7 Best Router Table for the Perfect Workshop [Buyer’s Guide + Reviews]

    Best Router Table – Have you been looking for the best router table to amp up your workspace or start your woodworking project? Here is a compiled list of the best router table 2021 and how to find the table that perfectly suits your needs.

    In 1915, Oscar Onsrud and his son Rudy invented the first-ever handheld router. It operated using compressed air at 30,000 RPM. The router has undergone many designs and technical changes over the past 100 years. It is now one of the most common tools used by professionals of woodworking. A router table is a stationary machine with a spindle rotating at high speed attached at the center.

    Routers are very versatile as they help to create unique shapes in wood and dig indents and grooves. A router table is a must-have if you want to use your router effectively and safely. When a router is fitted to a router table, you can use both hands to design the woodcuts while guiding it along. It increases the accuracy as well as safety of the process.

    A router table allows you to turn the router upside down and mount it on the table. This increases functionality without the use of another power tool. Handheld routers are heavy and limit you to use them only on stationary workpieces. A router table frees up your hand to control the workpiece instead of the router. You can now achieve various tasks like molding, planing the boards’ edges, and designing freehand cuts.

    Choosing the best router table from over 300 available options can be quite a daunting task, as you need to look at the features, quality, and design to choose the right one. The material has a knock-on effect. A metal base reduces vibrations, while MDF provides a sturdy, long-lasting surface. The material of the adjusters should also be of high quality.

    Best Router Table – Buyer’s Guide

    While deciding the best router table 2021 for a professional environment or simply for a pet project, you will come across numerous choices with different features and functionalities. This Buyer’s Guide can help you select the best router table that will cater to your needs by narrowing down what’s important.

    Size of the table

    Router tables come in various sizes- ranging from large to small and have dual extensions, which can further increase the space’s size. The work surface can range from 22 inches by 16 inches to 36 inches by 24 inches. The bigger tables do cost more, but they provide better support for wider boards (6 to 8 feet long).

    The router table’s size is directly proportional to the size of the workpiece that you work with on that table. Whether you are just starting out in woodworking or are already a professional, the router table should be large enough to hold the wood pieces secure while using the router saw.

    Freestanding vs. Benchtop

    Freestanding tables usually have a size of 32 inches long by 24 inches wide, giving it large worktops to accommodate larger and wider boards. They also have a sturdy base, but these features are put together to make the freestanding router table heavier and difficult to transport. Freestanding router tables are preferred over benchtop models by most woodworkers.

    On the other hand, benchtop router tables are smaller (24 inches long by 16 inches wide). They have a smaller work surface which reduces the size of the boards that it can accommodate. One also needs a workbench and the router table as benchtop tables are not as stable as freestanding ones. The upside is that the smaller size makes it portable as it weighs less.

    Dust Collection System

    On continuous use of the router, it will gradually collect dust and small wood chips. These will get in your way while you work as they both clutter your space and get into your line of sight. So you should look for a dust collection system while purchasing a router table, which prevents the machine from clotting on regular use. The system can be connected to a collection system hose using an adapter to clean up the debris and make work a lot smoother.


    The material used to make the router table is crucial as it plays a role in deciding the cost and durability of the table. The most popular material is MDF- Medium-density fibreboard. The top is at least one inch thick and very rigid, making it a good woodworking surface. MDF tops are coated with melamine to protect the wood as exposed MDF soaks up water and puffs up.

    MDF tables also come with HPL (high-pressure laminate), which provides extra layers of protective resins to the melamine coating. HPL on both sides of the table helps the work table to stay flattered for a longer period.

    Better material than MDF would be Phenolic resin, and they come in one of the most expensive router tables. Phenolic resin is thinner than MDF but provides better longevity to the table while protecting it from water.

    Metal router tables are also available and are a part of the high-end section of router tables. Cast aluminum helps worktops maintain their shape, while cast iron ensures a flat and stable work surface. They constitute the pro shop router tables.

    Compatibility with routers

    The best router table would be the one that can work with different brands of routers. But this leads to limitations. Router tables come with insert plates that need to be matched with routers. All-in-one insert plates are available, but they decrease the structural integrity of the model. This is because more holes have been dug in the plate to make it compatible with a large variety of routers while also increase dust accommodation. You need to make sure of the compatibility of your table and router while purchasing them.

