5 Wonderful Hollywood Inspirational Movies About Self Love

    A part of our subconscious lives vicariously through the inspirational movies that motivate and touch our heart and soul. Stories and characters that lay a deep impact on our minds and makes us question the paradigm on which we have built our ideologies.

    Good cinema is not about fun, thrills, action, or romance alone. These are the movies that won our hearts and rerun in our minds as good advice or guidance that give us a different view of life and change our perspective about significant issues of life that we deal with about relations, dreams, self-growth, and more.

    Peaceful Warrior

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    Peaceful Warrior comes with enlightened life lessons and wisdom about surrendering to everything that is and is not in our control. The spirituality espoused through lessons the gas station Guru(Nick Nolte) gives to Dan transforms his life and egocentric mind into a compassionate and thoughtful one. An inspirational movie that lets you recognize your inner demons and fight it, freeing your mental blocks.

    When we dream not of the dreams alone, but live life mindfully, our goals have a higher purpose than reaching the goal alone. A beautiful student-teacher relation movie where Dan learns at every step when Socrates challenges his ideologies and thinking.

    Goodwill Hunting

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    Good teachers change your lives for the better. Will Hunting (Matt Damon), who works as a janitor at MIT is discovered by professor Lambeau for his mathematical genius. The movie is about transformation and his inner journey dealing with traumas that stop him from living through his full potential.

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    Sean Maguire(Robin Williams) a therapist at MIT helps him get past and unties his mental and emotional blocks to let him see through the beauty of the life he has been missing, shunning intimate relations. An inspirational movie to battle your inner conflicts and reach your full potential.


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    A meaningful movie with a theme of time travel that lets Micheal Newman(Adam Sandler) look through all that he has missed about his family getting busy making big money. His accidental encounter with an eccentric scientist who hands him over the universal remote helps him get a good perspective about life and things that mean the most.

    He learns to cherish the moments of spending time and being with his family instead of running on the hamster’s wheel. Home is where the heart is. An inspirational movie to balance work and family life.

    Yes Man

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    The Naysayer Carl Allen(Jim Carrey) meets the self-help Guru Terence Bundly and learns to say unconditional yes to everything and his life transforms with joy and contentment. Unresponsive Carl who almost closed himself to the world after his divorce starts to see the change in himself when he takes his advice seriously and pushes himself to do stuff he has never done before. A movie that inspires you to take chances.

    Rocky series

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    A classic cult movie that depicts the essence of having strength, endurance, and tenacity in times of adversity. Rocky has to battle his opponent and a champion, deal with troublemakers and other adversaries to win the heavyweight championship. Having a dream is not enough. The movie is a stunning example of a true champion who battles his way through obstacles and overcomes numerous antagonists.

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    An inspirational movie about tenacity and grit, and not to give up in the face of adversity. If we whine about our problems, this movie gives you a good perspective about dealing with adversities and winning through the odds.


    In life, when we are busy winning the rat race, we forget about self-love and family. These movies have a lot to imbue from in our everyday life and to reach our goals with honour, principles, and pride.


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