Report on Apple Cars: What Are They Going To Be Like?

    “Apple Car”, the term has been doing rounds on social media in recent times. If you have not already heard, Apple is assumed to be conducting work on the project of an electric vehicle, which is supposed to launch in a few years.

    This is a very secret project as per the market talks, and it is said that they are working on it in a secret hidden lab called ‘SG5’ in Sunnyvale, Calif. It is believed that this project is known as ‘Project Titan’ and one day in the near future it will come out in the market as ‘Apple Car’.

    As it came to news that it is not only one car, but Apple is actively working on various projects related to automotive, which might give birth to an ‘apple car’. It is believed that this project falls into two rough categories- 1. Self-driving vehicle system 2. Car design. It is assumed that by working on this automotive project, Apple is trying to shift the main focus of their product, and they are trying to launch a high technology self-driving car with a grand design.

    This project is focused on electric vehicles, but still, they decided not to compete with the existing electric car company Tesla, which already has a sufficient number of steady electric cars and they are working on self-driving projects too.

    Apple cars are supposed to recognize its driver via fingerprint, and it is supposed to be a car with a partially autonomous system to achieve something more ambitious. The company is believed to develop the infrastructure of charging their cars by hiring engineers and firms of the supply station.

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    Apple Car Upcoming

    In July 2017, a report said that for researching and developing the new batteries for automobiles Apple started working with a Chinese Firm Contemporary Amperex Technology. However, the CATL refused to say anything about it officially.

    The self-driving feature of this car is naturally attracting the public, but for most of the features and design, they kept it confidential. As per the rumours goes, it could resemble some design of the current vehicle. But some significant features of Apple products can be reused in this project. It could also contain wide-swinging doors, which will remove the need for the centre door pillar, and it will help to make the door opening larger too.

    It is believed that the proposal of this car contains the usage of VR and AR technology, a creative design of sunroof, privacy lighting, in-screen display and many more attractive features. It would be a fancy design car with self-driving systems so the need for traditional sitting arrangements will be less needed.

    It is already confirmed that designs and other features have been genuinely researched, tested and developed for the self-driving system. But unfortunately, the self-driving car of Apple reported an accident in 2018, August 31. As it was at low speed, it received minimum damage, and no serious injuries were reported.

    Yes, there is some proof that Apple is really working on an autonomous vehicle project as their patent application came out in December 2016.

    Apple Car

    According to this information, it will be able to work in 2D and 3D space and will have the procedure to traverse an environment even if you don’t have any prior knowledge of it. In 2018, July Apple came up with the new self-driving system, which will be able to modify the behaviour of the car depending on the stress level of the car owner. This technology will use internal sensors to analyse the various data points. If the sensor can detect any stress of the car’s occupants, it will be automatically switched to a slower speed, or it will turn corners at a slower speed.

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    The good news is that this is maybe the grandest project of Apple, but on a sad note, they decided to keep it confidential, which is somehow understandable for new innovation. So we will keep looking for the announcements which we hope will come in near future.

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