Top 8 Books On Time Travel

    Time travel, the word itself fascinates us, and our brain unknowingly starts thinking about infinite assumptions on time traveling. But there is always some instance in our life where you come across the word time travel, and from that instance, you fall in love with stories related to it.

    The same kind of instance happened to me, and from that period, I always fantasize about myself as a Time Traveler and explore the universe at different times, make my own rules and analogies. But anyhow, my vision was limited at a certain point.

    I wanted to be a part of stories, be a leader, and experience the whole new logical theories of time traveling, and the happiest part of this narrative is that my wish was fulfilled. Yes! Books were the portal that teleported me to their own world, and I felt like I’m the one who is going through this life.

    I know time travel is complicated and hard to understand, but today I’ll list the top books of time travel, from which you will definitely love one of those. But the whole book genre is divided into two parts, Fiction and Non-Fiction. I’ll list the books accordingly.

    Non-Fiction | Time Travel

    Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

    Play by J. K. Rowling, Jack Thorne, and John Tiffany

    Time Travel

    There are no words to describe how well Harry Potter is written. Every part of Harry Potter reveals a new adventure and takes us on the ride to the magical world. But this magical world has a book totally on time travel.

    Harry Potter and the cursed child is totally based on time travel. In this book, new characters are introduced, and it is divided into four segments. Each segment describes a new story, and the faults are corrected in the next segment.

    The book starts with Albus Severus, son of Harry Potter, Ginny, and with Scorpius, son of Draco Malfoy. They both eventually end up being good friends, unlike their fathers. But here, Scorpius was totally opposite of his father, more sensitive and introverted. Like Harry Potter, Albus was also bullied in Hogwarts, but he had Scorpius with him this time.

    The story stretches out uniquely. Albus and Scorpius use time Turner and go back in time to change the fate of Cedric. But by going back in time, they mess up with other things that end up changing Hermione and Ron’s reality.

    They again try to change Cedric’s fate but this time, they are successful. This changes the reality in such a way that Albus in the current timeline never existed, and Voldemort rules the world of magic.

    From this reality, Scorpius finds out about Snape, Ron, and Hermione. With their help, Scorpius again goes back in time and corrects everything, but Delphi, who claims to be the niece of Amos, takes the time turner and tries to stop Voldemort from killing Harry’s parents in part to change the reality.

    It turns out Delphi is Voldemort’s daughter, Harry, with the help of Draco, uses time Turner and saves the boys alongside taking Delphi to Azkaban.

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    The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

    A novel by Stuart Turton

    Time Travel

    The book which received the Best First Novel prize and was on the bestsellers list is The Seven Deaths Of Evelyn Hardcastle. It is named The Seven And Half Deaths Of Evelyn Hardcastle in the US. The book is written by Stuart Turton and was published in 2018.

    As the name suggests, the book is a murder mystery that involves teleporting, phase changing, and a lot more. Turton has designed the storyline in such a way that the reader is engrossed in the book until he flips the last page of the book. As it is a murder mystery, there are a lot of twists and turns and deaths in the book.

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    The story starts with the narrator, who is the lead, waking up in a forest with amnesia. He remembers nothing about anything that is going on around him or rather doesn’t even remember his own name. When he wakes up, his friends tell him that he is one of the people on the guest list for the Hardcastle’s celebration.

    After struggling through the day, he sleeps and wakes up in another man’s body. It turns out that the hero has to find out the murderer and help the victim get justice. However, the main plot is that he has eight days to do so, and he wakes up in different host bodies every day.

    Turton has done a tremendous job in painting each host with a different personality and how the narrator has to struggle with the varied natures. There are many unexpected twists and turns that will baffle you. Well, one of the strong messages that the book gives is of forgiveness and justice.

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    The Innocents Abroad

    Book by Mark Twain

    Time Travel

    The Innocents Abroad or The New Pilgrims’ Progress is a book that was published in 1869. It is a humorous time travel book that is based on the letters Twain wrote to the newspapers about his voyage with a group of Americans to Egypt, Europe, and the Holy Land in 1867.

    The book consists of 61 chapters in total, which describes the values of traveling and how one can know the true value of the same. Twain, in this book, talks about the old historical places and various tourist attractions. There is a lot about how things worked in the old life and how things worked in the 19th century.

    Twain does not hesitate to criticize the ignorance of Americans towards the cultures of other countries. He talks about various people they came across with varied religions, culture, society, history, and many other aspects of the world that prevailed before.

    Twain in the book has several questions about tourism. He is fatigued by the physical stresses that may come across during a trip. However, he has described certain places to be thrilling and worth the while. In short, he has done a great job describing what one would experience if they were to travel for an extended period of time in an unknown land.

    All of this comes with a lot of humor and sarcasm, as that is one of Mark Twain’s trademarks. The brand of wit and humor that he brings out in the book is commendable. For the ones who love time travel as well as sarcasm, this book is for you.

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    Fiction | Time Travel

    11/22/63 Novel

    by Stephen King

    Time Travel

    One of the best books written by the king, I mean Stephen king. This is the 49th novel written by Stephen, and it was the best seller of the year 2011. In this book, the king has molded each character perfectly, the emotions, the time-traveling concept, and the story.

    Everything is just good enough to hold you to read nearly 850 pages. Moreover, this book is the better version of Stephen King because the ending is perfectly done, which doesn’t happen quite often with Stephen king.