    Mounting Plate

    A mounting plate is a base plate in a router table that can be attached to the router. A solid and sturdy material like phenolic resin or aluminum needs to be used to construct these plates. The plates must support the router’s entire weight, remain flat, and be compatible with the router. The mounting plates will also have holes that can align perfectly with the holes present on the router. If these materials are not used, the plate could bend and destroy the level cutting surface.

    The router table should also have a plate leveling system with a minimum of four leveling screws. This system will help fit the plate to the router table. The mounting plate should also be easy to install into the router table so that the router can also be used without the table.

    A router table should be stable enough to make fine cuts and construct both small and large signs with the help of a good insert plate.

    Miter and T-Slots

    A T-slot on the surface of a router table assists in using a miter and other parts. It is a long groove found across the entire length of the table. The miter gauge is used to hold workpieces at virtually any angle using an adjustable fence while they are being cut. The gauge can be attached to a T-slot using a metal guide. Commonly, most of the work is done using a fence on the router table.

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    A fence acts as a solid surface against which workpieces are pushed as precise cuts are being made. They need to be sturdy in nature and thus are made of either wood or metal. The material that a person is working with is guided through the router blade and pushed against the fence.

    Fences come in two varieties: split fences and single fences. Two-piece fences allow the user to execute complicated cuts by setting infeed at a different level compared to the outside. But at the same time, it can become difficult to align this split fence for regular cuts. In single fences, alignment issue vanishes as it one solid piece of wood or metal from infeed to outfeed.

    Additional Features

    These features can add to the functionality and storage of the router table. Storage bins can be built into the router table. Accessories like miter gauges, extra-base plates can now be stored within easy reach. Exhaust ports can also be fitted in. A hose can be attached to it to clean sawdust from the table.

    Router lifts help to adjust the height of the table and make lift handles easier. These can be purchased as add-ons and when required.


    Choose a product from a well-known brand made using sturdy and the above-prescribed materials. Find a product covered by full warranties as more damage will be covered under it. Make sure that the warranty lasts at least a few months. Price points are present all over the router table, so a warranty is very important.


    Set up the router table on a flat and solid floor to prevent any kind of movement while routing. It can be very dangerous as a router can penetrate skin and muscle while rotating at high speed. The router table should be set up properly with the workpiece locked in tight. Slipping of material should be prevented.

    The use of a router leads to a large amount of wood dust in the air. It can cause serious long-term lung diseases by clogging it. Safety goggles are a must as flying debris out of the router could damage the cornea. If you are using routers for long periods of time, use earmuffs to prevent damage to your hearing. Thus, correct PPE is a must before starting out to prevent long-term symptoms.

    Types of Router Tables

    Router tables are made to match the skill set and needs of the woodworker. Some of the popular types available in the market are:

    1. Benchtop table- One of the most versatile types available, with brands such as Kreg and Bosch. They are light and portable and equipped with an aluminum fence, adjustable MDF plates, built-in cord, starter pin, and guard.
    2. Floor standing table- They are easy to mount, are portable, take less floor space, and have useful features making them quite popular.
    3. Extension table- if your workspace has less space, this is able to go for. It has built-in features like measuring tape, wooden frame, split fence, safety guard, aluminum-made T-track slots, and router.

    7 Best Router Table with Reviews

    #1 Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181


    Product Dimensions 22.75x27x14.5 inches
    Materials Aluminum
    Finish Type Clear-Coated Aluminum Top
    Weight 30 pounds
    Customer Ratings 4.6 out of 5 stars

    Are you looking for the Best Router Table? Get the Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181 on Amazon and conduct your workshop effortlessly. The Clear Coated Aluminum Top benefits you by providing an extra work area.

    The benchtop table design of Table RA1181 by Bosch makes it worth every penny. The durability of the product makes it the Best Router Table 2021. Thanks to the above table-height adjustment, anyone can use this product effortlessly.

    Purchasing this product will be worth the investment. Its 30 pounds weight makes it easier to carry and move according to your requirement. Keeping your work area clean isn’t going to be a hassle because of its dust collection port, making it the Best Router Table.

