32 Elegant Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas

    Rose Gold Hair- Stunning Ideas To Try Today Itself

    Planning to have a rose gold hair color this year? Rose gold hair color is probably the most flattering color this year by now. The classic version is a beautiful blend of pink and red, golden and blonde, in addition to various varieties of hues present in the family of rose gold hair. Due to this variety, there is a complete lookbook of rose gold hair colors that anyone can use to change their hair color and hairstyle and transform themselves in the most stunning ways.

    Keep scrolling to discover some exciting ideas and an incredible range of options that will suit your skin tone perfectly and look simply alluring.

    Here are some of the best rose gold hair color ideas one should try this year.

    Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas

    1.Copper Rose Gold Hair

    Rose Gold Hair
    The Trend Spotter

    This hair color idea probably among the most natural ways one can wear rose gold color to their hair. It is rich and warm, classic copper will suit a wide range of skin tones making them appear super cool. Copper rose gold hair has a universally flattering appearance along with vibrant intensity that makes your hair appear glowy and dewy. If you are a redhead naturally or even honey blonde, it is probably the best match you can pick this year. Just try it out and feel the look.

    2. Soft Rose Gold Hair

    Rose Gold Hair

    This is among the most subtle types of rose gold hair. This hue of rose gold has a golden blonde base having red and pink overtones. If you have a neutral skin tone, this one is made for you. Also, people having darker eyes with neutral skin, are going to rock this hair color without even trying to do so. This soft rose gold glow is an amazing way for transitioning platinum hair again to a warmer shade or refreshing your honey blonde hair for an amazing change and season.

    3. Rose Gold Hair With Highlights

    If you are looking for a hair color for a fun summer, a festival, or special occasions, it is really hard to look beyond pink highlights. This gives you a feminine and quirky look with pink strands. They also add a playful and cute vibe that other hues cannot match for sure. Also, as the rose gold color has pink undertones, it becomes naturally a partner for those highlights. Scatter the pieces having a darker pink hue throughout the hair or you may also use them to form a frame for your pretty face and make it more trendy and chic.

    4. Straight Rose Gold Color

    Rose Gold Hair

    The statement this particular hair type creates is beyond our imagination, it clearly steals the show every time. It clearly suits more on straight as compared to wavy or curly, however, the choice is all yours as some people prefer the other two more.

    The natural shine of straight hair adds more brightness to this hue making it appear dazzling and striking. Once you have this color with straight hair, you do not have to restyle your hair again and again as it simply looks gorgeous. Just use a smoothening serum or flat iron to sleek the results. If you are thinking about a hairstyle, you must try a bob cut paired with this hue.

    5. Warm Brown Hair Plus Rose Gold Ends

    Auburn is definitely a brilliant base for adding once you have planned to get yourself a rose gold hair color with pretty ends. The warmer tones blend magically with the coppery hues making them appear more than gorgeous already. Just imagine styling them, isn’t it what you have always wanted once you think of a rose gold color on your hair?

    This hair color creates a gradient effect. Probably like a sunset on the head, this combination is striking and pretty at the same time especially for those people who already had natural warm brown roots and have tried to go rose gold this summer.

    6. Rose Gold Ombre With Curls

    Rose Gold Hair

    If you are a brunette, going completely rose gold can be time-consuming and certainly expensive all at once because it will require you to get your hair done blonde and bleached first. You can try another alternative option which is using rose gold ombre instead. This will blend the lighter rose gold ends along with mid-lengths having naturally darker roots. To complete this look or make it more natural, you can ask the colorist to add subtle rose gold highlights which will frame your hair to make you look gorgeous than ever.

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    7. Rose Gold All-Over

    You must give your hair a new stunning look any time this year using all over golden rose tint. This color has a rich hue along with a metallic shimmer that creates a bold statement. Plus, as you already know it is a multi-dimensional color, it already has highlights build in along with pretty low lights to create a dynamic and flattering result. Also, for those having naturally blonde hair, you can even try it at home without fail.

