Learn How To Solve The Issue Of GBoard Not Working: A Concise And Effective Guide!

    Gboard has been a default keyboard that is available for mobile phone users for many Android and IOS users. Although the issue of Gboard not working is also pretty commonly faced by frequent Gboard users.

    Gboard effortlessly integrates with numerous Google Products and Services such as translate, search, and maps and will serve as an overwhelming option. While it remains the best on the list, users have complained that they are unable to use Gboard on their phones a lot of times and the issue of Gboard not working is pretty common.

    Let’s dive further into the details of the issue of Gboard not working. This simple and short guide can help you to fix or troubleshoot the Gboard application on your Android or IOS device and permanently fix the issue of Gboard not working.


    Sometimes, the Gboard works fine after restarting the device and you will not face the issue of Gboard not working. Choose the power button and press reboot to restart the Android phone.

    Gboard Not Working On Android

    Select the power button and click on the reboot button to restart the Android phone. It works fine after the device is restarted and hopefully the issue of Gboard not working will be resolved.

    Uninstall Gboard


    It is known that applications do send regular updates for numerous reasons like security, patches, bug fixes, new upgrades, and many more. It can also result in incompatibility problems. There is a probability where a new update can affect the functioning of your app. You must navigate to Settings and select Apps.

    Then you need to search for Gboard and select it. Choose the three vertical dots present at the upper right end of the phone screen. Uninstall updates option can be found here and you need to perform this action further. Check out the steps for uninstalling updates:

    • Go to Settings
    • Tap on Apps
    • Find Gboard and tap on it
    • Tap on the 3-dot menu that is located on the upper right corner
    • Choose Uninstall updates.
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    Clear Cache:

    Generally, Cache lets your apps work and answer sooner by storing programs and data it operates incessantly on the local machine. In certain cases, new updates will get rolled out. However, the app is involved in operating the cache memory which leads to in-app crashes and conflicts. Navigate to the Settings and select Apps. Scroll till you see the Gboard and select that. Within the application, select Storage to show cache data information.

    Pick the Clear Cache option to clear out the cache memory. It will force the application to move rationalized and new data from the server. Please find the steps for clear Cache:

    • Go to Settings
    • Click on Apps
    • Find Gboard and tap on it
    • Select Storage
    • Tap on Clear Cache.
    Gboard not working
    Gboard not working Fix

    Enable your Gboard Keyboard:

    It is an additional old trick that works competently. When you are downloading and installing a new keyboard application, guarantee to empower the app in the settings. Navigate to settings. Then you have to select language and input. Select the current keyboard.

    You can check the virtual keyboard according to your phone model. Then you have to select ‘Choose keyboards’ in the pop-up menu to view all the keyboard applications you have installed. Enable the Gboard app only and see whether it is working properly now. Steps to Enable Gboard:

    • Go to Settings
    • Language & input
    • Tap on Existing Keyboard
    • Choose Keyboard
    • Deactivate all keyboards except Gboard.


    It is not a suggested option for fixing the issue of Gbord not working. But you can select this option at the end. If you see that nothing is working out, you can accomplish this action. Navigate to settings. Choose Backup and reset. Within this option, you would see choices associated with it. By default, entire app data and settings get backed up. Now choose to reset all data. Now, all data is erased on the phone. Reinstate the information and see if the Gboard is functioning now.

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    Force Stop:

    Sometimes a meager force stop can make the app behave properly, but occasionally you need to eliminate the app and install it again to make it work properly again. Try force stop in the app first and if it doesn’t work, reinstall the app. The steps for Force Stop of the app:

    • Go to Settings
    • Apps > Gboard
    • Tap on Force Stop. Tap on OK to confirm. See if the app is working appropriately after launching it again.
    • If not, you have to uninstall the app. Go to Apps > Gboard
    • Choose Storage > Clear Data > go back >Click on Uninstall > and tap on OK to authorize.

    If you are an iPhone and iPad with iOS user, follow the below steps:

    If you wish to restore Gboard and fix the issue of Gboard not working, follow the below steps:

    On your iPhone or iPad, open any app like Gmail.Tap the place when you can enter text.

    At the bottom of your keyboard, touch the Gboard.

    Fix “null” next to “Gboard”

    When you update your version of Gboard, you may see “null” in your keyboard list. To work the issue, remove Gboard from your list, and then you can add it again.

    On your iPhone or iPad, open Settings.

    Tap on the General option.Tap Keyboard and at the top right, tap Edit.

    Next to “Gboard,” click on Remove.

    Tap Delete and then it is done.

    Tap Add a new keyboard and then Gboard.

    If it doesn’t work, try recommencing the iPhone or iPad.

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    If you wish to add Gboard back to your keyboard list when you update Gboard, it could vanish from your keyboard list. To add it back, you need to follow these steps:

    On your iPhone or iPad, open Settings and click on General. Then click on Keyboards and Click on Add Gboard.

    With the help of this short and simple guide, you can apply for troubleshooting and fix the issue of Gboard app and Gboard not working on your Android device.

    If you want to read more of such tutorials, hover through our “Tutorials” section. You can also read about how to solve the issue of Windows Modules Not Working!


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