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    One of the most sought-after Victoria’s Secret Angel models Bella Hadid. The gorgeous Diva with extraordinary fashion and clothing sense. This beauty has as overshadowed many famous models, from being the little sister of supermodel Gigi Hadid to making her own destiny through her amazing fashion and modeling skills, Bella has come a long way at this young age.

    Victoria’s Secret Angel models are known for their exceptional beauty, physique, and amazing dressing sense that fits the fashionable striplings. Bella Hadid is no less than the older and prestigious models of the secret angel.

    Besides attending and walking rampage for eminent brands like Versace and Ralph Lauren, and being one of the most eminent Vogue International faces, the magnificent Bella Hadid never fails to amaze us by giving us major street style and personal style goals. Her looks are sporty, classy, and equally sexy.

    Why not we catch together some of the most trending and photogenic Bella Hadid Street Style looks of 2020.

    1. The Sheer look

    bella hadid style
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    The pandemic didn’t stop Bella Hadid to serve us amazing goals through the ever-stylish sheer or mesh tops. Bella paired a small white tank top with the stylish long-sleeved mesh of the same color. White color is unbeatable when it comes to street style looks.

    Bella paired the white top with straight-leg distressed knee pair of pieces of denim. She complimented her attire with Pointed toe black boots and a crystal-embellished handbag popular from the 90s.

    Can you consummate such a strong boss lady vibes look without a pair of gold jewellery? Of course not ladies, Bella ended the glam trendy look with her three chained neckpieces that complemented beautifully.

    2. Crop Top With Baggy Shirt

    celebrity sightings in new york city august 12, 2020
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    It seems the young model could never get enough of her white tank tops and crop tops. Obsessed with snowy white color, Here comes another sporty look in Bella Hadid street style looks.

    Bella is truly an admirer of the 90s closet. She paired her white crop top in a checked shirt by the one and only Brixton Cruze.

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    She went for baggy off-white trousers (Trendy, right?). She experimented with the whole look with hoop earrings and her signature neckpieces and let me tell you guys, her look was marvellous with her white sneakers giving it a sporty tint.

    3. The Printed Beauty

    celebrity sightings in new york city july 27, 2020
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    Hadid is a stunner when she experiments with printed stuff. This gorgeous printed button-down shirt definitely deserves a place in Bella Hadid street style Look Book.

    Hadid was spotted in the lanes of NYC wearing a printed shirt with blue jeans and gold hoop earrings. She completed her look with heeled sandals and as usual her neckpiece.

    Bella is certainly a bag lover. She carried a stylish and trending leopard print bag that went surprisingly well with her complete outfit.

    4. Boss Lady look

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    Hadid is head over heels in love with oversized clothes that are not only stylish but are also comfortable. Do not believe? Check out this amazing look when Bella went for a crazy oversized black shirt with leather baggy pants.

    Will Bella complete her look without her handbags? The answer is a huge NO-NO. Hadid went with a matching black mini handbag and used her stylish square-toed booties.

    Hands down one of my favourite looks among Bella Hadid street style look book.

    5. The Tan Baby

    Celebrity Sightings In Paris - January 15, 2020
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    Never getting over with her white tank tops, here comes another Bella Hadid street style look with a white tank top paired with a tan jacket.

    Bella went a little different in this look and got herself yellow snakeskin pants. Hadid for sure knows when to be creative. She went for brown shades and guess what? Yes, it is her gold jewellery and the brown handbag.

    A go-to trendy look I must state.

    6. All Black Glare

    Celebrity Sightings In New York City - October 10, 2019
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    Imagine a black crop top with black trousers. Perhaps, the most amazing duet. Hadid seemed a stunner in this Bella Hadid street style look. She paired a black crop top and black baggy trousers with Christian Dior Choker.

    This minimal look of Hadid was complemented with her all-time favourite leopard handbag and dazzling white heels.

    7. The Graphic Tee Trend

    Celebrity Sightings - LFW September 2019 - Day 4
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    At some point in time, we all are obsessed with graphic and printed tees, so is Bella. She wore a white graphic tee with a matching white mini skirt. Hadid topped her white look with a black leather jacket and black toed boots, which did amazing justice to her entire look.

    Bella Hadid street style looks are incinerated without her handbags and jewellery. Hadid used a black chained handbag and layered jewellery to go with the trend.

    8. The Floral Girl

    Celebrity Sightings in Los Angeles - August 9, 2019
    Star-Max Getty Images

    Bella doesn’t stick to one type of clothing being a supermodel in the Victoria’s Secret Angel. This time, while walking out with a smoothie in her hand she was seen wearing a colourful yellow tee paired with a printed floral skirt. The diva wore Zara heeled sandals to create a statement look.

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    Layered with an alluring neckpiece, this Bella Hadid street style look was minimal, yet sophisticated.

    9. Demin On Denim Look

    Celebrity Sightings In New York City - April 22, 2019
    Gotham Getty Images

    A denim jacket with a denim bustier, along with straight leg denim pants, this look was completely astonishing.

    Holding a Louis Vuitton bag, wearing brown-lace combat boots and her go-to gold hoop earrings, Hadid was spotted visiting yet another supermodel of the family, the one and only gorgeous Gigi Hadid.

