WandaVision Season 1 episode 4 resolves the ongoing sitcom mystery

    Ever since its premiere, everyone has been asking a few legit questions. The series is full of riddles. In WandaVision, how is Vision alive? Wasn’t he killed by Thanos? Moreover, what is with the 60’s vibe? How did Wanda and Vision time travel?

    Well, episode 4 breaks the bubble. It is set in the present world where Monica Rambeau land after being thrust out of the energy field by Wanda.

    All the S.W.O.R.D agents.

    A little background story of WandaVision

    In episode 4, you’ll see Rambeau being restored from nothing. All of a sudden, her body starts reconstructing from scratch. There is a hospital full of people who appeared out of thin air. Everywhere there is chaos because of the sudden appearance of missing persons. So, what happened here?

    It is evident that WandaVision picks up right after Endgame. When Captain America and the other Avengers time-travelled to reverse the snap, they did succeed. All the people who were wiped out by the snap appeared after a gap of five years. They didn’t age at all, and the world called this event “The Blip”.

    Monica was one of the victims of the Mad Titan. He had the mission of restoring balance in the universe only to create more destruction and chaos. This is the first time Marvel showed how “The Blip” affected normal residents of the world. In “Avengers: Endgame” we saw the missing heroes appearing once again to take down Thanos and his army.

    Unfortunately, when Monica returned, it was already three years since her mother’s demise. She was a dear old friend of Captain Marvel and one of the fiercest women in S.W.O.R.D. She died two years after Monica’s disappearance but was always hopeful for her return.

    The 4th episode analysis of WandaVision

    Episode 4 of WandaVision begins with Monica returning to S.W.O.R.D(Sentinent Weapon Observation Response Division) headquarters. She is unable to get inside when her old acquaintance and the present in-charge take her in, and fills her up with all the details she has missed.

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    Unfortunately, she is grounded. Maria made a clear protocol of what will happen if the missing persons return. Monica sets off on a mission to help the FBI to find a missing person. On reaching Westview, she meets FBI agent Jimmy Woo(Randall Park). Upon investigation, they find out that it is not a missing person but a missing town, Westview.

    Wanda and Vision with their newborn twins, Tommy and Billy.

    Nobody in the area has any recollection of Westview. They’re quite confident that no place like this exists. So, what happened to this town and its residents?

    The energy field of Westview

    Monica sets off her drone to get a view of this disappeared town. It is like the town in front of their eyes, but nobody can enter. Surprisingly, Monica’s drone vanishes in thin air. When Monica touches the energy field, she is sucked in too. When WandaVision aired, people thought that maybe Wanda has time travelled. But, the mystery keeps getting deeper and deeper.

    What is the energy field?

    S.W.O.R.D brings out all the physics experts from all over the world. One of them is a known face, Darcy(Kat Dennings), whom you last saw in Thor: The Dark World. She is no more an intern. She is rather a celebrated astrophysicist.

    With her types of equipment, she gets a massive CMBR( relic radiation dating back to the Big Bang) reading. How did this energy field come out of nowhere? S.W.O.R.D set up a base right outside Westview to monitor changes in the energy field. Darcy realises that the readings are trying to convey some visuals. She brings in a vintage T.V., only to find out that it is Wanda and Vision stuck in some old age sitcom.

    In these sitcoms, you’ll find several references to the Stark industries and Hydra. Why will WandaVision bring up Hydra? How do all these tie-up? Check out the Hydra commercial in WandaVision here –

    Why did Wanda and Vision get stuck in sitcoms?

    Darcy and Jimmy monitor everything Wanda and Vision does. They also see other residents playing along happily in this setup. Upon investigation, they realise that the other residents are all missing agents of S.W.O.R.D who got stuck in this alternate reality situation. At the end of episode 1, we saw that someone was monitoring the energy field. Now we know who!

    Darcy Lewis and Jimmy Woo.

    In the 2nd episode, Darcy and Jimmy get a glimpse of Monica for the first time. She is all dolled up in vintage attire with no recollection of the present scenario. But, when Wanda talked about Pierto, she recalled the name “Ultron”. That was the first time someone talked about the real world.

    An infuriated Wanda realised that Geraldine is an outsider and no friend of hers. She used her power to throw her out of the energy field and restored everything like before.

    Geraldine was wearing a hexagon necklace when Wanda threw her out. Why did Wanda keep on asking about the necklace? The S.W.O.R.D analysis also shows a hexagonal shape on the screen. Westview, the fictional town, is of Hexagonal shape. What is behind this mystery? What has a Hexagonal shape to do with WandaVision? Hexagon means six which can also be reference to the six Infinity Stones.

    Who is behind an alternate reality?

    It is Wanda. She is behind the energy field. As the episode progresses, we see Vision entering the house. This time, he is no more lifelike. Instead, Vision is all grey and lifeless like the audience had seen in the Infinity War after Thanos snapped the mind stone out of him. Wanda immediately changes the reality and sets everything as nothing has changed.


    Also, in episode 2, the audience saw a man dressed in a beekeeping suit emerging from a man-hole. It was just another S.W.O.R.D agent who went through the sewage to investigate the truth. Though Darcy and Jimmy try to contact Wanda via radio signals, she changes the reality. She doesn’t let anyone from the outside world disrupt her fictional town.

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    Why did Wanda create this alternate reality?

    It becomes very clear to the audience that Wanda created an alternate world out of pain and agony. When Pietro died, Wanda leaned to the Avengers family for love and support. Vision became her closest confidante. Losing a loved one scarred Wanda deeper than the audience had expected.

    This alternate reality stemmed from Wanda’s subconsciousness. To cope with her loss, Wanda created a world where Vision is alive and well.They are married and they live inside this energy field where nobody can harm them. Even though people try to bring back Wanda to reality, she refuses to accept it. She doesn’t want to be in a world where Vision doesn’t exist. Be it a figment of her imagination, Vision is still there with her.

    Each episode features a decade. It started with the 50’s where Vision’s boss comes over for lunch. Maybe in the next episode, she’ll move to another decade. In this world, Wanda is happily living with Vision and her two kids. Who knows what will happen if S.W.O.R.D manages to penetrate the energy field and bring Wanda back.

    The sole purpose of this alternate reality was to preserve Vision and live in a world where there is only peace and harmony. Here, Thanos doesn’t kill Vision and disrupt the entire world’s balance. It is evident once again that Wanda’s potential is much bigger than it seems. She created an alternate reality using her power. If S.W.O.R.D forces her to come out of it, she might unleash hell on earth.

    Here is another video of what awaits next in WandaVision –

    WandaVision is preparing a solid premise to explore Wanda’s power as well as the door to the multiverse. It also shows how much the world was affected by the tyranny of Thanos. WandaVision shows a grieving superhero who refuses to come to terms with reality. The show depicts the aftermath of the catastrophe. At times, you might feel weird. Where is the story-line heading to? How does Marvel tie up the knots? Moreover, is Mephisto the villain, or there is some secret villain out there? WandaVision has to clear so many doubts in the future episodes.

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