Virgin River Season 3 Renewal- All the amazing details you need to know

    Virgin River is one of the pleasant and affectionate shows everyone craves for. It has all the aspects of human emotions. Netflix has always been very experimental with its show genres and, Virgin River has proved to be immensely successful in impressing the audience.

    The Plot of Virgin River

    Virgin River revolves around a nurse practitioner and midwife Melinda Monroe(Alexandra Breckenridge) who leaves her high-paid L.A. job. She moves to the Virgin River with the hope that she might outrun her past and get the fresh start that she desperately needs.

    Mel had a rocky start at Virgin River. Her doctor, Vernon Mullins(Tim Matheson), refuses to accept the fact that he is growing old and he needs help. The mayor of the town Hope McCrea(Annette O’Toole) is convinced that Doc will come around eventually. Mel finds it very hard to forget her past. She was on the verge of having an emotional breakdown when Jack(Martin Henderson), a bar owner, befriends her.

    Virgin River
    Mark Monroe and Mel Monroe.

    Jack gave her the reason to stay at Virgin River. He made her comfortable and safe. Amidst all the emotional strain, Mel develops a soft corner for Jack. But she is too scared to get attached. The love of her life, Mark Monroe(Daniel Gillies), died in a car accident. Before his death, they got into a fight. Mark and Mel had a stillborn daughter, and Mel wanted to keep on trying the Fertility treatments. A squabble between a happy couple resulted in a disaster.

    The memories of Mark and their stillborn daughter haunted Mel. Mark was the perfect supportive husband and everything one dreams of. Losing both of them left deep scars. Even Mel’s sister, Joe(Jenny Cooper), couldn’t convince Mel to stay back in L.A. Jack also has his own share of scars. A veteran himself, he still ponders about his lost men at the battlefield and experiences several nightmares.

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    Just when Mel thought that she might give Jack a chance and experience a tinge of happiness, they find out that Jack’s ex-girlfriend Charmaine(Lauren Hammersley) is pregnant with twins.

    Virgin River

    Season 2 of Virgin River explores the complications of Mel and Jack’s relationship. Moreover, the second season gives a detailed insight into Paige’s dark past. This season also gives Preacher a solid character growth. With Doc and Hope’s rekindled romance, the second season of Virgin River surpassed the first one on so many levels. The second season was hauntingly beautiful. It delved deep into each character’s psyche and showed how they deal with the brutal realities of daily life.

    Jack is tied in between his responsibilities as a father and his love-struck heart. Mel finally acknowledges her feelings for Jack, but it doesn’t end well for them. Jack’s direct war with drug pin Calvin(David Cubbit) results in him getting shot. Season 2 ended on a major cliffhanger. It would be cruel for Netflix to not give another season.

    Season 3 of Virgin River

    Don’t worry, Netflix isn’t always that harsh. Even though they’re infamous for cancelling good shows, Netflix has green-lit Virgin River for another season. On 18th December, almost 3 weeks after the release of the 2nd season, Netflix announced that the show has been renewed.

    Virgin River
    Jack and Mel.

    The cast members, Jack and Mel themselves announced the great news. Almost all the other cast members are returning. Hope, Vernon, Paige, Preacher (Colin Lawrence), Ricky(Greyson Maxwell Grunsey), Connie, Lily, and all the others are all set to return. Season 3 also added two new members to enrich the plot. Grey’s Anatomy fame Zibby Allen is all set to play Jack’s sister, a smart but fun-loving lawyer who makes the most of life. Stacey Farber will play Lily’s daughter and she’ll help her mother with baby Chloe. The new season might come around November or December this year.

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    Season 3 Plot

    The upcoming season will definitely explore the aftermath of Jack getting shot. Moreover, the Season 2 finale also showed that Vernon might have developed some kind of big disease. With Vince’s appearance, Wes’s twin brother, we also need to see how Paige and Preacher manage the situation. Also, Lily’s daughter and Jack’s sister might have a big role to play. With so much on the plate, it can be surely said that the upcoming season is also going to be great.

    Virgin River is based on Robyn Carr’s book series with 21 installments, so season 3 has a lot of stuff to cover. Show-runner Sue Tenney said in a recent interview that the series ending will be very much based on the book. The writers do deviate from the book’s story-line but, they’ll always come back to the book’s material.

    “Ultimately, the way I look at the show is that we’re going to get as many seasons as we get. And when we get to that last season, we want them to be where [Carr] has them,” she said—and let’s just say that season two didn’t exactly end the way the books did, so there must be more episodes in store”.

    Virgin River
    Jack and Calvin.

    As a show, Virgin River is the complete package. It gives a detailed insight into a person’s up and downs. In life, we have our battles to fight. Happiness doesn’t come easy. Virgin River perfectly captures all the humdrum of our daily struggles. It encompasses our emotions, struggles, anxiety, happiness, pain, joy, and everything in all the characters and finally represents a beautiful tale. Will Jack survive the shot? Will Paige get caught? Will Mel finally get a shot at happiness? We’ve to wait for now till another season answers all our questions.

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