    Fitted with a standard 2-½ inch vacuum hose, the Best Router Table benefits you in all aspects. Get the product and have a clean and tidy workspace. The hoses allow you to have a debris-free operation.

    Storing the power cord isn’t going to be a hassle with this Best Router Table 2021. The cord-wrap-storage allows you to store the 6-foot power cord. By getting this Best Router Table, you won’t have to worry about the wire getting tangled.

    Despite being an initial user, you can get additional guidance and kickback protection. The ¾ inch optional accessories such as miter gauge adds up to its efficiency. Store the router accessories in the storage pocket.

    The Best Router Table is equipped with mounting hardware. To ensure your effortless experience, the makers have routed the starter pin and guard for routing curved workpieces. This versatile piece is ideal for any woodworking shop.

    Portability is going to be the least of your worry with the Bosch RA1181. The Best Router Table 2021 is engineered by experts to make it an indispensable part of workshops. The 2 outfeed shims and the power cord lock allow you to use the product with utmost convenience.

    The 3 Mounting Plate Insert Rings and the 1 Hardware for Mounting routers will be ideal for any beginner. It comes with amazing packaging and a detailed instruction manual. To make the best use of the Best Router Table, adhere to the instruction.


    ● Ideal for workshops.

    ● Lightweight.

    ● Adjustable Featherboards.

    ● Convenient Storage.

    ● Ajustable MDF face plates.


    ● Tabletop might not be convenient.

    Get on Amazon.

    #2 KREG Precision Router Table System


    Product Dimensions 37.48×25.51×36.5 inches
    Materials Metal
    Finish Type
    Weight 69.9 pounds
    Amazon Ratings 4.6 out of 5 stars


    Conducting a workshop isn’t going to be a hassle with the Best Router Table. Get the KREG Precision Router Table System and have an amazing work experience. With an Amazon rating of 4.6 stars, this router table is surely living up to its expectations.

    With a tabletop of 24” x 32”, Kreg’s router table allows you to work effortlessly. Equipped with the 3-molded Level-loc reducing rings, the Best Router Table benefits you in all aspects. Investing in this product will definitely make your work 10 times easier.

    Featured with a 36” T-square router table fence, this Best Router Table 2021 by Kreg is easier to work with. The fence uses an L-shaped aluminum extrusion with 2 fully independent fence faces. Easy assembly and a host of added features make it the Best Router Table 2021.

    Engineered with a reliable router insert plate, mounting to any router can be hassle-free. The Precision Router Table Top is made from MDF covered in Easy-Slide Micro-dot high-pressure laminate. To add more usable space, the outfeed anchor has been redesigned by the experts.

    The durability of the Best Router Table isn’t going to be a worry. The removable multi-purpose steel stand is adjustable from 31” to 39”. Hence to make the most of the Best Router Table, adjust the steel stand as per convenience.

    Thanks to the Router Table Face with a stand and Table Top, working on a workshop has become an effortless task. If you are looking for the Best Router Table 2021, this router table can be your product. By using it properly, you can do any task in your workshop without any problem.

    Unlike several other Best Router Tables, this router table on Amazon has a flat surface. Having a flat surface top will make it more comfortable for you to do your work. Experts design in a manner that can work with a wide variety of accessories.

    Equipped with 2 joint rods, getting this product will be a boon for you. If you are new to this and you do not know how to use it, you can get help from their user manual. The detailed user manual allows everyone to make the best use of it, making it the Best Router Table.

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    ● Lightweight.

    ● Easy to use.

    ● Adjustable.

    ● Flat Table Top.

    ● Perfect size.


    ● The package does not include the four-piece Casters set.

    Buy on Amazon

    #3 Bosch Cabinet Style Router Table


    Product Dimension 15.88×25.5×18 inches
    Material Type Aluminum
    Finish Type
    Weight 35 pounds
    Amazon Ratings 4.5 out of 5 stars


    The Bosch Cabinet Style Router Table will be your life savior if you are looking for the Best Router Table. Investing in this router table will benefit you in all aspects. The tall aluminum fence measuring 4 ⅞ inch x 25 ⅛ inch can handle tall stock with ease.

    To add up to the great customer experience, the makes have equipped the Best Router Table with adjustable MDF faceplates. The MDF face plates allow you to have a smoother operation. Get the cabinet-style router by Bosch and work with the taller workpieces effortlessly.