    8. Warm Rose gold color

    rose gold hair

    This one is quite similar to the copper rose gold color, but it has more of a natural look than all the other hues and variations we have seen. This one is closer to the strawberry blonde side as compared to candy-floss pink. If you are planning to try this trend f rose gold hair for the very first time, this one is a great pick for you. Also, those having naturally golden and yellow undertones to their can try this trend as it looks super flattering.

    9. Rose Gold Pixie Cut

    Rose Gold Hair

    Are you among those ladies who love walking on the bold side? then this hair color and hairstyle is probably the one you are looking for. Sharp and short, this pixie cut having risen gold hair color will definitely attract a lot of attention on you. This cut is really versatile and can be styled with almost everything as it appears cute, cool, chic, and edgy depending on what you want your hair to look like.

    You can always pair this cut with statement colors like the one given here. Generally, the shorter haircut you have, the brighter it turns out, so do not think much before dialing up the pink color in your hair this time.

    10. Rose Gold Waves

    Want to give your locks a bombshell treatment using rose gold waves? you are in the right place, here is the one you must try and see the difference. As already said above, rose gold hair color has a wide range of varieties anyone can try- ranging from soft sand to peachy pink to bright blonde, anyone can visit their nearest salon to get this done.

    It is probably the perfect match for your wavy hairstyle. The natural movements paired with these soft curves will show off the added highlights in your hair like no other. Highlights and lowlights together form the prettiest combination one could have. Rose gold hue definitely looks dynamic.

    11. Short Rose Gold Curls

    Sometimes all we need is a major change. Play up with the romantic and soft appeal of the rose gold hair color with short curls. Similar to wavy hair, curls are also a perfect match for your rose gold hair color as their natural movement helps to bring a natural movement with multi-dimensional tones in your hair and color hue. Playful, mysterious, and pretty, rose gold short curls do have a vintage sort of appeal that looks mesmerizing when paired with trendy fashion or contrasted with alternative style choices, remember the one Hailey Baldwin wore in Met Gala?

    12. Light Highlights In Rose Gold Hair

    Rose Gold Hair

    If you have naturally buttery blonde hair or platinum hair, you can always try to give your hair rose gold highlights that are probably going to embrace your hair throughout. Your colorist will place different highlights and low lights strategically to give a great texture and appearance. This looks extremely chic and stunning because of the metallic shine it has. It blends beautifully when paired with paler blonde hair, isn’t it?

    13. Platinum Blonde Highlights With Rose Gold Hair

    While the highlights look brilliant on blonde hair, the reverse of this is also certainly true. When you have a talented colorist, everything is possible. They will scatter through the pale pieces in your blonde hair and give a magical touch of highlights you will fall in love with. These sections when they catch the light, add a glowing and shimmering effect that rose gold hair color has. Plus, this hair color is an amazing way to make the rose gold trend work for your hair if you have lighter eyes with a cool-toned skin tone.

    14. Rose Gold Ends On Dark Blonde Hair Types

    Rose Gold Hair

    By now, you probably know that rose gold ends are a huge trend these days plus the simplest one to embrace without dyeing the entire section of your hair. This is a general rule. if you have darker hair color, once you apply rose gold color, the ends become deeper. To make this color stand out, just use it on dark blonde, this is also sometimes called dirty blonde. You have to make sure that the rose gold hair shade you are applying is a vibrant pink. Try to avoid too much warm red as this will clash with the ashier undertones already present in dark blonde hair.

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    15. Sunset Rose Gold Hair

    Rose Gold Hair

    Ever thought of trying sunset red color on your hair? If Yes, why wait? This year you can definitely go with the trend. Sunset rose gold when combines with a golden blonde shade along with pink and peach highlights create a juicy, and shimmering hue that for sure mimics the rays of sun in the evening sky, sounds magical right?

    Imagine how good it will look once you go with it. This is softer and more romantic as compared to other shades of oink which makes it more magical than the rest. This color is definitely going to ensure that your hair color becomes the center of attraction and many people will mimic it for sure. Although it is less natural than other shades of rose gold hair we have seen, it is equally stunning and magical. If you wish to add a statement with your hair, go for it!

