How to add music to Snapchat – Easy And Actionable Guide For You!

    One of the trendiest features to come to Instagram Stories is the annexation of music stickers, permitting you to attach the snippets of your most favourite songs with just a couple of swift steps to your story. How to add music to Snapchat? Although Snapchat has yet to feature this similar attribute, with a touch of creativity, you could actually add on songs to your snaps and, in fact, link to Spotify to share the music you’re keen on with your pals. Here is the way out to do it.

    How to add music to Snapchat – Adding music to Snapchat videos

    Adding the music from your phone to Snaps could be done promptly and simply with the music application of your choice – whether that is your phone’s native music application, Pandora, Spotify, or something else. You will just require undergoing a couple of easy steps, and in no time, you will have music added to your own Snaps.

    how to add music to Snapchat

    How to add music to Snapchat? To begin, you need to be in such an environment where actually you could play music on your phone. Probably this is not the perfect approach for you if you are in a library or classroom. Be sure that your volume is turned up between half & two-thirds; turned up to the max; when being picked up by your microphone, it’ll likely disrupt the volume.

    1. Launch up the music application of your choice.
    2. Browse your preferable music and find out the song you’d wish to add to your Snap.
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    how to add music to snapchat
    1. Play that song, but right after, pause it, navigating to just the prior section of the song you would wish to play.
      4. Just before is extremely important, provides it a little margin before it plays the section you desire for.
      5. Next, utilize the multi-task function to swap back over to Snapchat.
      6. Launch up your Snapchat application.
      7. You’ll observe your camera view; then, just switch to the camera of your preference.
      8. If you are utilizing an iOS device, toggle up from the bottom to ascertain the Control Center; if you are on an Android device, just swipe down from the top side to bring out Notification Center.
      9. In both cases, you’ll observe the song you’ve chosen for your Snap.
      10. Hit the “Play” button to start out playing the song from where you have paused it; close the control center or notification.
      11. Again, you’ll see the Snapchat panel. Click and hold the “Record” button to commence recording, and focus the camera on what you would like to record.
      12. Once you are done, from the “Record” button, lift your finger.
      13. Snapchat will eventually play the video for you. The part of the song that was playing whilst you were recording is going to be captured. If you cannot hear the sound, unmute the Snapchat application.
      14. When the playback ends, hit the small arrow icon in the lower right corner of screen to send your fresh newly made video to your mates.
      15. Scroll down through your contacts and choose who you would like to send the Snap to.
      16. Hit the “Send” button. Once they open the snap, in the background of the video, your friends will listen to the music.
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    How to add music to Snapchat – Uploading a music video with ease

    how to add music to snapchat

    Completely assuming that you have a video and you would really like to upload it as a Story on Snapchat. How to add music to Snapchat? Simply open up Snapchat, tap the dual card icon next to the record icon, and choose the video you’d wish to upload from Camera Roll. It’s getting the music on your video that is the hard part. We have already tried one thing, i.e. screen recording a video on Android and iOS with music playing. Regrettably, as soon as the video commenced to play, the music application stopped playing. To avoid this issue, you’ll have to download a third-party application.

    How to add music to Snapchat – Could you download a third-party app to add music?

    Based on what we will tell with this article ‘How to add music to Snapchat’ from scrolling through several app stores is that you’ll require to add music to your video utilizing an external application. After that, upload it to Snapchat. You could use something like InShot (a reliable app with tons of music options) to feature music to a video you’ve created. Once your masterpiece is finished, open up Snapchat and then, you will have to upload the video from the camera roll utilizing the dual card icon.

    How to add music to Snapchat – FAQs on adding music to Snapchat

    Now once you get to know the process to feature music in your Snapchat video, let’s clear some general doubts associated with it.

    • Why are some of the songs not accessible on Snapchat?
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    How to add music to Snapchat? The Sound attribute of Snapchat only gives licensed music by allying with a number of the biggest record labels. Hence, while you could find out most of the famous songs, the possibilities are that some of them might be non-existent from the collection.

    • How to add your own music to a Snapchat video?

    Besides the available songs on Snapchat, the application also lets us add on the sound of our choice. And for this, just strike on the music icon and click the “Create Sound” button. This will permit you to record anything or produce your own music on Snapchat.

    • Why cannot I add music to my Snapchat videos?

    Well, there might be two possible reasons for this – you would possibly be using an old version of Snapchat, or the feature is not available in your zone yet. How to add music to Snapchat? To solve this, you could just go for the Snapchat page on the Play/App Store and click on the “Update” button. On top of that, if the Sound attribute hasn’t been rolled to your region, then you could just wait for the time being.

    Final Words

    Background music makes your Snaps creative and gives a completely new dimension to your and group chats and one-on-one. As now you see in this article, ‘How to add music to Snapchat’, it’s pretty easy to know the process to add music to a Snapchat video just like a pro. With a new sounds feature, it becomes quite hassle-free to feature a song to your Snapchat videos and make them more appealing. Go ahead and try out this feature to make the snaps more captivating.

    Learning about the features and functions of your gadgets and social media platforms is interesting. We are here to satisfy your requirements regarding adding and canceling music-related questions. Try this blog on How to Cancel Amazon Music – A Thorough Panacea.


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