    Designed in the best possible way, the makers have made sure that the outfeed can be offset for jointing. The rigid aluminum router mounting plate stays flat, adding up to the product’s accuracy. With a rating of 4.5 stars, the Best Router Table on amazon is definitely worth the purchase.

    It is pre-drilled to add a variety of routers, making it the best router table 2021. If you are looking for a table router that is multifunctional, then investing in this product will be your best choice. To make it more convenient for the users, they have added 2 feather boards that are attached to the fence and router table.

    If you are worried about its safety measures, then you are advised not to sweat on it. The company has made sure to provide it with additional guidance and protection against kickback. The accessory slot accepts additional feather boards and ¾ inch optional accessories such as a miter gauge.

    Engineered as a cabinet style, the Best Router Table is equipped with 2 dust collection ports. Thanks to the dust collection ports, it gets easier for you to remove any job site dust and debris. You can fit 2 ½ inch vacuum hoses in the dust collection ports, making it an ideal router table for your workshop.

    Featuring the Best Router Table with a dual outlet switch with 6 feet power cord, the company has prioritized your convenience. You will get a benchtop router table, aluminum router mounting plate, 3x mounting plate rings, mounting hardware, and 2x outfeed fence shims in the package.

    You will also get an adjustable clear guard and a starter pin and guard. Hence investing in this Best Router Table will definitely favor you.


    ● Lightweight.

    ● Easy To use.

    ● Adjustable.

    ● Flat Table Top

    ● Durable.


    ● The work surface and weight difference might not sit well with users.

    Purchase on Amazon.

    #4 Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table


    Product Dimension 19.25x30x4.75 inches
    Material Type Engineer wood
    Finish Type
    Weight 26.1 pounds
    Amazon Review 4.5 out of 5 stars

    Do you want to purchase the Best Router Table? Are you confused among the several products on Amazon? Get the Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table and have an effortless work life.

    Made with top industrial quality material, the Best Router Table is ideal for your workshop in all aspects. With a weight of 26.1 pounds, shifting it according to your preference will be more comfortable. The vertical jointing and the new cam clamps add up to its versatility.

    Thanks to the tabletop made from an edge-banded vibration and noise-resistant MDF, the router table by KREG is perfect for your work. The easy-slide-micro-dot-skin allows you to slide workpieces across the surface quickly. The high-pressure laminate makes it the Best Router Table 2021.

    Supporting the biggest routers is not going to be your worst nightmare. The precision router table insert plate measures ⅜” x 9-¼” x 11-¾” making it the ideal router table. Featured with the Kreg Level Loc reducing rings, the router table is going to be the perfect addition to your workshop.

    The rings twist into place and lock in flush with the plate surface every time. The inclusion of the 3 level loc rings makes it worth the purchase. You won’t feel anything while working because of the vibration dampening rubber feet.

    Combining a noise-absorbing MDF with a rigid steel base, the makers have ensured that you will have a quiet working environment. Unlike several other Best Router Table for workshops, this product by Kreg has independent sliding faces.

    The Best Router Table 2021 is made with a heavy-duty aluminum fence to make it easier to use. The heavy-duty aluminum fence has quarter-turn locking favors for quick fence adjustment and confident locking. To ease your experience, the makers have made sure that the full-featured fenced is sized conveniently.

    Investing in this product will allow you easy routing. With a tabletop of 16” x 24”, there is little to no chance of you having any complaints. Router noise gets reduced with its open design.

    To make the most out of the Best Router Table, you can adhere to the instruction manual. IIf you are looking for the Best Router Table 2021, then go for this product and make your work-life simpler.


    ● Durable.

    ● Lightweight.

    ● Convenient Tabletop.

    ● Easy to use.

    ● Great price.


    ● Customer service might not be up to the mark.

    Get on Amazon

    #5 Skil RAS900 Router Table


    Product Dimensions 28×9.25×17.75 inches
    Material Type
    Finish Type
    Weight 31.7 pounds
    Amazon Ratings 4.3 out of 5 stars


    The Skil RAS900 Router Table is going to be the perfect addition to your workshop if you are searching for the Best Router Table. With a rating of 4.3 stars, it is clear that the brand stands to its claim. Get this router table from amazon and have an efficient workshop.