    The story starts with a lead character Jake, who time travels from his year (2007) to the year 1963 to assassinate President John F. Kennedy. He thinks if he kills the president, then everything will be fine in the future, and they will have a good world to live in. But the twist is here; the future turns into the nuclear world.

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    The Story contains much dark humor and Stephen’s unique horror scenes. Jake realizes his mistakes and again goes back in time and puts things in the right place. The characters are portrayed very well, and the ending Jake had while meeting his lover, who turned 80 according to his timeline, can make you cry easily.

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    Doomsday Book Novel

    by Connie Willis

    Time Travel

    Connie Willis’ Doomsday is ultra fascinating because, in her book, humans are reached at such advanced technology stages where they can time travel in any time period. Connie has written such a great story that will stick you till the end.

    In this book, you will experience quick transitions between the characters and their location, but they are arranged so correctly that you will never get bored in-between.

    The story starts with a young historian Kivrin Engle. The Historian asked her professor to send her to Oxford in 1320, and after lengthy discussions, everyone agrees and sends Kivrin to the 14th century.

    Now, the main plot starts from here. The technician Badri Who helped her to teleport gets ill after the time-travelling process. He was the victim of the new influenza virus. Because of this early breakout, the epidemic starts in Oxford, and then everyone is quarantined instantly.

    On the other side, Kivrin was teleported to some different timeline where she notices she can’t track the coordinates because of the shift in time. So basically, she is stuck in that timeline. Till then she started to get involved in the village where she feels, her dress is more pleasing, She is cleaner.

    Parallelly she tries to search the drop point, but eventually, she realizes she was in 1348. At that time of realization, she was close to many people. A new Influenza virus-infected one monk who visited the village where Kivrin stayed and all the villagers were infected after that.

    If you remember the black death, it occurred in that year, and helpless Kivrin was just watching her friends dying in front of her. Here in the future, her professor realizes the same, and Badri and the professor manage to bring her back in the current timeline.

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    A novel by Diana Gabaldon

    Time Travel

    One of the best Novels written by Diana Gabaldon is Outlander. This novel revolves around a single character going through tough times in her life, and after all that, she falls for someone and shares true feelings for him.

    The story “outlander” took place in Scottish highlands where there is a woman named Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser. Claire and her husband Frank Randell go on a honeymoon, where on stay Frank learns about his family history and at that time, Claire was picking plants, but a weird noise from a stone causes Claire to jump into the past timeline.

    After jumping back in time, Claire meets Jonathan Randall, the main villain of the story who was the ancestor of her husband. But in the same plot, she meets her future love Jamie where she meets him and treats him by fixing his shoulder.

    Claire is a combat nurse from world war II, so her Excellent medical skills impress everyone around her. The story typically plays around Jamie, Claire, and Jonathon. Whereat first, Claire tries to find a way out but, in the end, refuses to go back because she falls for Jamie.

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    The Man Who Folded Himself

    A novel by David Gerrold

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    Time Travel

    The Man Who Folded Himself is one of those novels which was nominated for the Nebula and Hugo awards for the best novel. In this novel, David Gerrold has done a great job of explaining time travel and what the consequences would be.

    One of the amazing things about the book is that the entire book is written in a second-person view, and the reader wouldn’t even realize it until the end. Another amazing thing is that the novel does not have any protagonist and yet the book is extremely engaging.

    So, the book revolves around a boy named Daniel and a time belt. The young boy Daniel is once visited by his uncle named Jim, and his life takes unexpected turns after the death of his uncle. Daniel finds a time belt soon after his uncle Jim dies and figures out how to use it.

    With the help of the belt, Daniel jumps through time and meets his future selves. He is quite fascinated by how time-lapse works and the fact that he is able to meet with other versions of himself. Daniel jumps a lot through the timeline and meets a version of him named Don.

    After meeting Don, he ends up falling in love with himself and getting intimate with himself. He then realizes that the changes that have taken place by his doing are irreversible and that he has erased his childhood and the life he lived before.

    There is then a character named Diane, who is his female version. He meets her, and there are more such events. I don’t want to spoil the book for you, and so I will stop here. For anyone who is fascinated by time travel should read this book.

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    Lightning (Novel)

    by Dean Koontz

    Time Travel

    Lightning is a book by Dean Koontz which was published in 1988. When you start reading this book, you will have to wait till you reach almost halfway through the book to find out how time travel is involved in this book.

    This novel is greatly inspired by World War II, Nazis, and all about those events. Koontz has mixed and matched Sci-fi with a lot of questions at every stage of the book and which are answered likewise. He has managed a balance between time travel and politics.

    The book revolves around a girl named Laura and her guardian angel Stefan. Laura is an orphan who has been through many struggles in her life and lost a lot of people in childhood itself. Stefan who is a time traveller in many phases of Laura’s life. He is there for a mission, which is revealed later in the book.

    Through the second half of the book, it is that Stefan is also in trouble and is being chased by mysterious villains. There are a lot of puzzles throughout the novel which is solved one by one.

    For anyone who loves science fiction as well as enjoys the stories from the World War era will surely enjoy this book.

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    Cessation | Top Books On, Time Travel

    These were my favourite Time Travel books. My books vault is yet not exposed; if you want to know about more such books, feel free to comment below. Apart from that, a true logical story that follows the law of physics makes time-travelling novels more interesting.

    So, from my point of view, many of you will find the above-mentioned books more enjoyable and interesting. I hope you will find your own favourite one, and please share with me by mentioning the name in the comments section. Till then, keep reading and suggesting!


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