5 Amazing Hollywood Actors Who Invested In Startups

    Startups and new ventures have been beckoning the attention of Hollywood actors since long as they believe in putting their wealth and influence to good use. Diversification and startup culture has been in vogue for a while. With Hollywood celebrities taking the plunge to invest in startups, it has glamorized the entrepreneurial journey and brought together two different species of careers together.

    A-listers in Hollywood have embraced the startup culture that brings an element of intrigue and excitement to work with celebrated creative minds with keen business acumen. Doing the math with a creative mind has own perks and benefits the startup ecosystem with culture and guidance creating unique businesses with original gumption.

    Reasons Why Ashton Kutcher Invests In Startups?


    The actor played the role of Steve Jobs and has taken his entrepreneurial journey as an investor in startups seriously. Having invested in more than 70 startups, and sets a true example of how creativity culminated with astute business acumen. His idea behind investing in startups is to build brilliant entrepreneurs who bring solutions through their enterprise that resolves hard problems.

    An investor, and actor with a philanthropic of uplifting brilliance that comes with a meaningful goal of uplifting the society and resolve problems that make life better. His philosophy as an investor is simple. He prefers to invest in startups that bring R.O.I and happiness. In his journey as an investor, he has lost money but his experience of gaining happiness in investing in startups drives him to continue with investing.

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    If you want Ashton Kutcher investing in your startup, this is what he is looking for; domain authority, understanding consumer behavior, original insights, and data. He looks for domain expertise to resolve any problem that the business would face.

    Justin Timberlake Startups


    From creating mellow peppy pop numbers to a brief stint in movies like Bad Teacher, Friends With Benefits, The Book Of Love, and many such mellow movies, the actor has decided to invest in technology startups and other companies such as Miso Media, Stipple, Happiest Baby, and My Space. Miso Media is a music education app that has created a buzz for its ease of use and information about music.

    Bono Startups

    startups bono

    The U2 frontman who has given us beautiful musical compositions has invested in numerous startups. The singer supports digital music and has been advocating it openly about making the shift from traditional to digital music. Bono advocates transparency in the business of music given the trauma songwriters and musicians go through.

    Leonardo Di Caprio Business And Startup Investments

    startups leonardo di caprio

    Oscar-winner actor has invested in several startups. A versatile actor, who has invested in tech, environmental, sustainability startups, and more. The actor consciously works towards protecting the environment. Casper is a bespoke mattress startup in which the actor and many other Hollywood celebrities invested in. Mind Maze is a virtual-reality based tech startup in which the actor is one of the investors.

    Runa is a tea and energy drinks company that practices sustainable farming practices to support the local people of Guayusa in Ecuador. The actor’s film portfolio is as interesting as his business investments. Cue is another company that the actor invested in that supports healthcare. Mobli is a unique tech company that helps people and consumers create stunning visuals for any moment.

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    Reese Witherspoon’s Startup Clothing Line


    The Legally Blonde actor and an Oscar winner invested in a startup clothing line called Draper James. The Sweet Home Alabama actor has taken her role in the movie seriously enough to come up with a clothing line of her own focused on styling and draping Southern women.


    Hollywood is abuzz investing in projects and ventures that go beyond films and media. Hollywood actors and celebrities have been investing in startups that help communities and people at large and make this world a better place. Silicon Valley is a buzz with tech startups finding their revenue coming from the cream da la cream of Hollywood.

    Have an idea that can change the world for the better? You know where to give a tring tring or snail mail the pitch to know if it beckons the interest. Hollywood goes beyond film-making and is making a difference in the world investing in startups and companies catering to the needs of people.


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