    10. Blue Suit by Ellie Mae

    Street fashion, Clothing, Fashion, Jeans, Denim, Jacket, Outerwear, Footwear, Human, Leather jacket,
    Splash News/ Pinterest

    On a date with The Weeknd, Bella was spotted wearing a blue suit by Ellie Mae. Bella wore a puffed black and blue blended jacket with her go-to hoop hearings. Hadid slew her look with a black little bag complementing her black leather shoes.

    This look is minimal yet so classy at the same time that it definitely deserves to be in Bella Hadid street style looks of the year.

    11. Turtleneck Sweater Dress

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    Pinterest/ Getty images

    The smoothie lover was again spotted in NYC, wearing a beautiful deep orange turtleneck dress with statement retro shades that went amazingly well with this dress.

    Bellas wore her gold hoop earrings and black leather boots did utmost justice to her look. As usual, Hadid carried her black mini bag flaunting her trending look. I am head over heels in love with this Bella Hadid street style look.

    To all the ladies, why not grab some similar stuff and rock the outfit?

    12. Coat and Shorts Look

    bella hadid street style
    Pinterest/ Getty images

    Here comes yet again, the white crop top. Spotted on the streets of NYC, Hadid took those looks on another level using her brilliant fashion sense. She wore Tan coat with similar Tan shorts and wore her statement go-to white tank top beneath the jacket.

    White sporty sneakers added extra elegance to her attire making it stand out in Bella Hadid street style looks.

    13. Printed Snakeskin Pants

    bella hadid street style
    Pinterest/ Getty images

    One of our favorite pants indeed. This Bella Hadid street style look is sleek yet classy. She wore high-waisted snakeskin pants with an amazing graphic white tank top. Holding a black jacket going perfectly with her black leather boots, Hadid looked mesmerizing walking out in NYC.

    Her cat-eyed make-up completely outshined the look making her look bossy and subtle.

    14. Bright Trending Lady

    bella hadid street style
    Pinterest/ Getty images

    while heading towards Dior Homme, Hadid wore an excellent bright neon-coloured suit. The model not only gives us amazing ideas on the rampage, but she also adds glory to our street styles yet again. Definitely one of the most memorable Bella Hadid street style looks of the year.

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    She completed her whole look by accessorizing herself with hoop earrings and a heavy gold neckpiece which seemed pretty incandescent adding charm to her attire.

    15. Red Romper Suit

    bella hadid street style
    Pinterest/ Getty images

    Hadid does a splendid job when it comes to experimenting with the colours. This is the sole reason Bella Hadid street styles are so trending and every girl desires to have a fashion sense and clothing like the little Hadid supermodel.

    Hadid was spotted in a red romper, with a nude belt bag that complemented really well without outshining her wavelength. Her look was completed with red toes heel and hoop earrings by which Bella Hadid is obsessed with.

    16. The Knitt Trend

    bella hadid street style
    Pinterest/ Splash News

    Bella Hadid does quite well on the streets of Milan giving us major Bella Hadid street style looks. The model was spotted wearing a beautiful blue-grey knitted crop top along with white denim shorts. Oh My Gosh! She rocked this outfit like a boss.

    Her look was completed with laced white boots of knee-length and her logo pouch which she never fails to include in her looks.

    Everything Versace here!

    17. Black Sweatshirt with Sheer Tights

    bella hadid street style
    Pinterest/ GETTY images

    I am sure you all know that Black never goes out of trend. Bella Hadid street style looks always include black clothes as the model adores simplicity and minimal looks with the statement.

    Bella wore a black mini sweatshirt along with sheer black tights making her look gorgeous and lean. She complimented the dress and tights with casual slouchy black boots and sunglasses. The diva did not carry bags at all for this outfit to outshine her look with a minimalistic appearance which she actually did!

    18. The Boyfriend jeans

    bella hadid street style
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    Denim is always IN, I must say. Wearing a one-piece Chanel swimsuit beneath high waisted boyfriend jeans is not only trendy, but it is also super casual and comfy. Bella wore black sneakers that looked comfortable and carried a black coloured patent leather bag with this look.

    Bella Hadid street styles are all about comfort. Her sunglasses around the neck added effortless grace to her attire along with a piece of jewellery she always carries.

    19. Magenta leather Blazer By patent

    bella hadid street style
    Pinterest/ Getty images

    A fitted Magenta jacket over a black tight tee-shirt and black denim not only made Hadid look stunningly gorgeous, but it also flaunted her beautiful curvy body. Bella Hadid was spotted with elder supermodel sister Gigi Hadid, both rocking their outfits as usual.

    She completed her look with black sunglasses, high knee boots, and her go-to hoop earrings making this look stand out in Bella Hadid Street Style looks.

    20. The Paris Beauty

    bella hadid street style
    Pinterest/ splash news

    Last but not the least, this Bella Hadid street style look is super classy and royal. Hadid wore a turtleneck mini red dress that looked stunning on her. The cap she is wearing in this outfit is the Viny PVC newsboy cap. She is wearing a long, trendy, taupe rain jacket as a statement look.

    Hadid wore black lace-up combat boots and her amazing hoop earrings to complete the outfit.

    These were some of the most trendy and casual outfits that sum up Bella Hadid street style looks pretty amazingly making her a stunner.


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