    17. Short Rose Gold Hair

    Rose Gold Hair

    This one is quite similar to the rose gold pixie cut that you have seen above. Short rose gold hair is a striking, subtle, yet extremely cool look for you. If you wish to give it an extra attitude, you may also try a choppy cut with cute baby bangs. This cut works amazingly well for straight and fine hair as the choppiness of this look will create a mesmerizing movement throughout while cute baby bangs will make your hair appear thicker, which makes it a great look for thin hair types. Meanwhile, this trendy color adds a different dimension and shine to your hair. These words are enough to attract your attention towards this magical cut, isn’t it?

    18. Rose Gold Hair For A Brunette

    While it might be challenging to have Rose gold hair color for brunettes due to the extra steps involved in the procedure, it is still possible without causing any damage or over-bleaching the locks. This color is often termed rose-brown for brunettes instead of rose gold. If you are a brunette, you will know why once you get it done. This one is quite similar to chocolate mauve color or hue. You can always visit a colorist as they will use different ways to lighten up certain sections of your hair which will leave the roots of your hair on the darker side, prior to blending over this flattering and cute rose gold hair tint.

    19. Rose Gold Hair With Bangs

    Rose Gold Hair

    Bangs are often a great way to give a major change to the entire look you have. We already know by now that rose gold hair color is among the most flattering hair colors one could have and that it suits almost all skin tones. At the same time, it also draws attention towards your face shape and creates an alluring “halo” effect.

    Whether your hair cut is full and blunt, or wispy and soft, you can always use bangs to create a frame that helps you balance the features and proportions of your face. As a result, the rose gold hair color with cute bangs is an extraordinary option for the hair change you are planning to get the next time.

    20. Redheads With Rose Gold Hair

    similar to blondes, it is pretty easy for redheads to go with rose gold hair color without thinking much or going into a cumbersome process. Redheads already have warm and coppery tones within their hair due to which their roots will blend seamlessly with rose gold hair ends and highlights to look stunning as usual. By mixing pink with golden blonde, you can ask your colorist to form a shimmering and gorgeous rose gold effect which will definitely flatter your hair effortlessly to match your skin tone and the color of your eyes.

    21. Pink And Rose Gold Highlight

    If you wish to have a softer and more feminine look to match all the festivals, you should definitely go for pink and rose gold highlights to complement your hairstyle. these mesmerizing rose gold sections in your hair will tone down the pieces in a brighter pink shade or hue. If you wish to get a flattering finish along with this, you may ask the colorist to place the highlights in a better form so that they can frame your face to give a natural look to your hair. So, what are you waiting for? Try this one out and surprise everyone with your stunning appearance.

    22. Naturally Blonde With Rose Gold Hair

    Rose Gold Hair

    You know by now that it is very easy for naturally blonde people to embrace this rose gold shade and follow the trend effortlessly, not only the rose gold hair trend, it is quite easy for blondes to go with any hue without thinking much about the process online brunettes. Also, as your hair is on the lighter side of the hair spectrum, the colorist won’t have to use bleaching methods to add rose gold hair color or tones. Also, the one who has sandy blonde hair, it is more effortless for you to receive this hair hue into ends and even mid-lengths. This is probably going to add a richer and warmer hue to add the look overall.

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    23. Rich Rose Gold Hair Color

    If we talk about the hair scale, rich rose gold hair falls on a similar scale as warm rose gold hair and copper hues. The base of this color has the same undertones with small hints of golden blonde. However, the only difference between this shade with respect to the other two is the overtones. Rich rose gold includes a vibrant pink shade instead of muted natural shade. You will notice that the final result of this hue is gloriously intense shade but still wearable due to its shimmering style.

    24. Platinum Rose Gold Hair Color

    Not all people want vibrant colors for their hair, if you wish to have a delicate yet subtle rose gold option, you can always go for platinum rose gold color. It is quite similar to the pastel version or hue that is also in trend this year. It is probably a washed-out peachy pink type of version that blends softly when you have pale blonde locks in your hair. One of the easiest and quicker options for a rose gold hair color is to recreate the color at home using a semi-permanent or a permanent hair dye.

