways on How to change Twitter Handle?

    In this article, we have talked about everything associated with Twitter Handle and have provided the simplest guide on how to change Twitter handle.

    Your username also called your handle generally begins with the “@” symbol that is exclusive to your account and appears in the profile URL. You have to use your username to log in to your account, and is noticeable when sending and receiving replies and Direct Messages. People can also explore your account by searching for your username.

    Your display name or name is a private identifier on Twitter and is distinct from your username. It can be things like something fun, a business name, or a real name, and is shown next to your username. You can update that information at any time. If you are wondering how to change Twitter handle and think it is very complicated, it is actually not.

    Instead of creating a new Twitter account, check out the Account tab on Here, you can alter your username, e-mail address, and security settings. In the Profile tab, you can update your picture and bio. In the bio section, your followers must know that the account username has been changed to receive all of the @ replies and direct messages at your new username.

    If you are using Twitter as your professional connection and connect to people over social media regarding your new entrepreneurship venture, let’s check out an easy fix of how to change your Twitter Handle on your computer or your Twitter Mobile App.

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    How to change Twitter handle on a computer

    Changing your Twitter handle and display name is easy and convenient. Here are a few steps on how to change Twitter Handle. To make any changes to either your username (@) or your display, follow the below steps:

    1. Click on “More” in the Control Panel on the left-hand side of the screen. The pop-up below will open.


    Steps on how to change Twitter handle
    1. Choose “Settings and Privacy” from the list of options.
    2. In the new window, click on “Username”
    Steps to change your Twitter handle
    1. You must Type your new username or choose one among the recommended names available.
    2. Finally, click on “Save” and your changes will be implemented.

    How to change Twitter handle on mobile

    If you wish to change the username on mobile, you must open up the sliding menu in the left-hand corner.

    1. Select “Settings and Privacy”
    How to change your Twitter handle


    1. Select the “Account” option and then click on “Username”
    How to change your Twitter handle on mobile


    1. You have to type in the new username and click on “save”. Your username will be changed and your followers won’t be able to find using your old handle.

    What to do if your desired Twitter handle is used and taken?

    Sometimes, businesses discover that other people have already registered the Twitter handle of their company’s name.

    If the account is active and the handler is not copying your brand even with a trademark on the name, check out the steps to stop this. If you find that someone is feigning to spread some information on behalf of your company, find the details below options.

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    Firstly, you may try to contact the holder of the account by sending a tweet or finding a link to his contact details present in the account bio portion.

    In case, if you’re unable to communicate with the holder, you can then try to connect with Twitter to gain possession of the account.

    According to Twitter, they suspend an account and alert the account holder “where there is a strong intent to deceive others through the illegal use of a trademark.”

    But if an account seems to be confusing people, “but is not resolutely passing itself off as the brand/company/product,” the account holder will be warned and permitted to keep the account if he clears up any latent confusion.

    However, if the account is inactive, according to Twitter “it may also issue a username for the trademark holder’s active usage.”

    If you are not able to get the name you wish, you can try an innovative and creative approach. You can think of a way to characterize the name in added or fewer characters or add an underscore. Do remember not to let the hindrance keep you off Twitter overall.

    Things you need to keep in mind for your Twitter handle change

    If you have decided to change your handle check out some associated tips for consideration.

    Keep it simple

    The simpler the name, the easier it is to find and direct people to your content. A good username will improve the chances of attracting followers.

    Build a popular brand

    Your name or handle is a long way of telling people what you’re about and why you must be given attention. Name accordingly; give worthy content and people will follow.

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    Tell people about your business

    You must share what people can expect from you. Your business purpose, motive, and strategy will help to draw followers and enhance the excellence of your audience. If they know what you’re about and they follow you, you can assuredly count on some visit from them.

    Changing your username will not disturb your existing followers, Direct Messages, or replies. Your followers will see a new username near your profile photo when the information is updated. It is suggested that you make your followers aware before you change your handle so they can direct replies or Direct Messages to your new handle. Additionally, once you change your username, your previous username will instantly be accessible for use by others.

    This short guide and quick tips will help you in the process of how to change Twitter Handle. Hope this becomes an asset for your Twitter account.

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