Strawberry Blonde Hair: 6 Excellent Tips On How to Get It Right

    Strawberry blonde hair is one of the most unique hair colors. Neither the hair looks red nor it seems blonde. It is somewhere the amalgamation of the warm and icy shades. Nowadays Strawberry’s blonde hair is the talk of most celebrity hair specialists.

    Moreover, this dynamic hair looks fantastic in every age and skin tone. You can even play with various shades of color. It can easily be darker or lighter or a combination of both. Even a gorgeous highlight could be a great oomph factor to the whole look. It’s a very cost-effective hair shade as the maintenance fees are very less. Gradually the color will start fading, leaving a few notes of red tones in the hair.


    For those who don’t prefer such blazing reds, this is the hair color to go for. It gives a complete makeover to your whole look. Gone are the days of just trying the old-school blondes. Now it’s the time for playing with hues of red is new in fashion. Moreover, this hair color is very versatile for any hair length and texture. So if you are in a dilemma, about reds or blondes. Then you should try this kind of blonde hair.

    Nowadays you can even buy many wigs available in the market. But luckiest are those people who are blessed with naturally Strawberry blonde hair. So, read this article to know everything about strawberry blonde hair.

    The Genetics behind the “Strawberry Blonde Hair”

    It is like a dream for those who have naturally Strawberry blonde hair. The secret about those gorgeous blondes lies in their genes. And not to mention, it’s the rarest natural hair color. The name “Strawberry Blonde Hair” was first mentioned in the Italian Renaissance. During that period, the woman used to bleach their hair with natural bleaching reagent. They use lemon juice and saffron in their hair and then sunlight lightens the hair.

    This kind of hair person possesses two broken MC1R genes and a few other ‘on ‘genes. ‘ On genes’ add more pigments to hair color. As two MC1R genes are broken, hence the red pigment couldn’t be that rich in the strawberry blonde hair. Hair pigmentation is because of two types of melanin.


    strawberry blonde hair


    Eumelanin and Pheomelanin are behind all those gorgeous shades of hair color. Pheomelanin is the pigment produced by red hair families. This pigment is produced when cysteine is added to dopaquinone. So a bit of Pheomelanin pigment adds that red tone to the Strawberry blonde hair. And blondes are due to the pigment of brown eumelanin in the hair. So the ratio of these two pigments determines the degree of redness of strawberry blondes.

    Yes, your genes are the masters in determining the color of your hair. But with time, the strawberry blonde hair might fade. This is because the cells don’t produce much of the pheomelanin pigments with age.

    Reasons to go for Strawberry blonde hair:-

    This is the sweetest hair color ever. After seeing celebrities like Amy Adamas, Scarlet Johansson, acing that strawberry hair. We know you might be very intimidated to try this new hair color. But if you are still confused about whether to go for this hair shade or not. Then you are in the right place. Here we have listed out a few reasons why you must choose this shade as your new hair color.

    • Very much in Trends
    • Low maintenance
    • It goes well with every skin tones
    • Easy customization

    How to get Strawberry blonde hair?


    If you are not blessed with naturally Strawberry blonde hair. Then after reading after those reasons. Now you are very keen to try this irresistible hair color. But you might be wondering how to color your hair. We have two options for you as follows:-

    • Coloring your hair at home

    This bit sounds crazy to you at first. But dying your hair is not that tough. But it’s true, the Strawberry blonde shade will be challenging if you are dying your hair for the first time. You just need to select the right shades and use the right tools.

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    Also, good bleaching is required beforehand if you have dark-colored hair. Bleaching virgin black hair is a very tiring process. So choose the best bleach available in the market. So after the bleach is done, now comes the most important step i.e. choosing the right shade. As we know strawberry blonde hair shades come in various shades. So choose a shade, depending upon how reddish or blondish you want your hair to be.

    Many DIY home kits for dying hair are available. Make sure to read all the instructions and precautions before starting to color your hair by yourself.


    If you are ready to experiment with this warm pinkish color, then just start doing it. Also, there is not any fixed formula for dying strawberry blonde. It depends on you and your hairstylist’s taste.

    Moreover, if you are doing it by yourself, you play with the pattern of the hair dye. You can opt for balayage or Foil Highlight, as per your choice. If you have naturally blonde hair, then it could be great if you do some dip dye ombre with Strawberry blonde colors. To darken the whole hair a bit, you can use a little bit of red dye on a few strands.

    • Going to the hair salon for your choice of fancy coloring pattern.

    For beginners, it is best not to experiment with your hair dye at home. Yes, Hair Salon charges for coloring are a bit on the higher sides. But you will love your transformation afterward.