    25. Lilac, Pink, And Rose Gold Highlights

    Rose Gold Hair

    Want to give a unicorn vibe to your hair? You can easily combine rose gold highlights along with lilac and pink hue! This combination of beautiful hues is more of a soft and wearable trend to try on instead of going all rainbow. This is because the rose gold pieces make a perfect transitional type of shade that bridges the gap between the brighter and bolder side and forms more of natural color with simple blonde hair.

    26. Pastel Rose Gold Hair

    Rose Gold Hair

    Recently the pastel trend has gained a lot of popularity and is in trend. This is also among the most flattering hair colors with wearable options. This soft hue has a similar effect as the platinum blonde which is given above, If you want to attract all the attention in a crowd, just try this hue. It is subtle enough to wear for any occasion and would not vanish or wash out as quickly as some other hair colors do like green or deep red.

    27. Pastel Pink With Rose Gold Highlights

    Are you looking for a fresh take on the pastel pink type? You can always add rose gold colored lowlights. It is subtle yet alluring and the changes in hair color add a deeper depth to your hair type. This look will make you look sophisticated from a regular festival look. Also, the lowlights in rose gold hair add a richer tone that makes pastel pink more flattering when you are looking to color your hair for warmer months when you look for tanning.

    28. Rose Gold Hair With Orange Touch

    You can always try different hair colors to make major changes in your style, this is totally inspired by Kylie. Orange and rose gold is quite the same as pastel orange but has few subtle differences. It is even closer to the peach sorbet and strawberry blonde color with a shimmering finish rather than having a vibrant neon finish.

    The pink and blonde combination will give this color a different dimension with a softer look overall giving you those aesthetic 90s vibes. We all lowkey desire those vibes and long for those days, right? So, without waiting or thinking twice, you can always go for this hair color in rose gold hair hues.

    29. Natural Rich Blonde With Rose Gold Highlights

    Rose Gold Hair

    Natural rich or light blondes are also known as champagne blondes or light golden blondes are a perfect match for getting the rose gold hair highlights. In this hair type too, the colorist would not have to spend too much time bleaching your hair first with a pink hue or natural pale tresses.

    You can opt for either all-over rose gold hair or highlights as they are a stylish and quick way to try out different trends. Highlights possess less commitment, so you may first try highlighting your hair and then going full redhead or rose gold hair color. The result of this particular look is feminine and romantic which looks great on some people who love this finish.

    30. Metallic Rose Gold Hair

    If you are a bold lady who requires a statement look this year, there is no hairstyle and hair color that would suit you more other than this one. A metallic pixie cut with rose gold hair will work amazingly well for you. If you wish to, you may also go for a deeper yet more vibrant shade of this color that will add more of an edgy look. Meanwhile, the signature metallic look of this color has always been eye-catching. Also, an undercut or spiky style might add the finishing touch you always wanted, why not go for it then?

    31. Faded Rose Gold Bob

    Rose Gold Hair

    One of the most special things about rose gold hair other than how flattering it looks is that it fades out in the most amazing ways you could even think of. While other colors might appear dull or lifeless once they start fading out. faded rose gold hair color is nothing like that, it appears chic and stylish. Similar to the pastel rose gold and platinum rose gold, this color is subtle and soft, yet very gorgeous. Once you pair it with a bob, it becomes the trendiest hairstyle and hair color you could have.

    32. Chocolate Rose Gold Ombre

    Rose Gold Hair

    The meaning of Ombre in French is “shaded”. This word and hair color has gained immense popularity over the past few years. This is a perfect technique or way to blend darker and lighter hues together to form a seamless gradient. A gorgeous Ombre option you can try is using rose gold with chocolate, this is definitely great for warmer complexions and those people having golden undertones to their beautiful skin. Arising from the rich brunette zone, the colorists will blend the colors to give you a finish you always wanted for your hair.

    These were 32 amazing rose gold hair colors and how you can style them using different hair cuts and highlights as per your face, eyes, and complexions.

    Also, for those who are scared about the color getting accumulated on their skin, you can always use some of these amazing tips to get hair dye off your skin once you apply hair color.


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