Dan Aykroyd Net Worth – Bio, Awards, And 10 Interesting Facts

    dan aykroyd net worth

    Dan Aykroyd net worth speaks of the multiple talents of the Canadian actor-comedian-director. If you have not missed a single episode of SNL, you might as well remember the actor’s skits and performances. Talking of SNL, it’s Jim Carrey, Kristen Wiig, Wayan Brothers, if you love the 90’s goofy comedy skits.

    He suffers from autism and has been vocal about mental health issues and autism. He started his career with SNL in the vintage era of the ’70s. He brought a sense of novelty to the idea of sketch comedy for the SNL shows in the ’70s and reigned for four seasons. His comic style of making risque look inoffensive is uncanny and a predecessor to the comedy style of Sasha Baron Cohen and Uncle Charlie from Two And A Half Men.

    The risque humor is not everybody’s cup of tea, because the idea is to humor stereotypes and give it a notorious twist. Andy Kauffman did elaborate hoaxes. Comedy is a wide spectrum to explore and those who do not have an appetite or an open mind for risque because hackneyed scripts are a safer bet, maybe you are repressed on the inside or worried too much about what people think.

    Unlike the British comedy, hmm…Monty Python, American comedy is not subtle and borders on socially unacceptable elements with comic relief. SNL gave birth to numerous comedy stars and Dan made millions laugh with his skits and performance acts.

    Dan Aykroyd Net Worth – The Bitter Sweet Symphony

    Name Daniel Edward Aykroyd
    Age, Date Of Birth 68, 1st July 1952
    Profession actor, comedian, producer, musician, filmmaker
    Net Worth $200 million
    Origin Canada
    Marriage Donna Dixon, 1983, 3 children
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    Autistic, spiritualist with a deep interest in the paranormal which defies his persona of a comedian. His interests vary from UFOs, paranormal, and making claims about witnessing UFOs. Popular for his original musical comedy skit ‘The Blue Brothers‘ which was later made into a feature film, the actor-musician is an interesting mix of contradictory interests.

    Ghostbusters was the result of the actor’s interest in parapsychology and the franchise was a hit in the ’80. He wrote and directed a few movies that tanked at the box office. His passion range from a comedy sketch, writing screenplays, music, and has won several prestigious awards and nominations for comedy-musical series as an actor.

    He has also won Raspberry awards for his directorial work for his movie ‘Nothing But Trouble.’ He is a better actor than a movie director. Most of his youth-centric comic sketches could throw loving parents on the offense; they are in bad taste. Period! But then again, if you understand satire hidden in some of his comic sketches, it’s not that bad at all.

    The movie ‘Thank You For Not Smoking’ is a satirical comedy that represents the dual side of Nick Naylor who owns a tobacco company and is also a role model of his younger son. With violence as an element in Dan’s comedy acts, you might as well not enjoy it, unless you are a fan of the likes of Austin Powers, You Don’t Mess With The Zohan, kind of movies.

    Dan Aykroyd Net Worth – Early Life

    dan aykroyd net worth

    Dan Aykroyd was born in Ottawa, Canada, to Peter Hugh Aykroyd who worked as a policy adviser to Canadian Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau. His brother Peter acted with him in a few Hollywood movies. He was raised in the Catholic faith and was desirous of becoming a priest before he was started his school at St.Patrick’s.

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    He studied criminology, sociology before dropping out of the degree from Carleton University. He developed an interest in blues music and joined the club Le Hibou. As a child, he struggled with autism and Asperger syndrome.

    Dan Aykroyd Net Worth – Career

    dan aykroyd net worth

    His career got a breakthrough with SNL. He collaborated with numerous Hollywood celebrities like Bill Murry, numerous, actors, musicians, forming a soul connection with John Belushi. He started a musical comedy skit ‘The Blue Brothers’ with Belushi which he continues to past his death to promote jazz and Blues music through the tours.

    The Blue Brothers were a novelty musical act that started with SNL, never done before. Jim Belushi, brother of John Belushi performs with the band on fewer occasions.

    His acting debuted with a sketch comedy for a television show, ‘ The Hart And Lorne Terrific Hour.’ He had the opportunity to work with Bill Murry when he joined an improvisation troupe in the ’70s.

    His greatest career highlights were the movies Ghostbusters franchisee, My Girl, and Coneheads. He has featured in numerous Hollywood movies and won awards for his performance acts in SNL. He was nominated for an Academy Award for the best supporting actor role in Driving Miss Daisy.

    Dan Aykroyd Net Worth – Business Enterprises

    dan aykroyd net worth

    Not only is the actor an interesting mix of contradictory interests, but he has invested in his passion for music, vodka, and game development. He has helped in funding charities to rebuild New Oreland after it was hit by hurricanes.

    The House of Blues was his initial enterprise in collaboration with Hard Rock cafe to create a chain of music venues to encourage blues artists and folk art. For the love of wineries and vodka, he created a brand ‘Crystal Head Vodka’ that has a unique filtration process that makes vodka smoother. His faith in the healing powers of the indigenous groups was the inspiration behind the brand name.

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    He partially owns wineries in Canada. He has collaborated with game developers to release an online-casino game based on The Blue Brothers. He has given the voiceover in the character of Elwood Blues.

    Dan Aykroyd Net Worth – UFOs, Hauntings, And Paranormal History

    dan aykroyd net worth

    His great grandfather was a spiritualist and a psychic. His father has a history of correspondence with Arthur Conon Doyle. The actor has made several claims of witnessing UFOs and is a serious believer that aliens exist.

    He has authored a book, ‘The History Of Ghosts: The True Story Of Seances, Mediums, Ghosts, and Ghostbusters,’ that speaks about his family history with spirituality and the psychic medium.

    He loves delving deep into the supernatural, conspiracy theories, and unsolved mysteries. He has discussed his beliefs in the paranormal, aliens, the Big Foot, and more on The Joe Rogan Experience.’ Though he seems to have retired from Hollywood, he has made a comeback with Ghostbusters: Afterlife an upcoming supernatural comedy of the franchise slated to be released in November 2021.

    Interesting Facts About Dan Aykroyd

    dan aykroyd net worth
    • He served in the police department as a Reserve Commander.
    • His family history inspired him to write Ghostbusters
    • The first draft of The Blue Brothers movie was 324 pages
    • Dan is obsessed the law enforcement and ghosts
    • He was engaged to Carrie Fisher filming The Blue Brothers
    • Happily married for 3 decades, he prefers to keep his private life away from the media
    • His best impersonation performances were of Julia Child, Jimmy Carter, and Tom Snyder.
    • Eddie Murphy and Dan’s friendship is the most talked about for their unshakable bond.
    • Dan is known to unconditionally support Eddie Murphy during his highs and lows.
    • Eddie and Dan studied tricks of Wall Street for Trading Places
    • The Ghostbusters was the highest grossing comedy film of the 80’s.


    Dan Aykroyd net worth is a testimony of his business acumen blended with creativity. He is interests are a motley of contradictions for a comedian. With a happily ever after, Academy Award nominations, charitable work, and giving millions belly laugh, the actor has retired from the limelight to let the younger talent shine.




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