How To Turn Off Mouse Acceleration– A Profound Column

    An attribute called mouse acceleration from Windows XP has messed up our target. It is still a big mystery as to why by default, the mouse acceleration is facilitated and why it is called as “enhance pointer precision”. Although when you disable it, you will immediately notice better mouse movements and control. This article reveals how to turn off mouse acceleration in nearly every OS and game which necessitates it.

    Working principles of mouse acceleration

    As the mouse acceleration continues, the faster you move your mouse, the more distance your cursor travels. This feature is useful for making the most of a small mouse space but can be detrimental to activities that require specific mouse movements, such as gaming. Deactivating mouse acceleration makes allowance for your cursor and mouse to relocate in 1:1 ratio.

    Approaching the topic of how to turn off mouse acceleration

    To evade all basics of mouse excel, you will require crippling it in both your in-game settings and operating system. Find the proper instructions below.

    Windows 7 and 8

    Step 1: Open your Start menu and type “mouse”. Click the mouse.

    How to turn off mouse acceleration: An Easy Guide

    Step 2: Go to Pointer Options tab and uncheck Pointer Accuracy.

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    Step 3: Apply and click OK.

    Windows 10

    Step 1: Open your Start menu and write “mouse”. Go to mouse settings.


    Guide to turn off mouse acceleration

    Step 2: Click on Additional mouse options.

    Step 3: Go to Pointer Options and untick Enhance pointer precision.

    Step 4: Apply and click OK.


    Step 1: Open up Terminal, positioned in the Utilities folder in Applications.

    Step 1A (Optional): To ascertain your recent mouse acceleration settings, write down the following command and hit Enter.

    Step 2: Write down the following command and press down Enter to deactivate mouse acceleration.

    Step 3: Restart your Mac to apply the changes.

    How to turn off mouse acceleration to bring a finer FPS gaming tribulation

    Accelerated movement is an ergonomic feature when the track pad or mouse is used to move the pointer on the screen. It allows precise movement through slow motion while allowing the pointer to cross the full screen with fast short speeds. Specifically, for the same physical distances you move the mouse, the pointer on the screen travels more if the distance is traveled faster.

    By default, operating systems accredits mouse acceleration. For some first-party shooters (FPS) games, crude mouse input info is used to supervise the movement of the camera without acceleration adjustment. This brings on a quality gaming experience and high rightness, as stated by professional gamers.

    Mouse acceleration deactivation

    Using API

    # Disable mouse acceleration

    To prostrate OS-level modification for mouse acceleration and reach to the raw mouse input info, you have to call for Request Pointerlock (). Thus, mouse movement data from mouse move events does not include mouse acceleration when the pointer is locked.

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    Use the newly returned promise from request pointerlock () to see if the request is successful.

    # Request pointer lock

    In this article on how to turn off mouse acceleration, you will eventually learn about pointer lock, which is a canonical term when a desktop application hides an application pointer icon and another interpretation of mouse motion looking around the 3D world.

    Movement X and Movement Y features from the mouse move document events tell you how far the mouse pointer has moved since the last move event. However, it is not updated when the pointer moves outside the web page.

    By capturing the mouse pointer (or pointer request) you no longer have to worry about moving the pointer out. For riveting web games, this is truly a handful. After targeting the pointer every mouse event is gone towards the pointer target elements.

    Call Request Pointer lock() on the target element to request a pointer request and listen to pointer lock change and pointer lock error events to monitor changes in pointer lock.

    #Operating system abetment

    Disabling OS-level adjustments for mouse acceleration is supported on Windows, Chrome OS, Linux and Mac OS Catalina 10.15.1.

    # Browser support

    The Pointer Lock API is greatly supported through in browsers. However, Chrome based browsers (e.g. Edge, Chrome, etc.) only have until October 2020 to support disabling OS-level adjustments for mouse acceleration. Look for MDN’s browser compatibility table for updates.

    Other tricks to amplify precise mouse activity

    Your target probability is only increased because you have disabled “Pointer Accuracy”. But before you train your purpose of how to turn off mouse acceleration with your new settings, you should know this extra tweak that can help you for your purpose.

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    # Replace your mouse pad

    After exercising in the video above, you will probably feel that your sensitivity has become very set. Playing on a low sensation will allow for more accuracy and nice adjustment, but you will need more space to move your hand. This could mean getting a big mouse pad.

    In addition to upgrading to mouse pad, you can also try different types of mouse pad. Most people have only used cloth mouse pads and plastic or aluminum surfaces do not even cross their minds. Try out the hard razer mouse pad.

    # Find out the perfect sensitivity

    Your mouse sensitivity is no longer the acceleration factor that is more consistent. It is important that you set it to a level that has maximum control. This will swing depending on your own mouse grip and your particular preferences.

    # Purchase worthier mouse

    This should be obvious but we thought it was still noteworthy. If you’re using some cheap quality mouse, no change in your settings will save you. Consider investing in a mouse specially designed for FPS gaming.

    Now, you know all the details on how to turn off mouse acceleration and it is expected that you will have no trouble in performing the function if all the above-mentioned steps are followed with care.

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