18 Gorgeous Chestnut Brown Hair Color Ideas!

    Gorgeous Chestnut Brown Hair Ideas To Try Out!

    Chestnut brown hair is truly a gorgeous combination of warmth and boldness of reds and browns. This rich mixture produces a different shade that is too dark and heavy and totally nails the look! This color has a unique hue that transforms any hair type automatically. Whether your hair is straight and glossy or curly and textured, doesn’t matter, chestnut brown hair color is super easy and chic to style unline many brunettes options.

    Keep reading for some amazing chestnut brown hair tips and ideas to rock it!

    Tips for chestnut hair color

    You might have seen Miranda Kerr, Zendaya, and Ashley Graham on the various met gala events rocking their chestnut hair color. This color makes it really hard to take our eyes off it.

    When you are looking for the chestnut hair color idea that suits you, your undertones will determine which one to go for. As a general rule of thumb, you might already know opposites complement well. Cool reddish-brown hues are excellent when paired with warm undertones. For shiny and natural-looking results, just go for solid chestnut brown hair or you can also try highlights or maybe an ombre to add extra definition to the look.

    You will truly be surprised by the results and fall in love with your hair. Just keep scrolling and looking for the best chestnut brown hair that catches your attention!

    Chestnut Brown Hair Color Ideas

    1. Warm chestnut shade with dark roots

    chestnut brown hair
    Love Hair Style

    Ladies having naturally dark hair color are absolutely going to nail this warm and subtle shade of chestnut. A warm reddish tint melting with a brown base is all you need right now to illuminate your hair. Due to the contrast of darker roots, it looks even more ravishing than usual. You can always talk to your colorist to avoid applying overall color and go for smooth transitions. Except for yellowish skin tones, this color might be a perfect match for most skin types.

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    2. Chestnut hair color with blonde highlights

    The vivid brunette

    For so many centuries there is an ongoing debate between brunette and blonde hair colors trying to prove which one is better, why not have a mix? Both the colors are equally gorgeous and look amazing separately and when paired. You can go for a chestnut base and complement it with blonde highlights. They are simply there to put a new life into your hair. Without a doubt, you can rock this hair color and highlights on any occasion with your favorite hairstyles.

    3. Chestnut shade with honey hues

    Hair, makeup, and beauty

    Ever tried chestnut shade with honey hues? If not, it’s the time! Chestnut brown makes the perfect choice for brown and green eyes (not that others cannot try). It makes your look so much flattering complementing those glossy eyes. When honey hues are added to this look, it becomes even more enhancing and powerful showing the beauty of your hair color in new lights. You should definitely give it a try and see how it turns out for you.

    4. Chestnut brown highlights


    What hair colors do you call eye-catching? We very well know that all the hair colors out there are not your favorite and you find some colors way breathtaking than others. This hair color has made a mark and impressed everyone with the ravishing finish. People are more attracted to those hair colors that look completely natural and organic yet stand out. Noble dark chestnut with a hint of sun kiss going to the lighter ends makes it an extremely seductive variety of chestnut. Not to forget this effortless hue are absolutely amazing and incomparable.

    5. Face framing balayage in caramel finish

    Lisa Cimorelli

    Besides a slightly seamless highlighting effect, this highly popular balayage technique can clearly get the most out of your facial features. This look not only freshens the natural brown and dyed chestnut hair but also makes your face appear sexy overall. Plus, it is a perfect match for a slightly tanned skin tone.

    6. Golden blonde highlights in chestnut brown hair

    hair, makeup, and beauty

    You cannot get enough golden highlights as they make the chestnut brown hair stand out from all the colors and take them to different levels altogether. When these warm shades meet shiny shades, they give rise to stunning hair mane. You can apply these golden highlights throughout its length to create a balanced look with warm and deep brown hair.

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    7. Reddish-brown chestnut with lighter ends

    How about this exquisite hair color? This look embraces 3 different hair levels altogether- the darker roots, copper ends, and a lighter version in between. It looks super chic and dimensional.

