How To Check RAM Speed – An Effective Guide

    Speed of RAM is very important when comes to PC. RAM speed decides the whole processing speed of your PC. If your PC has good RAM speed then all the applications will work faster and you will be able to access files quickly. If you know how to check ram speed of your computer it will be easier for you to work with it. How well you can use computer depends on the speed of RAM to some extent.

    If you play high resolution game on your computer then RAM is the most important thing for you. Those who complains that their game gets stuck in between; it might be due to low ram speed. When your ram speed is not good enough to take the load of the tasks you are doing, it starts to become more and more slow with time.

    That’s why you must know how to check ram speed before the situation gets out of the hand. Before discussing about how to check ram speed, we will take a look at some basic things about ram.

    What is RAM and how does it influence our computer?


    how to check ram speed


    Random Access Memory is the full form of RAM and it is one of the most important features of computer. We run all the programs in our PC through RAM. In simple words it is the memory which stores all the running files in its memory and erases it when we close that particular program.

    When we open a file or program on our PC, it runs in Random access memory or RAM. So, naturally the faster RAM speed helps the program to run faster. A low ram speed can create many problems in your PC if you use it for playing high graphic games or editing 4K videos. Usually with lower RAM they take much more time to open and also can be the reason of stuck in between of games.

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    There are generally two types of RAM. One is SRAM and another one is DRAM. They have their different functions and working process. SRAM works as the cache memory of our computer processor and DRAM stores the data, we use bit by bit and refresh it every moment. In case it fails to refresh the data can get deleted automatically. Now you know the importance of ram let’s take a look at how you can find out the ideal ram speed for your PC.


    What is good RAM speed for your PC?



    Here we will discuss all the things about how to check ram speed on your PC but before that you need to know what the RAM speed of your PC is. The good speed of RAM is different for each and every system because different PCs have different functions. Sometimes a certain RAM speed can be good for one PC but could not be fast enough for another because of its features.

    If you look in your computer you will find a number along with the Megahertz. This number is the speed of your RAM. So, make sure to know well about what is a good RAM speed for your individual system. After checking the RAM speed, if you find out that it is not good enough for your PC, you can upgrade it at any time.

    Your PC will give you many clues once the speed of RAM decreases. For example, files will take longer time to open; applications will slow down than usual. At that time, it is must to check the speed of RAM to detect the problem. If you see that your RAM speed is slow that you can get an assured reason of your PC’s weird behaviour.

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    How to check RAM speed on Windows 10?



    Each system has different process to check the speed of current ram. The checking process of ideal ram speed is apparently same for every PC. Here we are going to give you every detail on how to check ram speed on Microsoft windows 10. If you follow our instructions thoroughly then the process will be easier for you.

    • Step 1 – At first you need to click on the menu option of you PC and there you need to type in ‘about’.


    • Step 2 – It will show you a search result called ‘About Your PC’, press the enter button to open it.


    • Step 3 –There you will find an option named ‘Device Specification’, now click on that and look at the options under that.


    • Step 4 – Under ‘device specification’ you will see the option ‘installed RAM’.


    • Step 5 – You will get all the information about the RAM speed of you PC in there. Just read thorough the option carefully and you will know the current capacity and speed of your RAM from there.


    As we told you from the beginning that RAM is very important for our PC. The problem in RAM or overloading your PC above its workload can damage it permanently. If you want to play high resolution games on your PC then first you must check the RAM speed to know the capacity of your PC. If you don’t know how to check ram speed you can follow our instructions.

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    If you find out that your RAM speed is lower than your requirement, you can upgrade it any time as per your requirement. The better RAM speed will not only save your computer but also give you better experience of gaming and playing or editing high resolution or 4K videos.

    Now you know how to check ram speed you can go and check you ram speed immediately. If your system has become slow then you must check it. Even if your system is working fine still you can check it to ensure better performance. We hope that our information will be helpful for you and make the process of checking RAM easier than you have ever thought.


    It is always good to explore the world around you. You may get surprised to know simple and interesting facts about the simplest of the things. To know more about your PC, you can read the blog on How To Turn Off Mouse Acceleration – A Profound Column.


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