Troy Aikman Net Worth – Bio, 10 Interesting Facts, And Trivia

    troy aikman net worth

    Troy Aikman net worth is in the millions because of his profession in football as an NFL quarterback. In his professional career, he has won many titles and also had a career in broadcast television as a sportscaster after retiring in 2000 as a football player. He owned a racing team and is the longest-tenured quarterback in Dallas Cowboys history.

    During his tenure, he was the highest-paid NFL player. His career has reached great heights with interesting stints appearing in episodes of famous television shows. He is one of the most likable sportscasters from the NFL. He gets a whopping million-dollar salary being a sportscaster on Fox television.

    He has invested in various ventures and enjoys his career in media post his retirement as an NFL player. On his sophomore day, he was a typing champion. He won the state championship in typing in the year 1983. In his early years, he won double state championships in football and typing.


    Name Troy Kenneth Aikman
    Age 54, 21 November 1966
    Profession Quarterback, Dallas Cowboys, Sportscaster
    Net Worth $45 million
    Marriage Catherine Mooty (2017), two daughters


    Troy Aikman Net Worth

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    Aikman was born in California and relocated to Oklahoma at the age of 12. He was born to Kenneth and Charlyn Aikman. He went to Henryetta High School and played basketball and football. He won all-state honors playing for his school. Though he was offered a contract with the New York Metes to play baseball, he joined the University of Oklahoma to pursue his career in football under coach Barry Switzer.

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    He started as a quarterback as a collegiate. He won several games until he broke his leg. After losing to the Miami Hurricanes with a broken ankle, he was transferred to UCLA. Though he had to take a break because of his broken ankle, he earned the title ‘Pac-10 Offensive Player Of The Year’ as a junior.

    He got married to Dallas Cowboys publicist Rhonda Worthey in 2000 and they separated in 2011 and have two daughters from this marriage. He married Catherine Mooty, a high-end fashion retailer in 2017.

    Troy Aikman Net Worth – Career And Awards

    troy aikman net worth

    Aikman had a successful 12-year career with Dallas Cowboys and won the Superbowl thrice. His football career came to a halt because of his broken leg. But there were times when he was embroiled in controversies too. Author Skip Bayless mentioned in his book that Aikman was gay which miffed him enough to have harsh words for him when asked about the same.

    Aikman expressed his views about the book depicting him as gay and said that he was upset because it was made up. He didn’t see the author post the release of his book. Post his 12-year career as a quarterback, he has ascended to being the lead game analyst for Fox television channel along with award-winning Joe Buck.

    He has earned an Emmy nomination for his career in broadcast media as a game analyzer. He started his career as a game analyzer in 1998 and since has won accolades and appreciation for his valuable analysis of NFL games. He was one of the four quarterbacks that led his team to win in the three Superbowl matches.

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    He was included in the UCLA Hall Of Fame after passing 5298 yards and 41 touchdowns. He started The Troy Aikman foundation in 1992 which makes a lot of difference in the lives of people. One of their services included creating recreational areas for children in hospitals to keep their emotions on an even keel.

    Troy Aikman Net Worth – Interesting Facts And Trivia

    troy aikman net worth
    • He has been married twice and has three daughters. His second wife Catherine Mooty was married to Jerry Mooty and has two sons with him
    • He chose not to do ‘Dancing With The Stars’ show
    • With a broken leg, he broke a leg and had a stroke of luck with the change of career
    • He won Aloha and Cotton Bowl with ULCA in 1989
    • He loves doing the Wing Stop commercials apart from being a game analyzer
    • Micheal Irvin, Emmitt Smith, and Aikman were nicknamed ‘triplets’ of Dallas Cowboys in the ‘90
    • In 1998 he went through surgery to remove malignant melanoma from his shoulder blade
    • The helmet that Aikman used for Dallas Cowboys was sold for $3000
    • Whenever he threw a pass, he is known to have the habit of sticking his tongue out
    • He appeared in the movie Jerry Maguire as himself in 1996
    • His birthstone is Topaz and Citrine
    • He was birth flower is Chrysanthemum


    Troy Aikman net worth is because of his profession as a football player and game analyzer for broadcast media. He worked with Fox for 20 years post his leg injury and the career change has given him fame, accolades, and a successful career. He has made millions and earned a net worth working with Fox for more than two decades.

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