Penis Enlargement Surgery Cost: 5 Important Facts You Must Know

    Penis Enlargement Surgery Cost: Does it really Work?

    Since the ages, the length of the penis has been a concern for men. Small penis brings in the unsatisfactory experience in their sexual intercourse often. If you are also facing the same trouble, then penis enlargement surgery is a solution for you. Consider your health condition, consult with the doctor, and go for the surgery. It includes the procedures that help to enlarge the length and girth of the penis.

    From silicone implants to cosmetic surgery- a wide range of types is seen in such surgery. However, many people ask questions often regarding the penis enlargement surgery cost. Before we delve into the cost of it, let’s first know about it in detail. We will here discuss everything from what it is to the risks and benefits of it. Surely, you will get a complete overview of the whole process along with the penis enlargement surgery cost.

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    Penis Enlargement Surgery Cost: What is it?

    As the name implies, Penis enlargement surgery is a procedure that increases the length and girth of the penis and gives you a feeling of satisfaction. There are different types of surgery-silicone implant, the transfer of fat cells, skin grafts, and some other cosmetic surgery. All of them work to make the penis look larger. Let’s know about them in detail.

    Silicone Implant- The Penuma Treatment

    It is one of the major types of penis enlargement surgery. The Penuma treatment is the only kind of surgery for penis enlargement that has been approved by the FDA or Food and Drug Administration. So, how does it work? In this procedure, a crescent-shaped piece of silicone is inserted under the penile skin. The specialists ensure it to be a medically proven silicone. It makes the penis longer than its previous size.

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    Along with increasing the length, it helps to increase its width. First of all, before the insertion, the surgeon makes an incision above the penis. And then, the silicone piece is inserted through the shaft of the penis.

    Here, to understand the exact process, you need to know how its tissues determine the shape of the penis. Two types of tissues are found inside the penis. One is Corpus cavernosa which combines the two cylindrical pieces of tissues that go parallel to each other at the top of the penis.

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    And another one is Corpus Spongiosum. It is one cylindrical-shaped tissue present at the bottom of the penis. The silicone implant was managed well so that it fits the size and shape of the penis. During Penuma treatment, the silicone piece is shifted over the tissue called Corpus cavernosa.

    The treatment comes in three types: large, extra-large, extra-extra-large. As per the doctors’ report, Penuma treatment is one of the most effective treatments with a high success rate. The case studies show that nearly 85% of people who undergo surgery have received successful results.

    The average length of the penis is 3.6 inches long. And it increases up to 5.2 inches long and 4.6 inches in girth. With Penuma treatment surgery, the size is increased further by an additional 1.5 to 2.5 inches. We will discuss the penis enlargement surgery cost later on. Now, let’s have a look at the other types of penis enlargement surgery.

    Fat Transfer- An Uncommon Process

    In this procedure, the doctor pulls out some fat from the fatty area of our body and then injects the fat into the middle area of the penis that connects the tip to the belly. The incision is necessary for this process as well. Doctors make space through the incision at the side of the penis and put the fat cells in it.

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    Ligamentolysis- The Operation of Suspensory Ligament

    Suspensory Ligament Surgery is another technique for the enlargement of the penis. If you are here to learn about the penis enlargement surgery cost, you must know about this. This process ensures the large appearance of the penis by cutting the suspensory ligament, which connects the penis to the pubic bone. Well, it actually does not increase the length of the penis. It simply makes it look large.

    Along with these major techniques of penis enlargement surgery, there are other kinds of techniques as well. Let’s name them:

    • tissue grafts- It includes some operations on tissues inside the penis to make it look larger during erection.
    • Hyaluronic acid injections- It may increase the size of the penis temporarily.
    • Polylactic acid injections- It is also another temporary solution for small penis syndrome.
    • Penile disassembly- It helps to stabilize the penis and make it look longer.
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    What is the Penis Enlargement Surgery Cost?

    As discussed, the only FDA-approved surgery is the silicone implant. If you undergo this surgery, the penis enlargement surgery cost will be around $15,000. Well, you have to deposit about $1000 before the procedure. The Penuma surgery is not covered by the insurance yet. Also, it is not recommended for treating erectile dysfunction.

    Other surgeries like fat transfer may cost around $3500 to $8500. And the estimate for the suspension ligament surgery is around $15000 to $25000. Nonetheless, instead of opting for these treatments, it is safe and effective to go for the proven methods of Penuma surgery. Even the American Urological Association states that both surgeries -fat transfer and suspension ligament surgery are not safe enough. Penuma surgery and some other cosmetic surgeries are safer with some minor risks of complication.

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    Penis Enlargement Surgery Cost: 5 Quick Facts to Remember about Penuma surgery

    1. You have to circumcise your penis before the initiation of Penuma surgery.
    2. The complete process of Pneuma surgery takes nearly 45 minutes to one hour.
    3. You should not masturbate for nearly six weeks after the process.
    4. You should not be involved in sexual intercourse for at least six weeks after the process.
    5. Your penis may be swollen for some days after you go through the surgery.

    Bottom the Line: What the Specialists Say?

    Although many people tend to ask about the penis enlargement surgery cost, the specialists have something else to say. As per them, the actual need for penis enlargement is rare. They affirm that surgery is only necessary in the cases of micropenis. It is a condition in which the penis is too small, like 7.5 centimeters for smaller than that. Otherwise, if your penis is in good condition and performs well in sexual intercourse and urination, you should not undergo surgery.

    So, before you go online to know penis enlargement surgery costs, make sure that you really need it. However, if you want some other way for enjoyable intercourse, you may go for over-the-counter viagra. Of course, take the doctor’s advice before going for it. Click here to read details about it.


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