    Whether you are going to the hair salon or doing it yourself. Always remember for each hair color, the Strawberry blonde dye will look different from each other.

    • Going from Brunette to Strawberry blonde hair

    For a brunette, it’s very important to lighten the whole hair. This is because the tinge of coppery brown tones won’t look good on the strawberry blonde hair.

    • Going from black to Strawberry blonde hair

    Especially for naturally darker color hairs, it is very tricky to achieve the right shade of Strawberry blonde. The black hair is not that easy to lighten. Of course, it needs the patience to get your perfect shade of Strawberry blonde.

    • Going from blonde to Strawberry blonde hair

    This is the easiest hair color to work with. The blonde hair can be easily transformed into strawberry blondes with the right shade of hair dye. Blondies can easily buy hair dye and can easily dye their hair at home. You can also go for a multi-tonal effect with tints of red highlights for richer strawberry blonde hair.

    • From red hair to strawberry blonde

    Sometimes, red-haired people might feel bored with their hair. So a nice transition will be this fancy hair color. Just add a few right tones of blondes and bleaches. The strawberry blonde will turn out stunning and effortless too.

    Pro Tip: Do the Vein test before getting Strawberry blonde hair color done


    Yes, the Vein test is very important to determine the undertone of your skin. As you already know, using only one hair all over your hair is pretty old-fashioned. So hairstylists experiment with various new ways of coloring that can suit you. This is because Strawberry blonde hair is very customizable. Just look at the color of your veins in the wrist. This will help you get the right shade of strawberry blonde for yourself.

    • For a warm undertone – This means you will have green-colored veins in your wrist. It’s best to add warmer tones of copper and red highlights to the strawberry blonde.
    • For cool undertones – Cool undertones people have blue-colored veins. So strawberry blonde, icy blondes highlights look gorgeous. Try the Balayage technique with hints of icy bones in the usual strawberry blonde dye. This combination will be very flattering and cool undertones.
    • For neutral undertone – If you can see both green and blue veins in your wrist. Then you are the luckiest as you have neutral undertones. You can easily pull off any variations of strawberry blonde hair. Just go and experiment with the fantastic hours of reds and blondes.

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    List of strawberry blonde hair color ideas:-

    • Strawberry Blonde and Blonde Highlights

    For this style, start with warm red tones and blondes. This hair color style falls very basic. Just a few blonde highlights here and there. This is going to look great in every skin tone. One can easily customize the richness of the strawberry red hues of the hair.

    • Strawberry Ombre Blonde

    Ombre hair dying style looks very stunning. If strawberry blonde is very paired with blonde, then it looks sunny. People with natural blonde hair should try this style. The blending of two hues is a very important step. So it’s best to get it done by a professional. Moreover, ombres look good in both wavy and straight hair.

    • Dark strawberry mix blonde

    When it comes to Dark strawberry bones, it’s quite easy to achieve. Also, this will look stunning in olive skin beauties. The rich red tones combined with blondes look gorgeous in sunlight. Actress Kiernan Shipka flaunted this amazing hairstyle. The best part is that it adds a nice depth to the hair.

    • Light Strawberry mix Blonde

    To bring some life to blonde hair, try this style. Light strawberry blonde is going to amp up your old dull look.

    • Red highlighted Strawberry mix blonde Hair

    The usual strawberry blonde looks lovely. But when you add the red highlights, it looks like the cherry on your hair.

    • Strawberry blonde with Platinum blonde

    Plain Platinum blonde might look too crazy. But the strawberry and platinum blonde duo looks game-changing.

    • Strawberry blonde with Coppery highlights

    Coppery highlights are trends these days. How about adding a few coppery highlights in your mane?

    • Brunette hair with Strawberry mix Blonde highlights

    If you are a brunette, and very scared to bleach your whole hair. Then you should have strawberry blonde highlights in your hair. It will give you a whole new makeover. This style is going to suit all kinds of skin tones. But curly hair people should avoid this style.

    • Pink toned Strawberry blonde

    Adding a pinch of pink dye to all over the usual strawberry blonde will be a stunning addition. They will have a very cute and quirky hair look. Especially women in their early 20s or college should try this style. You can use Schwarzkopf Live Pastel Hair in addition to the strawberry blonde hair color. Then a combination of these dues will provide you with dreamy hair color.

    • Strawberry mix blonde Balayage

    Balayage is very popular these days. But mostly we see Brunette and blonde balayage. It would be very unique to have strawberry blonde balayage. Balayage hair coloring needs a long time and patience. So it’s best to do it in a hair salon with experts’ advice.

