Hailey Bieber’s Style Evolution Over The Years

    How Hailey Bieber’s Style Evolution Occured Gracefully Over The Past Few Years

    Hailey Baldwin Bieber or Hailey Bieber’s style evolution has gone through a lot of famous prominent and extremely good changes over the past few years. Hailey comes from a famous Hollywood family, instead of following her father Stephen Baldwin’s footsteps, she decided to build her forever dream of modelling and has given an excellent contribution to the modelling industry to become one of the highest-paid models of the industry.

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    She has literally grown in front of our eyes. As a child, Hailey attended various red carpets and awards with her father Stephen Baldwin and has always been in the limelight since she was a kid. Baldwin has remained in the limelight for her alleged marriage with the pop star and famous singer all over the world Justin Bieber. These two tied the beautiful knot of forever togetherness a few months back.

    Hailey Bieber has featured in many popular international magazines and she is friends with many well-known fashion designers and other supermodels like Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, and the popular Kendall Jenner. Hailey stepped onto the red carpet in 2013 for the very first time. Seems a very little time compared to the achievements of this beautiful lady.

    Since the gorgeous model has stepped into runway walks she has given us major party dress and runway dress goals. Let’s see how Hailey Bieber’s style has evolved magnificently over the past years one by one and relive the memory of this diva.

    Hailey Bieber’s Style In The Year 2013

    1. Simple High-school look

    Hailey Bieber's style
    Credit: Photo by Marion Curtis/Starpix/Shutterstock

    Before debuting as a model, Hailey went on to the red carpet with a simple minimal look which is pretty common anyway, but we definitely cannot rock it as Hailey does. She wore a pretty basic white top with a funky black leather jacket having golden details. This Hailey Bieber’s style is so sober and admirable.

    Hailey paired the jacket and top with not so simple skinny pants that had check design all over them. Bieber went for a nude shade of heels to complement the attire. She also went for her trendy sunglasses and a stylish hand watch to enhance the vibes of her outlook.

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    2. On the Premiere Of “This Is Us”

    Hailey Bieber's style
    Mandatory Credit: Photo by Shutterstock

    Hailey was spotted wearing this pretty black mini dress that looked absolutely stunning on her body type. We definitely want this dress in our closets, this Hailey Bieber’s style is worth having. She paired this cute dress with minimal looking nude shade of heels not to outshine her look.

    The leather dress is gorgeous with her blonde haired look.

    Hailey Bieber’s style in the year 2014

    1. Black and White Diva

    Hailey Bieber's style
    Mandatory Credit: Photo by Henry Lamb/Photowire/BEI/Shutterstock

    One year later, Hailey once again appeared for a movie premiere and all eyes were on this gorgeous young model for Hailey Bieber’s style. She went for a white high-neck black top along with a black shrug and looked sassy.

    Bieber chose to pair her black stuff with a pair of white denim pants. A great combination indeed. She chose to wear black heels along with this outfit and clearly, it went perfectly with Hailey Bieber’s style. She chose to look minimal yet classy and did not make the look overdramatic.

    2. Mini Yellow Sunflower Dress

    Hailey Bieber's style
    Credit: Photo by Amanda Schwab/Starpix/Shutterstock (

    Hailey Bieber’s style is a treat to watch. Look at this beautiful yellow dress. During the end of summer, Hailey chose to give us summer vibes with this pretty yellow bodycon dress.

    She wore black heels with the outfit and looked super chic in this perfect dress with her bleached blonde hair.

    Also, not to forget the statement white clutch or handbag she held. Absolute chic and classy clutch to hold.

    3. White Cocktail Dress

    Hailey Bieber's style
    Credit: Photo by Mediapunch/Shutterstock

    Look at this snow beauty! Definitely loving Hailey Bieber’s style so much more with this gorgeous fairy-like dress.

    Hailey was spotted at The Angel Ball wearing this ultra-glam dress paired with similar white heels.

    The sheer details of this dress align with mesh designs at the neck and shoulders were the statement of this super pretty piece. And Hailey nailed it with her sassy curves. Bodycon dresses are Hailey’s obsession it seems and she looks great in this.