    Accurate routing of your workpiece is going to be the least of your worries. With Skil’s Best Router Table, you get an accessory storage bag and a laminated MDF top. Thanks to the 2 feather boards help, working on the router table gets easier.

    To make it the Best Router Table 2021, the makers have enabled the product with a height gauge. The height gauge allows you to simplify the setup. This feature adds up to the accuracy of the Best Router Table.

    The self-contained structure provides storage for the necessary parts like the fence and router bits. The RAS900 is equipped with a quick-release router mount making it the best Router Table.

    Setting up the entire package isn’t going to be effortless. The package comes with an efficient folding design. Minimal efforts are required to set up the table and unfold it when not used.

    Thanks to its stability, purchasing this Best Router Table is worth the money. It comes with a detailed manual and 2 containers, including a clamp system.

    With a weight of 37.1 pounds, it is easier to shift it according to your preference.

    If you want to add some great products to your workshop, this is the Best Router Table you can add. At the price of $139, this product serves all its purpose and helps you to have a comfortable experience.

    Equipped with a starter pin and guard, the Best Router Table helps you to support the work-piece. You can route the curved edges without any inconvenience with this router table by Skil. You just have to work with it carefully and follow the instruction manual.

    Get this Best Router Table 2021 and start router mounting with easy bit changes. With this product, you will require no leveling making your work easier. Adding this product to your workshop is definitely a boon, and you shouldn’t hesitate while spending your money on this router table.

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    ● Easy to use.

    ● Lightweight.

    ● Affordable.

    ● Adjustable.

    ● Ideal for any workshop.


    ● It might not be durable.

    Purchase on Amazon

    #6 Leegol Electric Benchtop Router Table

    Best Router Table

    Product Dimensions 20x14x12 inches
    Material Type
    Finish Type
    Weight 32.3 pounds
    Amazon Ratings 3.9 out of 5 stars

    Are you looking for the Best Router Table? Well, stop browsing through multiple sites and give the Leegol Electric Benchtop Router Table a go. At a price of $149.99, this product definitely offers a huge deal.

    The main table of the Best Router Table is perfect for you to work on. It provides an additional workspace which just adds up to its efficiency. You can get this router table by Leegol Electric and have a great workshop.

    Besides the maintainable, the best router table 2021 is equipped with an extension table. To make your work easier, the makers have made sure that the extension table at both ends is of an extra-large size. With a size of 8” x 18”, the extension table offers you a huge deal.

    While purchasing the Best Router Table, the main thing which everyone worries about is the dust collection. Dust collection can quite be a task if the router table isn’t equipped with a proper dust collector. Thanks to the Leegol Electric company, they have ensured that the router table is powered with an amazing dust collector so that the user will have a comfortable experience.

    Engineered by experts, this best router table has a 6-inch diameter base plate. The diameter base plate of the router table will allow you to use it without any hassle. Getting this Best Router Table 2021 will be worth spending.

    Another problem that everyone faces while getting the best router table is that most of the time, the wood chips fly around. But the transparent guards, which are attached to the fence with no binding, prevent the wooden chips from flying around. This feature makes the router table the best router table 2021.


    ● Comes at a great price.

    ● Perfect Size.

    ● Easy to work.

    ● Adjustable.

    ● Lightweight.


    ● Challenging to install router bits.

    Get on Amazon

    #7 Craftsman Router and Router Table Combo


    Product Dimensions 10x10x10inches
    Material Type
    Finish Type
    Weight 25.4 pounds
    Amazon Ratings 4.5 out of 5 stars


    Craftsman Router and Router Table Combo is one of the best router tables available in the market today. The sleek design and 2.4 V, 13/4 horsepower powerful motor allow the user to work on it effortlessly.

    The 334 square inches of the working surface makes the product the Best Router Table 2021. Along with the large working surface, the combo set provides a large number of tools that let the users to complete their work comfortably and accurately.

    Table 37595 comes with a 0.25 inches collect, wrench, fence, table, two feather boards, three insert rings, and hardware. Thus, purchasing the product would never be a waste of money. The easy-to-use features of the Router table make it easy for even beginners to handle the product.


    ● Multifunctional.

    ● 1-year warranty.

