What Is Adobe AIR? Interesting Facts 2021

    Adobe AIR was released in 2008 that allows developers to create and utilize web applications. But, what is Adobe AIR? Well! The answer to this question is really detailed.

    What Is Adobe AIR?
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    One of the best features of Adobe is Adobe AIR. What is Adobe AIR?

    What is Adobe AIR?

    Adobe AIR is also known as a runtime environment, or a runtime engine. A program that is used by other software to function optimally is a runtime engine. So, Adobe AIR acts like an engine through which other software runs.

    Adobe AIR desktop runtime engine is a cross-platform that allows the use of web technologies to develop and use Rich Internet Applications(RIAs).

    Rich Internet Applications are web applications that have the characteristics of other desktop applications. They allow users more accessibility and visual experience than the traditional web applications. They are more engaging and faster.

    Since 2008 – when it was released – the Adobe AIR enables developers to create ActionScript, Flex, JavaScript, and HTML to create web applications and deploy them on iOS, Android, as well as desktop.

    Let us have a look at a short history of web applications to better understand what is Adobe Air?

    History Of Web Applications

    Over the past few years, the trend of applications is shifting from desktop to web applications. This is due to a number of factors such as:

    • Internet is becoming a vast communication network day-by-day.
    • Web applications are relatively easy to deploy.
    • Web browsers can access and run multiple operating systems.
    • The maturation of the Flash player runtime and browser, etc.
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    Early the web developers used HTML and JavaScript to develop web applications. These relied on page refreshes and client-server interactions. These features provided a poor user experience while displaying applications.

    The development of Ajax-type functionality and the maturation of the Flash Player runtime has enabled the developers to develop such applications to provide rich user experiences via the browser. Today the web is the biggest platform to deploy applications that provide benefits to both end-users and developers.

    Adobe AIR technologies

    The technologies that can be used as a basis for an application are called application technologies. The two primary applications that can be used separately for developing applications are HTML and Flash.


    What Is Adobe AIR
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    Adobe AIR uses JavaScript and HTML, which include a full HTML engine to support:

    • CSS
    • JavaScript
    • HTML
    • Document Object Model
    • XHTML

    Most of the users think that Adobe AIR focuses on Flash for developing applications, which is a wrong concept. Developers can use JavaScript and HTML only to develop full-featured applications.

    Adobe Flash

    The second important technology on the basis of which Adobe AIR is made is Adobe Flash.

    The primary programming language is ActionScript 3.0 to develop apps and games that run as stand-alone executables. The AdobeFlex 3 framework is built with ActionScript 3.0. This means that you can take full advantage of and use the features that Flex offers for building Adobe applications.


    PDF which stands for Portable Document Format is a web level for displaying and sharing documents on the browser.

    Users need to install Adobe Reader Version 8.1 for the proper functionality of PDF. This means that if Adobe Reader Version 8.1 is installed on the user’s computer, they can take full advantage of all the features that a reader expects.

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    Adobe AIR Desktop Features

    • Menu-Bar: adding menu bar, submenus, and custom menus to AIR windows.
    • Window Management: Opening and closing of windows, maximizing and minimizing windows.
    • File Management: Creating or deleting files, renaming them, copying or moving them to other folders,

    Adobe AIR Mobile Features

    • Producing graphics using the 3D interface.
    • GPS detectors and Accelerometers.
    • Camera and microphone access.
    • AIR Gamepad – Controller and display for video games on the device.

    How to install Adobe AIR?

    An administrator of a device can install Adobe AIR runtime.

    On a Window Computer:

    1. Download the Adobe AIR runtime application using the link
    2. Click on the installation file twice.
    3. In the installation tab, follow instructions to complete the download.

    On a Mac Computer:

    1. Download the Adobe AIR runtime application using the link
    2. Click on the installation file twice.
    3. In the installation tab, follow instructions to complete the download.
    4. The window may ask you to enter your username and password.

    For more information click on this link: Adobe AIR help.

    Some Useful Applications of Adobe AIR


    Imagedropr is an Adobe AIR application that allows users to easily input images and add tags, content, titles to them.

    Flickr Desktop Search

    This is another application by Adobe AIR that allows users to search Flickr images.

    Flickr Flipper

    Flickr Flipper allows users to search images of Flickr and it also allows users to search images from specific Flickr users. This Adobe AIR utility allows users to even download images on their computers.

    Adobe Media Library

    Adobe Media Library allows users to save and download their favorite TV shows or content. Tack and manage the video library to watch on your own.

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    Icon Generator

    Icon Generator is a little application from Adobe AIR that allows users to make web 2.0 style or CS3 icons, just in 3 steps.

    1. Select the color of your choice.
    2. Put its characters in it.
    3. Save it.

    Adobe AIR applications complete web applications but they cannot and will not replace web applications.

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