    • Strawberry blonde with Pink tips

    To give a fun element to the look, pink tips will be a great addition. This hairstyle will look marvelous on short pixie, or bob-cut hairs. The pop of pink ends will be a great style statement for your overall look.

    • Red hair with Strawberry mix blonde highlights

    Whether you are red-haired or not, the red hair and strawberry blonde duo won’t disappoint you. No one wants full red hair these days. Add various strands of pinkish blonde highlights to emphasize your overall hair texture. The highlights are going to be very eye-catching and will blend with the red tone family too.

    • Dip dye Strawberry blonde

    Dip dye technique is quite different from ombre. It will look strikingly hot if you get Strawberry blonde dip dye hair coloring. Mostly brunette hair colors will look best in this technique. Also short and curly hair people should avoid this style. If you have wavy medium length hair, then this hair coloring will be outstanding.

    • Ginger Ombre Strawberry blonde

    Many people get confused between ginger and red hairs. But ginger hair color is more on the copper tones of the warm palette. It would look stunning if copper, reds, and blondes are blended into a whole hair look. So ginger hair with the gradual blending of soft strawberry blondes will look beautiful.

    • Brown and Strawberry mix blonde Balayage

    Not everyone dares to bleach the whole hair at once. So don’t dishearten yourself for that. So if you have rich brown hair, try the strawberry mix blonde balayage. I’m sure you will love your hair transformation. The highlights will spice up your rich brown hair.

    • Subtle Strawberry blonde

    Using rose gold tones in combination with blondes will give this desired subtle look. So the light strawberry-rose shade just looks so dreamy. This hair color will make you look younger than your age. But bleaching the hair is the most important step as well.

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    For natural blonde hair, this won’t be much difficult to bring the color. But with the right shade of Strawberry blonde like – Garnier Olia Rose Gold Hair Dye. This is going to make you look like a princess.

    • Long Icy Strawberry blonde

    Icy blonde is quite an uncommon hair color. Not everyone can easily pull it off. But right warm tones of subtle red will be a great addition. So the whole aura of red tones and icy blondes will be fantastic. But if you have darker hair, you need to have a lot of patience to get that nice snowy and cool-toned blondes.

    • Multi-hued Strawberry blonde

    Multihued does not always mean rainbow hair color. Strawberry blonde hair color is the mix and match of various red, blonde, and copper tones. It is a mix of warm and cool tones in the correct proportion. The artfully painted hair is done better by a hair dye specialist. You can add vibrant reds to add that edge to your look.

    • Pink Pastel Strawberry blonde

    We all know pastel is very much a statement in ramps. The pastel pink strawberry blonde will complement all skin tones. If you are already blonde, then it is quite easy to get this color done. This hair color will be a great start if you love pastel shades.

    • Copper toned Strawberry blonde

    Most of us generally go for copper hair colors. Now it’s time to amp up your hair color. Style your hair with warm tones of red and blondes along with copper. The copper tones along with reds will light up your skin tone.

    • Icy brunette with highlights of Strawberry blonde

    Icy brunette falls more on the cooler side of the tones. So various red tones will add a tinge of warmth to the whole hair. First, start with light red tones and then gradually add baby highlights of strawberry blonde highlights

    • Peachy Strawberry blonde

    This gorgeous peachy strawberry blonde includes more orangish-red hues with few beige blondes. This hair color will look stunning on fair skin people with wavy hair. When the sunlight strikes the hair, it will highlight the beautiful waves of the hair. Hollywood actress Rachel McAdams has often flaunted this hair color with her short and wavy hair.

    • Sun-kissed Strawberry blonde

    Sun-kissed hair used to naturally happen in the old days. When women used to apply lemon juice and stay outdoors to get the skin kissed effect in their hairs. But you can easily achieve that with the right techniques of your hair color specialist. The right mixing of reds and blondes will transform your hair game.

    • Magenta-toned Sstrawberry mixed Icy blonde hair

    Magenta is a very eye-catching color. Most middle-aged women prefer coloring their hair dark magenta. So they add to try this combination too. For this style add a few red tones and blondes to the usual magenta tones.

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    The best part is every complexion people can easily flaunt this hair color. So those who love to experiment but don’t want to overdo it. This is a very safe hair color style for you.

    • Warm Strawberry blonde with Red-toned tips

    Strawberry blonde hair is always a stunner. But adding red-toned tips is going to be very fascinating. Most importantly, the blending of both light reds and vibrant red should be done perfectly. After doing this hair color, you won’t have bad hair days anymore. No need to style the hair too. Just the vibrant red tips of the hair will do all the talking.