    Hailey Bieber’s Style In The Year 2015

    1. Red Riding Hood Look

    Hailey Bieber's style
    Mandatory Credit: Photo by Erik Pendzich/Shutterstock

    Hailey is no less of a Diva in this Hailey Bieber’s style Red luscious gown. This red luscious gown is a blend of red and black, both colours being phenomenal gave Hailey a bold yet elegant look and she looked mesmerizing completely owning the red carpet.

    Hailey Bieber’s style in this gown is a sight to behold. She complimented this look with a pair of black heels and clutch.

    Not to outshine the dress Hailey went for simple accessories. She wore a diamond bracelet along with a pair of similar earrings and ended up looking stunning.

    2. First Met Gala Appearance

    Hailey Bieber's style
    Credit: Photo by Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock

    Met Gala means a lot for Models, Singers, Actresses, and all famous Hollywood celebrities. Deciding a look and going for the same s quite difficult of a task.

    Hailey attended her first Met Gala in 2015. Hailey did not go extra with her looks and decided to keep them minimal and stylish. She wore a sky blue dress with having a classy white finish. She went for silver-coloured heels and of course the statement white clutch.

    This Hailey Bieber’s style is nearly gorgeous, we definitely want this look in our closet. What say, ladies?

    3. Slaying the Movie Premiere

    Hailey Bieber's style
    Mandatory Credit: Photo by Gregory Pace/BEI/Shutterstock

    Hailey slew with this Hailey Bieber’s style black dress. She went for an off-shoulder black bodycon dress. This mini dress gave Hailey a chic appearance which we adore. The red lips with this black dress along with tied hair with no accessories were the major highlights of this pretty look.

    Hailey wanted to experiment with something different for her shoes or heels in this look. Instead of going with similar black heels, Bieber chose to wear lace-up Stiletto heels. Well, she did quite well with this entire outlook and looked dazzling.

    Hailey never misses out on popular movie premieres and seems to be a great fan of movies. Definitely looking forward to acting in a movie along with her modelling career.

    4. Hailey Bieber’s Style as a Fashion Icon

    Hailey Bieber's style
    Credit: Photo by Henry Lamb/Photowire/BEI/Shutterstock

    Hailey went with a snowy white thigh slit gown and rocked the red carpet. The mesh design on the shoulders and waist acted as a statement in this elegant outfit. Hailey looked like a princess walking down the aisle.

    She went with nude peach heels that went quite well with the complete look of this outfit. She kept her hair tied with fringes looking absolutely gorgeous.

    This lady never fails to amaze us with her chic and sassy looks altogether. She is no less than a fashion icon, indeed.

    5. Bohemian Prima Donna look

    Hailey Bieber's style
    Credit: Photo by Broadimage/Shutterstock

    Well, quite astonishing, right? I am personally a huge fan of the bohemian style when it comes to fashion, because why not? It’s super refreshing, cute, and a lot more eye-catching than most of the other looks. Plus the bohemian vibes you get. Voila!

    Hailey clearly knows when to experiment with which outfit so that she can own the carpets or stage. She wore this beautiful bohemian maxi dress and ended up being one of our favourite Hailey Bieber’s style.

    Hailey paired this maxi dress with a nude shade of heels that went perfectly with her attire. The floral bohemian prints were a thing back then, and clearly regenerating through the years leaving a powerful impact on fashion.

    Consider pairing your bohemian jewellery with such deep neck maxi dresses. You will find all the attention diverting towards you for sure.

    Hailey Bieber’s Style in The year 2016

    1. Goddess In Gown

    Hailey Bieber's style
    Credit: Photo by Erik Pendzich/Shutterstock

    Goddess! Don’t believe me? well, look at this photogenic picture perfect gown. By all the previous styler dresses worn by Beiber, we can figure out Hailey is a fan of thigh-slit gowns. Why not though? You have got to flaunt those sassy legs.

    Hailey looked mesmerizing in this outfit. On a red carpet, Hailey wore this magnificent white gown with statement creating silver sleeves. Hailey paired this beautiful piece with black heels and looked like a goddess as you can see.

    Her silver earrings along with those black smoky eyes and braid made her look like she walked straight from the heavens like a goddess.

