How To Delete A Facebook Page: A Simple Step-by-Step Guide

    Do you wish to take a break from your social media handles? Are you searching for ways on how to delete a Facebook page? You have to understand that deleting your Facebook account is unlike deactivating your account — once deleted, it can never be regained with the same name.

    Let us check out methods on how to delete a Facebook page!

    Before you proceed further to delete your Facebook page, you have to sort out the difference between a Facebook page and a Facebook profile, and if removal is the unsurpassed choice for you.

    A Facebook page is dissimilar to your Facebook profile, also called a Facebook account.

    Your Facebook profile page belongs to you and is your account. Here you can see the news feed, pictures of friends and family, and create posts about your daily life and feelings. Your profile helps in connecting with friends and family. Facebook pages are usually created for marketing purposes.

    Businesses, groups, and individuals can endorse themselves and network with customers or fans. Two types of Facebook pages can be deleted. The first is a Facebook business page, and another is for communities and public figures. These community and public figure pages can be used for celebrities and even called “Facebook fan pages.”

    Whatever type of page you are searching, you can follow the instructions to delete the page on Facebook. You must analyze whether the decision of deleting your page is the right thing to do or not.

    How to delete a Facebook page: a step by step guide

    Are you making the right choice by deleting the Facebook Page? Few people delete a page if the data is obsolete or imprecise. You can even delete a Facebook fan page for a completed event, project, or initiative that is no longer pertinent. Generally, it is not suggested to opt for Permanent deletion as it may not be right for your Facebook page:

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    You may have similar or duplicate pages

    You don’t have time to post on your Facebook page

    If you don’t wish to know how to delete a Facebook page, you can choose for merging and unpublishing pages before you proceed further with the deletion process.

    Merge your Facebook pages

    You can merge two Facebook pages for the same business, group, or event. When two people are starting a new project, they can join hands and create a page together. When this occurs, you don’t have to choose which one to delete. As an alternative, merge the two Facebook pages with the following steps:

    Steps on deleting Facebook page

    You must have administrative privileges to both pages, else you will not be able to complete the process. You will have to log in to your Facebook account as an additional security measure.

    Unpublish your Facebook page

    When you don’t have time for consistent posting and promotion, you can hide or unpublish your Facebook page instead of deleting it.

    Only the admins of the page can see their unpublished Facebook page; it will not be observable to anyone else. Also, anyone with admin access can republish and reinstate the page on Facebook.

    To unpublish your page, go to the page’s settings. Under the “General” tab there is a selection for “Page Visibility.” Check on the “Edit”option.

    How to delete a Facebook page

    After clicking on “Edit,” select the box for “Page unpublished” and save the changes done.

    How To delete a Facebook page

    You will not lose any followers but they will not be able to find your unpublished page. When you republish the page, it can be viewed by the page followers. Anyone who had liked the page can search for it as it will appear in their news feed.

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    If you plan to delete the Facebook page, you must download the data before deleting the page. Navigate to your Facebook page, then select Settings. Under the General section, you can click on the option of “Download Page.” Finally, click on “Edit,” then, press the “Download Page” Button.

    How To delete a Facebook page: Complete details

    How to Delete a Facebook Page on a desktop?

    Follow the below steps to delete a Facebook Page via desktop.

    1. Sign in to Facebook and sign in to your Facebook account.
    2. Navigate to your Facebook pages and on the left side of the screen, select “Pages,” positioned under “Explore.”
    How To delete a Facebook page on desktop
    1. Choose the Facebook page you wish to delete. On the next screen, you will see your Facebook pages. Click on the page name that you are planning to delete.
    How To delete a Facebook page on desktop
    1. Click on settings present in the upper-right corner.
    2. Click “Edit” in the line mentioned as “Remove Page”. You can find a list of various Facebook settings. You have to switch to the bottom of the page. In the last row, you can find the option to “Delete your Page.” Tick the word “Edit” in that line.
    How to delete a Facebook page on desktop


    1. Delete your Facebook page now and you will receive a notification that you have 14 days to reestablish the page if you alter your mind.

    To proceed further and delete your page, click “Delete <Your Page Name>.” The words will be mentioned in blue.

    How To delete a Facebook page on desktop
    1. Click on the “Delete Page” button. After the action is completed, another pop-up will come, enquiring if you want to delete the page for sure.

    To make it your final move, you may go ahead click the blue “Delete Page” button.

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    How to delete a Facebook page on desktop

    You will also find the option to select a box and “Unpublish this page.”

    Once you have formally deleted your page, a pop-up window will authorize the page has been deleted. Click on the OK option to close the message.

    Deleta a Facebook page on desktop with easy steps

    You need to follow these instructions if you are interested in how to delete a Facebook page. Think twice before bidding goodbye to the world’s most popular social media for connecting with your friends and family. The complete process is a simpler one and hopes this guide will help you in achieving your goals efficiently.

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