WandaVision Episode 7 introduces the big and scary villain

    As WandaVision nears its season finale, MCU is prepping the audience with one of the greatest villains. With only two episodes away from the big finale, WandaVision Episode 7 was a gripping episode with lots of twists and turns. Let’s dive inside this salacious episode to find out the fate of grieving Wanda.

    A Little Recap

    Till now, we’ve seen that Wanda has gone out of her way to save Vision and her children. She has created an alternate world to soothe her pain. In the last Halloween Episode, a suspicious Vision breaks free of Wanda’s magic and learns the truth about Westview. While crossing the energy barrier, Vision nearly kills himself. To save him, Wanda summons all her powers and expands the barrier of the field. Darcy and other S.W.O.R.D agents get swooped in and turn into clowns.

    Analysis of WandaVision Episode 7

    From the very beginning of WandaVision Episode 7, something feels off. Wanda keeps tossing and turning in bed as she recalls the events of last night. She is overcome with perplexing thoughts as she was forced to expand the barrier. Tommy and Billy are worried about their mother’s mental health. Wanda keeps on reassuring them that she just needs to rest her eyes. This episode takes a mockumentary take on the whole setup as we’ve seen in Modern Family, The Office, etc., where people directly communicate with a third party to express their emotions.

    WandaVision Episode 7

    This is the first time the audience sees a very confused Wanda. She has no idea what is going on around her. The kids and her can see the glitches surrounding them. No matter how many times Wanda tries to fix the glitches, they return.

    Wanda tells the interviewer that maybe it’s just a Monday thing. When the kids ask about Pietro’s remark regarding re-killing Daddy, Wanda tells them not to trust that man as he is not their uncle. She also tries to make them understand that they have a lot of questions. As a mother, she is bound to answer them, but unfortunately, she is clueless. Wanda’s helplessness and vulnerability can be noticed in this episode right from the beginning.

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    Agnes drops by and notices the chaos that runs in Wanda’s household. She takes the children away to give Wanda some “me” time. She promises them that she has never bitten a kid. Sounds ominous, right? In the meantime, in the temporary base set up of S.W.O.R.D, Hayward is launching his mission against Wanda. The episode doesn’t give much out here regarding Hayward’s secret mission. Perhaps, this is the premise for the finale.

    Jimmy and Monica figure out Hayward’s ulterior motive though. Hayward was trying to bring back Vision to life, against his wish. Hayward is a hypocrite who painted Wanda as the nefarious villain for bringing Vision back to life, though he wanted it. He is launching an attack against Westview to get back his sentient weapon.

    Monica contacts one of her oldest friends and gets the strongest Space Rover to get inside the field. She wants to warn Wanda about the bigger play of Hayward. However, when she tries to get in, her strongest Space Rover gets tossed in the air. It can barely touch the field, and immediately, its code gets rewritten. A determined Monica puts her life at stake as she decides to go through the field once again despite all of Darcy and Jimmy’s warnings.

    The audience gets a glimpse of the layers inside the wall and how it started changing Monica. All of her past selves emerged and started breaking her into pieces. However, she reminded herself about her mother and how she believed in her. When Monica finally got through the barrier, her cells weren’t rewritten. Her strong mindset and determination kept her intact but now, she is blessed with powers. Her eyes started glowing blue. Perhaps the Hex recognised her strength and blessed her with a power that matched her mindset and honour code.

    Vision wakes up in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by a circus troop. He is surprised by the fact that he is alive. Immediately, he notices Darci who has taken the shape of an escapist. The circus owner continuously urges them to get on stage. Darci, at first, doesn’t recognise Vision as she keeps on playing her role. Vision brings her back to reality using his powers.

    Darci finally admits that she had always wanted to be a part of this show as a guest star but, that didn’t feel like she had hoped. Both of them escape in a van. Darci tells Vision all the truth about his existence. Vision now knows everything about Jarvis, Ultron, Avengers, Thanos, Time Stone, etc., Darci explains to him how Wanda had to watch him die again and again, which resulted in this mess. Darci assures Vision that in spite of this make believe world, the love that Vision and Wanda shares is real. Vision realises that he needs to talk with Wanda and solve this crisis.

