Oil Slick Hair: 7 Amazing Ideas

    Wondering how to make your hair look more stylish? No worries. There is nothing more stylish than getting oil slick hair. Oil slick hair, also known as oil spill hair, is a phenomenal hair coloring technique introduced to the fashion world by Aura Friedman, a celebrity hair colorist.

    The literal meaning oil slick means “ layer of oil floating on the surface of the water”. This trend is named “oil slick hair” as it resembles the rainbow effect created by the oil slicks on water. If you are a brunette, then this trend is definitely meant for you. People with naturally dark hair often assume that they cannot carry the bright colors well, in their hair, without bleaching.

    Fortunately, to attain oil slick hair zero bleaching is needed. At first, in this technique, only the colors like magenta, cobalt blue, malachite green, purple etc. were used. As days passed by, fashionistas began to experiment with this technique with other colors as well and the results were simply outstanding.


    Trendy Ideas For You To Try

    The following trends listed below will make you choose the oil slick hair as one of your summer/spring goals.


    The peacock feather look

    Everybody loves how colorful and metallic peacock feathers are to look at. Imagine recreating that effect on your hair. It not only looks luminous but also elegant at the same time. This iridescent effect can be achieved by choosing vibrant colors like lime green, denim blue, purple etc.

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    oil slick hair

    Unicorn effect

    There aren’t any effects as cute as the unicorn effect. Literally, every girl loves the unicorn effect and surprisingly, it looks great on your hair too. The look totally depends upon the colors you choose. There is a wide spectrum of colors available to attain the desired unicorn effect on your hair.

    The colors include fuchsia pink, pastel yellow, turquoise blue, Kelly green etc. The unicorn effect will definitely make a great summer look and it goes great with types of denim and white tees. If you have dark hair, then the hues have to be chosen wisely.

    oil slick hair

    Autumn effect

    Yes. You’re right! Autumn effect on air is trendy too. Autumn inspired oil slick hair can be attained by choosing bold and comforting colors like maple syrup, deep magenta, burnt orange etc. A tinge of forest green hue in some of the hair strands can really top the already existing look. This fall inspired oil slick hair is suitable for both long and short wavy hairs.

    oil slick hair

    Go aqua

    Aqua blue is one of many people’s favorite colors. Aqua blue can be combined with bubble gum pink and icy green to get an overall Ombre look. Also, it can be combined with a platinum hue to make it more simple.

    oil slick hair

    Metallic effect

    The metallic effect is not only meant for nails and eyeshadow but also for hair makeovers as well. Metallic effect on oil slick hair can be achieved by choosing colors like copper brown, purple sequin, brushed silver etc. These metallic colors should be used only on very few strands to get the desired oil slick hair. If used on every strand, it looks monochromatic and less colorful.

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    oil slick hair

    Lavender effect

    Lavender is the color of purity and tranquility. It gives luscious vibes and is very comforting to look at. Lavender dye is used to color hair as well. It can be combined with various colors like smoky grey, silver, dark purple etc. It goes well with blue types of denim. It is more of a spring-type color and so it can be chosen while wearing elegant dresses.

    The one negative point of this is that it does not go with every costume you wear. Often people confuse it with lilac. Lilac is even warmer and lighter than lavender hue. The interesting note about choosing a lavender theme is that it looks good both on straight as well as curly hairs.

    If you don’t like to use it in the upper part of your hair, you can always choose to dye just the tip of your hair. Anyways, always make sure that you combine lavender themes with suitable colors or else it could turn into a disaster.

    oil slick hair

    Lime yellow

    Lime yellow babylights can be applied to a few of the strands of your hair if you want an even more stylish oil slick look. Colors like hazelnut nut brown, sequin pink etc. can be used with it as they can give a contrasting touch to your hair.

    oil slick hair

    Frequently asked questions

    Q. How much does oil slick hair cost?

    Ans. It varies from stylist to stylist. It also depends upon the color you choose. It is a bit costly as it involves a variety of colors and also patience. Anyways, the overall look you get after grooming is all worth the money.

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    Q. How often should you shampoo after getting oil slick hair?

    Ans. If you need to preserve the color and the overall look, you need to shampoo your hair as little as possible. Washing your hair twice a week is advisable.

    Q. Is it okay to oil your hair after getting it dyed?

    Ans. Yes. It is good to use oils like coconut oil and olive oil in your hair as it reduces the irritation caused due to the dye. However, using hot oil is not recommended.

    Q. What are some of the trends recommended for curly hairs?

    Ans. The oil slick trend looks good on both straight as well as curly hair. Rainbow effect, metallic effect, malachite green hue etc. are some of the ideas for curly hair.



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