    ● Adjustable fence.

    ● Lightweight.

    ● Perfect for workshops.


    ● Build quality might be a concern.

    Purchase on Amazon

    Benefits of a Router Table

    Let’s look into the indispensable benefits of a router table over a handheld router in your workshop.

    • Precision and speed- router tables provide high speed and precision on any kind of project, be it DIY or professional. It makes the time-sensitive large-scale tasks seem easier to achieve—no need to worry about poor cuts with a router table. Once the bits are set, we can move the wood quickly and design it as required.
    • Works with various stock shapes- Woodworkers work with various shapes and sizes of stocks. A router table will be used when some of the stock cannot be worked upon with a handsaw- the stock is either too narrow or too small. A handsaw is also inefficient for bigger projects, and the high skilled woodworkers prefer router tables to make their tasks easier. Any shape or size of stock can be cut in a precise manner using a router table.
    • Working with small, long, or narrow material- Small pieces can be routed easily using a router table. A handheld router will be difficult to use because the material is not large enough to support the base of the router. Push tools can be used as an accessory of the router table. They help to guide thin pieces while keeping a safe distance between your hand and the cutter. Finger pressures can also be used to provide extra support. Molding is large pieces of stock, and it becomes easier to guide them using router tables.
    • Working with templates- Woodworking is an art in which precision is key. Woodworkers also have to work with templates. A handheld router is unstable while working with templates. The router table makes this task easier and joyful by providing a stable workspace.
    • Making different kinds of cuts- During the project’s planning stage, the woodworker needs to decide which type of cuts have to be made. There can be grooves, slots, stopped cuts, dadoes, etc. a router table makes this task a breeze, as designing would be quite difficult with a handheld router. Handheld ones work best for geometric patterns and straight lines.
    • Use of large diameter cutters- Large router bits is over 38 mm in diameter. They can be difficult to control using handheld routers, especially the edges. The router table provides more control over larger bits.
    • Same cut multiple times- Repetition of identical cuts is best done using a router table. You just need to set up the table once with its accessories and bits and then feed it material, instead of having to set the table for each material (handheld router).
    • Multi-depth cuts- handheld routers can be used to customize the depth of the cut, but only if you are highly experienced. For the less experienced, a router table can be used to modify the depth by changing the bits. It gives well-defined and smooth results with average experience.
    • Working on locks and joints- Woodworkers have the ability to convert an idea into reality by delivering professionally built projects. They use drawer locks, dovetails, and finger joints in the process. These can be achieved easily using a router table.
    • Raised panel doors- a door’s frame has stiles and coped ends of rails. These need to be designed accurately for the door to be joint. This cannot be achieved with a handheld router.
    • Making stopped cuts- Stopped cuts are either decorative or practical. They do not run the entire length of the material. Repeated stops can be produced with a router table easily.
    • The router table can also be adapted to our precise needs by equipping it with certain accessories. They can be purchased as add-ons to make our carpentry easier.


    Here are a few answers to the most commonly asked questions highlighting what to look for while purchasing a router table.

    Q1 What is the best material used to construct a router table?

    Cast iron is the most suitable material as it is the sturdiest and most durable. But it is also the most expensive, which limits its use only to professional woodworkers. Affordable materials that come after cast iron are phenolic resin and cast aluminum.

    Q2 What should be the thickness of a router table?

    MDF-made router tables should be at least one inch thick to prevent bending and assure longevity of the tabletop. Metal and phenolic resin tabletops can be less than 1 inch thick.

    Q3 How to set up a router table?

    The base plate of the router table has mounting holes in it. The router needs to be attached to this plate using mounting screws. If it is a freestanding table, this is all that needs to be done before using. But for a benchtop router table, a steady base is required. The benchtop router table needs to be clamped to the router base to prevent it from sliding.

    Q4 Can a plunge router be used?

    Yes, it can be used on a router table and is safe to use.


    A router table is a very powerful machine that can be found in almost all woodworking workshops. It is one of the staple instruments that are necessary for any woodworker, whether amateur or professional. Some of the impossible tasks become easier using a router table as compared to a handheld router. Choosing the best router table, 2021, is necessary to achieve flawless, high-precision designs. It is an invaluable asset that makes your DIY projects more fun.



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