    2. Two Piece Co-ord

    Hailey Bieber's style
    Credit: Photo by Matt Baron/Shutterstock (5635685bt)
    Hailey Baldwin
    Marie Claire ‘Fresh Faces’ Party, Los Angeles, America – 11 Apr 2016

    Co-ord sets were quite a few years back. Hailey loves discovering new styles and walking out of her comfort zone to give her fans and followers all the necessary fashion tips to remain in trend.

    This beautiful and trendy co-ord was worn by Hailey on a red carpet show. She wore our favourite lavender colour tank top along with a baggy yet funky cool jacket that is a must-have in our closet girls.

    She paired this jacket and top with a similar-looking mini skirt which had a statement black design all over the bottom. She went with gold hoop earrings for this look to make it a bit different than usual.

    Last but not the least, Hailey paired this set of clothing or co-ord with the olive-colored heels. A great combination indeed. One important thing that has not evolved over the past years is Hailey’s ring collection. The young model never fails to carry her rings on any occasion.

    2. Met Gala 2016

    Hailey Bieber's style
    Credit: Photo by Broadimage/Shutterstock

    Met Gala is one of the most prestigious functions to attend for the leading ladies. Hailey wore a black and silver dress that had a slit on the thigh. A perfect bodycon slit dress that seemed to be made for Hailey. Hailey Bieber’s style is astonishing.

    She went for lace-up black heels that coordinated her dress so well that it’s hardly possible for anyone to create a fuss out of the outfit. You nailed it, Hailey. Also, look at her ear accessories. The trend goes within.

    3. Denim on Denim? Why Not?

    Hailey Bieber's style
    Credit: Photo by Matt Baron/Shutterstock

    A denim jumpsuit? Yes, please!

    Hailey Bieber’s style is raw and easily available. I mean just look at this pretty, stylish jumpsuit. This bogy-hugging piece will flaunt your curves as Hailey does.

    Hailey wore a front zip denim jumpsuit on the Guess Dare. She paired it with similar coloured heels having a tie knot pattern.

    The blonde hair along with pretty neck-pieces and chokers made Hailey look like she’s walking for a rampage, doesn’t it?

    4. Mesh All Along

    Hailey Bieber's style
    Credit: Photo by Kristina Bumphrey/Starpix/Shutterstock

    This Hailey Bieber’s style outfit is one of the most gorgeous jumpsuits we have come across. Imagine a dress looking ultra-chic, trendy, stylish, and extremely sassy on you. Would you not hunt for this?

    Hailey nailed this event by wearing this super chic sheer black jumpsuit that left us with no imagination for betterment. The sparking and dazzling silver touch-up on the dress was clearly a statement.

    Matching black hoop earrings along with black heels made the outfit look so pretty and dazzling at the same time. Of course, not to forget Hailey Bieber’s style is incomplete without her matching ring set. Hailey for sure rocked this attire like a boss.

    5. Silver Stunner

    Hailey Bieber's style
    Credit: Photo by Kristina Bumphrey/Starpix/Shutterstock (5895376m)
    Hailey Baldwin
    Harper’s Bazaar Celebrates ICONS party, New York Fashion Week, USA – 09 Sep 2016

    Well, Hailey’s looks from 2016 are on a different level of the trend. She has given a major party and red carpet looks that were completely astonishing.

    Hailey wore a stunning sheer white gown with dazzling detailing work on it at Harper’s Bazaar. The lady had all the eyes on her through this gorgeous attire.

    She went for nude heels and pretty earring accessories to match the outfit and make it chicer.

    Such a Stunner!

    6. Bold Red lady Look

    Hailey Bieber's style
    Credit: Photo by Gregory Pace/Shutterstock

    Nothing beats a beautiful red dress. Isn’t it? I am sure all of us can agree on that. When it comes to Hailey Bieber’s style, long gowns are a must.

    During a party in November, Hailey wore this amazing red gown having frill detailed design on the sleeves. Hailey went with a sleek hairstyle and silver detailed hoop earrings that added enthralling charm to the attire.

    She paired this bold red dress look with red pencil heels. this look was nothing but gorgeous indeed.