    • Fierce Strawberry Rich blonde

    To pull this hair color, you need to have some real confidence. Not only is this going to be a style statement but will add an edgy character to your whole look. You can go for maroon, fire engine red or crimson red, titian along with the usual blondes. Manic Panic Infra Red Hair color is going to be a great option if you want to do this at home.

    • Dark brown hair with Face-framing Strawberry Faded blonde

    Don’t want to bleach your whole hair, then this is a great option for you. Also if you have short hair, these face-framing strawberry highlights will be great. To end the monotony of your brown hair, these warm tones of strawberry, make you look more gorgeous. These highlights will add focus to your facial features and brighten up your face too.

    • Darker Red Crown with Strawberry-maroonish blonde hair

    Red-haired people naturally look gorgeous. For a change to the usual red hair, add strawberry blonde dye leaving the upper crown portion of the hair. But bleaching red hair is tougher than black hair. So bleaching the hair for adding the blonde is very time-consuming. But all the effort will be worth it after you get the gorgeous outcome.

    • Apricot Blonde Hair

    This is a very unique hair color to go for. Apricot undertones along with warm blondes are going to be perfect for that summer look. Even natural redheads lose brightness as they age. So add apricot blondes to such hair to bring back that charm to the look.

    • Strawberry blonde with a Tinge of Rose Gold Bottoms

    Incorporating a tinge of rose gold bottoms brings that sun-kissed look. Those who are tired of the ginger and Auburn hair color. Just add the tinges of rose gold and red tones. The usual strawberry blonde hair will be instantly accentuated with those metallic rose gold tones.

    Best strawberry blonde hair colors:-

    Here is the list of a few Strawberry hair dyes:-

    1. Créme Permanent Triple Protection Hair Color shade in 8RB Medium Reddish Blonde
    2. Fade-Defying Shine Permanent Hair Color share in 9GR Light Reddish Blonde
    3. Clairol Nice’n Easy Permanent Hair Color shade in 8R Medium Reddish Blonde
    4. Garnier Hair Color Nutrisse nourishing hair color creme, in shade- 84 Apricot Cream
    5. Clairol Nice’ n Easy Crème in shade – Golden Auburn.
    6. L’Oreal brand’s Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Color in shade – 822 Medium Iridescent Blonde
    7. L’Oréal Paris Superior Preference Fade-Defying Shine Permanent in shade Light Reddish Blonde
    8. L’Oréal Paris Excellence Créme Permanent Triple Protection in Medium Reddish Blonde
    9. L’Oreal Preference Infinia Shimmering in Rose Gold for pinkish hues
    10. Garnier Olia Rose Gold Hair Dye for Pinkish tones
    11. REVLON Colorsilk Beautiful Color Permanent Hair Color with 3D Gel Technology & Keratin, Hair Dye in shade 55 Light Reddish Brown

    How to style Strawberry blonde hair?

    Strawberry blonde hair is itself a stunner. The warm and blonde hues complement so well and become a style statement itself. So it’s best to stick to minimal styling for strawberry blonde hair. Too much hairstyling won’t emphasize the beauty of this fancy hair. It’s best to keep your hair open to flaunt it.

    But at times we need to properly tie with for occasions, schools, and offices. Also on scorching summer days, it is not possible to keep the hair open all day long. So keeping in mind all these factors, we have listed few hairstyles to style your Strawberry blonde hair:-

    1. Mermaid braid
    2. Relaxed Fishtail braid
    3. Loose French braids
    4. Loose Messy braids
    5. Waterfall braid
    6. Frozen Elsa braid
    7. Hair vine hairstyle with pearls and crystal
    8. Side-swept braided hairstyle
    9. Messy half hairdo
    10. Braided up to with a hair vine
    11. Hair ponytail
    12. Ponytail plants
    13. Bow hairstyles
    14. Half-Up Bouffant hairstyle
      1. Lace Rose half-up hairstyle

    Hair Care tips for strawberry blonde hair –

    Haircare is very important for maintaining colored hair. But it’s quite astonishing that out of all the hair colors, Strawberry blonde hair is very easy to maintain. The color fading is very slow. Neither it requires any toning nor pumping of the intensity of the color. So here are a few tips you can do to let the dye stay a bit longer.:-

    1. Don’t use warm water for the first few weeks in your hair.
    2. Deep conditioning is important once a week
    3. Go for unscented, clear, and sulfate-free shampoos
    4. It’s best to wear a cap or bandana if you are out for a long time in sunlight.

    After reading all about strawberry blonde hair, we hope you know which style to go for. We are very sure that this beautiful hybrid shade of red and blondes will look stunning on you.



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