Do you Get Cramps after Sex? Learn Why it Happens and How to Cure it

    Cramps After Sex: Do You Know the Details behind It?

    “Is it normal to have cramps after sex?”

    “Why am I feeling pain in my stomach after sex?”

    Often, such questions come to the doctors. Whether it is men or women cramps after sex is one of the most common hassles they face. And it is painful! Sexual intercourse should be the source of pleasure in your life. But due to such cramps, it gives a painful experience. And when it happens continuously, you may lose interest in having sex. Thus, problems arise in your sexual life.

    So, why do all these things happen? Why do you have cramps after sex? What are the reasons behind this pain after spending those pleasant moments? Although, sometimes it is said that pain is normal after sex it may actually hint at some severe problems. So, not always feeling pain is normal. Here, in this article, we will talk about this. Both men and women may feel cramps in their abdomen after sex. Here are the major reasons behind that. We hope it will help you to clear your doubts regarding it.

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    Why Cramps after Sex: The Reasons for Men

    Get over with the supposed male ego! Men feel pain too! There is a notion that when it comes to post-sex cramps, only women are the ones who suffer from it. But let me tell you, men too can get the cramp. Men with the problem of prostatitis can feel cramps in their abdomen. The prostate is one of the most important sexual organs in men. It is a small gland found in the low pelvis.

    It works as a source of ejaculating seminal fluid during sexual intercourse. Sometimes, at the time of intercourse or due to some health issues, the prostate gets inflammation. It may cause serious pain in the pelvic section. The inflammation may come gradually or all of a sudden. So, the pain also occurs accordingly. Also, erectile dysfunction and many other reasons may trigger the pain.

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    Cramps After Sex: The Reasons for Women

    Now, let’s come to the cases of women. If you ask me to name some of the most complicated things on earth, I will mention women’s abdomen first. Yes, it is one of the most complicated things with the ovaries, uterus, nerves, layers of intestines, etc. And therefore, pain is a frequent occurrence to them. So, women have to take care of themselves more than men.

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    Be it period or labor pain or pain after sex, women are susceptible to bear pain always. And due to this reason, it is always said that pain for women is normal. Often, women take cramps after sex as a normal phenomenon too. But let us tell you that not all of the cramps are normal. You may have to visit a gynecologist at the earliest if you feel cramps after the intercourse. Here, we will list down some of the major causes that may lead to severe pain after sex. Read and learn about them so that you can take action when you feel pain after sex.

    Ovulation: This is a common phenomenon that occurs every month. One of the ovaries grows an egg within a follicle. Just before the period, the follicle breaks down leaving the egg for fertilization. This period is known as the ovulation period. The duration for this period is usually 2 weeks. Having sex in this period may lead to severe pain in the abdomen. However, the pain may occur during intercourse as well.

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    Ovarian Cyst: It is nowadays quite common to see that women are suffering from cysts. Sometimes it becomes dangerous and sometimes it is not that much troublesome. But any kind of cyst may lead to discomfort or pain during or after sex. So, if you regularly feel pain after sex, you must visit a gynecologist to check if you have any cyst in your ovary or not. Do not worry! The cyst is curable! You just have to follow the doctor’s instructions and medications. Also, some diet charts should be followed.

    Fibroids: As we said women are prone to many different kinds of diseases. If she somehow fights back against the problem of cyst, the fibroid is the trouble that may disturb her to a great extent. It is a growth on the wall of the uterus. Although they are not cancerous, they may cause several discomforts like heavy menstrual bleeding and cramps after sex.

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    Vaginismus: It is a sexual health condition in which the muscles inside the vagina contract and leads to discomfort during penetration. Also, it may cause discomfort during a medical test or the time when someone uses tampoon. You may feel pain after intercourse if you have this health condition. Well, as per the specialists, it can be cured once you are free from anxiety, or restlessness. You may have to visit a therapist if you want it to be cured. Some special relaxation exercises can help the best in this matter.

    PID: Pelvic Inflammatory Disease or PID is another cause for which you may have irritation and pain after sex. It is a kind of disease in the female reproductive system. Sexually Transmitted Diseases like chlamydia or gonorrhea may cause such diseases. However, you can also get affected by the disease if an intrauterine device is inserted forcefully or in the wrong way.

    Endometriosis: It is a health condition in which tissues similar to the ones inside the uterus grow outside the uterus. In that case, you may feel pain after you get intimate with your partner. However, the other symptom of this disease is heavy menstrual bleeding, abdominal pain, etc.

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    Tilted Uterus: It is a senior one! And it asks for prompt medical attention. Some women have their uterus leaning backward. Normally, it should be tilted towards the front side. The medical term for the uterus tilted backward is the retroverted uterus. In such a case, when the penis is inserted it may put pressure on the uterus causing pain after the process is done.

    Deep Penetration: Not all of the causes for the cramps after sex are related to health conditions or the wrong position of the uterus. Sometimes, there are causes that you can easily avoid. For example, deep penetration can be a cause of pain. If your partner penetrates deeply with excessive vigor and force, it may cause pain after the intercourse is done. Especially if, it is against the cervix, the pain becomes severe. Also, it brings irritation. So, if you feel like deep penetration hurts you, talk to your partner and ask him to go slow. Pleasure comes with mutual understanding after all.

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    Except for all of these major causes, sometimes fungal infections inside the vagina may cause irritation and cramps after sex. Moreover, the reasons like urinary trouble, sexually transmitted diseases, emotional upheavals during intercourse may cause cramps.

    So, these are the possible causes that bring extreme pain and discomfort after the sexual intercourse is done. Now, let’s discuss how you can get rid of the painful condition. Also, we will shed light on how to prevent the cramp.

    Cramps After Sex: The Prevention and Cure

    Well, now as the root causes are in front of you, prevent them as far as possible. How to do it? Let us guide. For prevention, you can take some measures. Especially, women should think about prevention beforehand. Go to a specialist and have a routine check-up. It will help you to get to know if you have any cyst or fibroid in your abdomen or not. Also, discuss the comfortable positions with your partner. Thus, you can prevent cramps after sex to occur.

    Now, if by any chance it occurs, how do you cure it? Ok, let’s have few lines on it. Different kinds of cures are there for different causes. For example, if it is a cyst or fibroid-related cramp, you may have to go for the required medication or surgery. If you are suffering from any kind of infection, you may have to treat it with anti-biotics. For anxiety or any other psychological troubles, it is best to go to a therapist.

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    At the end of the day, it is always recommended to consult a specialist to cure the cramps or to know the remedies to prevent them. Now, if you are looking for the right time to see a doctor, let us tell you that even the minor signs should be treated properly. So, although the temporary cramps may go away without visiting the doctor, you must have a consultation to prevent further discomfort.

    Bottom the Line

    So, we hope it had helped you to know the reasons why you have those cramps inside your belly after you had sex. Let us know how you liked it. Also, you can share your valuable knowledge regarding it, if we have missed it by any chance. Welcome to the comment box! Well, by the way, if you are interested to know how to get over-the-counter viagra, you may click here. Have a healthy life ahead!


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