    Hailey Bieber’s Style In the year 2017

    Hailey pulled off some of the most amazing looks this year. Let us together see what the lady has to offer to the fashion industry and her fans this year

    1.The Sparkling Pink Dress

    Hailey Bieber's style
    Credit: Photo by Matt Baron/Shutterstock

    Can you think of something that Hailey Cannot rock? I am not sure if you will come up with an answer to this question.

    With her brunette hairstyle and this pink dazzling gown, Hailey owned the stage. She looked quite elegant and sophisticated in this outfit. She paired this dress with pretty golden coloured heels.

    The earrings Hailey wore to complement this outfit went amazingly well giving her that Diva look.

    2. Pink Crop top dress

    Hailey Bieber's style
    Credit: Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Shutterstock

    Hailey seemed to be obsessed with all the shades of pink in the year 2017. Don’t you think so?

    Hailey looked like a queen in this pink outfit. She wore a pink crop top blouse along with a flared pink sheer long skirt. Hailey went with a silver choker that looked stunning on her.

    The white pretty mesh veil enhanced the entire look of the outfit making it look elegant and gorgeous for Met Gala like events.

    3. Sheer Jumpsuit

    Hailey Bieber's style
    Credit: Photo by Matt Baron/Shutterstock

    Hailey rocks long gowns and jumpsuits with her amazing body. The sheer jumpsuit queen is among us in this picture.

    Hailey went for hoop earrings and a silver neckpiece to coordinate the outfit and looked perfect.

    Hailey Bieber’s style in the year 2018

    1. The unusual Black dress

    Hailey Bieber's style
    Mandatory Credit: Photo by Jim Smeal/Shutterstock

    This skin showing black unusual dress looked gorgeous on Hailey. It was specially designed for the lady giving her the ultimate boss lady yet chic look.

    The cherry on the cake was Hailey’s hair styled pink colour. The pink highlights added extra charm to her hair. She paired black earrings and black rings with the outfit looking stunning as always.

    2. Lighest Blue Met gala Look

    Hailey Bieber's best outfits and the evolution of her style - Insider

    In the Met Gala event 2018, Hailey wore this pretty light blue gown. She again looked like a goddess in this dress with her short hairdo. The gown Hailey wore in this look had a slit design and overall appeared enthralling.

    Her silver matching earrings to the gown worked as a statement, making her look gorgeous. She paired the dress with similar heels to look leaner and prettier than ever.

    Hailey Bieber’s Style in the year 2019

    Never miss out on-trend and prestigious events like Met Gala, Hailey gave us major party dress looks.

    1. Iconic Pink Lady

    Hailey Baldwin Met Gala Dress 2019 | POPSUGAR Fashion

    One year later, at the Met Gala event, Hailey wore an iconic pink gown. This turtleneck pink gown is something we all want to wear to parties and huge events. Hailey styled this look with pretty small earrings.

    This bodycon dress flaunted her body so well that she looked an absolute stunner in the event.

    Hailey Bieber’s Style in the year 2020

    Here come the most awaited year and most enthralling designer dresses wore by the supermodel Hailey Bieber.

    1. All Black

    Hailey Bieber's Zuhair Murad Dress at the Seasons Premiere | POPSUGAR Fashion

    On the premiere of husband Justin Bieber’s documentary premiere, Hailey wore this amazing black outfit with a slit on the waist. She nailed this outfit and looked stunning with the hoop earrings and black square-toed heels.

    Hailey’sskin showing the black bottom of the dress made the look so elegant and trendy altogether that we would definitely want this outfit for the next party.

    2. See-through Black Gown

    Hailey Baldwin wore sheer, sleeved dress to 2020 Oscars after-party - Insider

    Nothing beats Hailey Bieber’s style in slit gowns.

    Hailey wore this amazing looking gown in 2020. High-slit in the gown has given it a trendy fashionable look we all long for. She went for similar black heels and silver earrings that went quite well with her sleek hairstyle and blonde hair.

    This was all about Hailey Bieber’s style evolution throughout the years she stepped into the modelling industry. Bieber has conquered the rampage amazingly with her amazing fashion skills and curvy looks.


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