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    Billy and Tommy are having a nice time in Agnes’s place. All of a sudden, things turn gloomy when Billy senses that things are very quiet inside Agnes’s soul. How can a telepath fail to read emotions? What can this possibly mean?

    WandaVision Episode 7
    Billy and Tommy with Agatha in WandaVision Episode 7

    Meanwhile, Monica reaches Wanda’s place. Wanda is almost ready to blast her off again when Monica lands on her feet by using her powers. She talks about how hard it is when you lose someone so close. No matter how much you want the pain to go away, it stays there. Wanda is not the terrorist or the villain that Hayward wants to portray. She is an innocent victim of a grand scheme.

    At this moment, nosy neighbour Agnes swoops in and takes Wanda back to her place. Wanda notices that something is off in her household. When she asks about the twins, Agnes tells her that they might be in the basement. Wanda goes to the basement, only to find out that it is a creepy hallway full of trees and branches that radiate purple energy. Inside all that, is a book sealed by magic. Agnes comes in and introduces her real self as Agatha Harkness. Wanda isn’t the only one in a town blessed with magic.

    WandaVision Episode 7
    Agatha Harkness in WandaVision Episode 7.

    All About Agatha

    From the beginning, the audience suspected that Agnes might be Agatha Harkness, the original witch, a confidante of Mephisto. WandaVision Episode 7 finally unmasks the villain. In a song called “Agatha All Along”, Agnes reveals how she is responsible for all the wrongdoings in Westview. She wasn’t a part of an alternate reality. She flew in and changed her attire, and fit in the scenario.

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    WandaVision Episode 7
    Agatha Harkness interviewing Wanda in WandaVision Episode 7.

    She is behind the disastrous magical show in episode 2, brainwashing Danny in Episode 3, she brought back Pietro to life and pretended to tell Vision about the Avengers. She was the one interviewing Wanda in this episode and filling her mind with all the doubts. She also killed Sparky, Tommy, and Billy’s dog. The episode ends with Agnes taking over Wanda’s mind as Wanda’s eyes turn purple.

    Nexus Commercial

    In all the episodes so far, MCU has introduced a commercial to set a premise of the mental scenario of Wanda. WandaVision Episode 7 is no different. Nexus Commercial talks about a pill one should take to cure depression and come to terms with reality. It can make you feel your emotions and be depressed as it breaks through the barrier that your mind has built. The world doesn’t revolve around you, or does it? This commercial gives away the mental condition of Wanda. She has been having a hard time adjusting to reality. Her grieving mind didn’t understand what’s going on. Now that she has expanded the boundary and her power is failing, she is losing control over the barrier.

    Post Credit Scene

    Marvel has always delighted the fans with a sneaky post-credit scene in the past. This is the first time we saw a post-credit scene in this series. Monica got suspicious of Agnes and followed her to her house. She found a back door, and on opening that, she saw purple glowing branches, something similar to what Wanda saw earlier. At that moment, Pietro sneaks up on Monica, and her blue eyes also turn purple.

    WandaVision Episode 7
    Post Credit Scene in WandaVision Episode 7.

    If everyone in town is being controlled by Agatha, only Darci and Vision can save them. Agatha’s appearance also opens up the door for the multiverse where Wanda is supposed to team up with Doctor Strange. WandaVision Episode 7 has been the most appealing and jaw-dropping episode so far. The disappearance of the twins, Vision learning the truth, Monica gaining powers, Wanda being controlled, and finally, Agatha’s long-awaited arrival made this episode full of flavours.

    Here is a glimpse of Wanda after WandaVision Episode 7 and what’s about to come next –

    Can Wanda break free from Agatha’s spells to save her kids? Can Vision finally get out of the Hex? While you wait for the finale, check out the new The Falcon and The Winter Soldier trailer –


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