    8. Medium chestnut pale tone

    girly hair studio

    Your hair color plays an important role in how you appear overall. If you go for light hair colors, they will enhance your skin tone and make it slightly darker in appearance while those who go for dark hair colors have a lighter complexion due to contrasting colors. If you do not wish to go for either of these, you can prefer medium chestnut brown hair with a pale tone. This is a great choice as it is pale, smooth, and balances out everything.

    9. Chestnut brown with hints of red


    Professional hair colorists are truly aware of the fact that using many tones at once does not form a rich hair color. When many matching hues come together with slight variations they make the perfect hair color. If you are not sure, just look at this chestnut hair color with slight hints of red. When you get this hair color done, you will not notice red initially but once you step out of the salon, you are definitely going to love this. Sun shines on this hair color makes it completely breathtaking.

    10. Chestnut brown ombre

    Hair by salah

    If you are looking for a fresh hair color or a fresh look for the summers, this is clearly the one. Fresh looks for brunettes with ombre are a perfect choice. Unlike highlights or balayage, the coloring is seen over the midlength of hair making the color transitions look absolutely perfect and saturated. These two colors appear as if they have been together for a long without effort. You can clearly see the picture and know how ombre color pairs appear.

    11. Ashy shades with chestnut color

    hair studio

    These days the one color that is gaining a lot of popularity is ashy shades. This hair color is not very bright and is slightly faded making it look more natural. It has a noble charm and a bit cool tone that very one can pull off easily without effort. And, the most important thing, it can be used on any hair color and skin tone. Washed-out colors are best for fair skin tons and hazel eyes.

    12. Copper light chestnut brown Hair

    Light chestnut brown hair along with mixed coppery hues is a great alternative to ginger hair color. Most red hair colors are slightly tricky to achieve so you can just add copper vibes to your dark brown locks and rock this look instead of going red. Once you try this idea, your hair will shine because this is how copper highlights are seen.

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    13. Black color with chestnut-brown highlights

    Some ladies like to go for contrastive colors when highlighting their hair. You can also pay attention to a soft and effortless look that adds dynamics to your hair without a doubt. Chestnut hair color is between medium to dark brown shades which means it can match clearly with black and deep bases creating an enriched look overall.

    14. Chestnut brown hair with caramel blonde balayage

    hair and makeup

    We totally understand why so many people out there love combing brown and blonde shades. The mix of these natural-looking colors is always the number one request of all the men who visit salons. You can go for semi-light blonde highlights to get a natural look that looks effortless and stunning.

    15. Soft chestnut brown balayage

    the vivid brunette

    Blaaygte along with ombre and highlighting techniques can be slightly different in the intensity of color used. The first technique is seamlessly gradual but some traces of colors are seen. If you wish to go for an unnoticeable transitional look, you can talk to your colorist about providing a soft variation of balayage. In this, the color used is one tone darker than the added color. You can see how gorgeous the color turns out.

    16. Chestnut Brown Hair with auburn

    Since natural colors are best, there is not even a single better way to get a natural-looking and amazingly attractive hair color at once than mixing certain shades of a similar kind. Both auburn and chestnut have quite similar red undertones, one is slightly deeper although. Chestnut is warmer than auburn. You can go for these shades just to see how it turns out.

    17. Chestnut brown Hair undertone


    What if there was a way using which you do not have to sacrifice your hair and use bleaching to see dark hair from a different angle? In fact, you kay just switch to warmer undertones making your hair shine and adding a natural dimension. Chestnut brown hair color is undoubtedly fantastic and can adapt perfectly to all the dark hair color bases from deep brown to jet black. besides mixing these shades with reddish brown, you can go for this look to add dynamic to your hair length in the most harmless way.

    18. Neutral chestnut hair

    hair, makeup, and beauty

    While you might have heard from many colorists that there is no in-between for colors but this is not valid for chestnut brown hair color as it plays by its own rules. It can be bright and saturated, deep and dark, or simply neutral if you wish to find a mild shade in between these two extremes. Such a shade can be gorgeous on dark blonde and light brunette hair colors who love adding a slight warmth to the hair.

    These were 18 different shades in chestnut brown hair that you can pick any day for your hair and rock them stunningly without a second thought!

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