Vanity Planet Steamer- 4 Impressive Benefits Of Using It (Give It A Try)

    Vanity Planet Steamer- Is It Worth Getting?

    Is it worth spending some dollars on this new vanity planet steamer? Let’s find out how to use it, and it is worth giving a try for your new skincare routine.

    We keep investing in new products now and then to elevate our self-care or skincare routine. Investing in yourself is the best thing you could do unless the products are good and do not seem like a waste of money. But, we do have to spend a lot of time looking for quality products.

    Deciding on this vanity planet steamer might be an excellent advantage for you. It has a compact yet aesthetically pleasing design. Does it work as great as it looks? Let’s see.

    Vanity Planet Steamer

    vanity planet steamer

    The Vanity Planet Aira Facial Steamer is a compressed facial steamer that stars a power button, covered water storage, and three vital oil containers to customize the steaming experience effortlessly.

    It is available in 2 distinctive colors, including Rose Gold and Beige (choose your favorite). What we adore about this Vanity planet steamer, in particular, is the manageable and luxurious design as well as its highly user-friendly guidance.

    While you might not apply essential oils on your face, most probably, we believe a lot of people will relish having the choice to add in their preferred scent to heighten their at-home spa practice even more.

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    As we have mentioned already, there are supposed to be a lot of advantages to using a vanity facial steamer or any other steamer. Other than the relaxing, spa-like atmosphere you create at home and enjoy it, below given are some other methods your skin can profit from steaming using this vanity planet steamer:

    Benefits of vanity planet steamer

    • Vanity Planet steamer helps soften your skin to release up dead skin cells along with dirt and oil, permitting them to be removed effortlessly from your face and provide you with glowing skin.
    • It helps increase blood circulation in your skin by raising the internal temperature of the skin.
    • It increases hydration or keeps the skin hydrated.
    • It is a less abrasive mode of exfoliating your skin twice a week.
    • It gives you a youthful glow after you steam.
    • It unclogs the pores to allow all the skincare products to be absorbed in a better way.

    What do you think about these benefits of vanity planet steamer? Sounds marvelous, right? We understand. However, it would help if you remained careful about using and how often to use your facial steamer as over-steaming the face can be highly damaging to the skin and act as a moisture barrier.

    Do not worry, we have got you covered, here’s how to use it and when to use it.

    When to use a facial steamer

    Although many skincare experts you come across online or in person are usually experts at steaming, they still caution you against practicing a facial steamer or using it more than one to2 times a week. It is also suggested to use a facial steamer for ten to15 minutes in each session.

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    They also guide people against having the steamer exceedingly close to the face, resulting in burns. Vanity Planet steamer advises users of the Facial Steamer to keep the steamer at least 25 centimeters or about 10 inches apart from the face.

    You can always place the vanity steamer on your bathroom counter or any particular tray table and bring your face close enough such that you can feel the steam slightly touching your face but not too close to your face where it is right in front of the nozzle.

    How to use a vanity planet steamer

    It is recommended to steam your face once a week or twice a week, or every other week to obtain a profound cleanse, hydrate your skin, and allow your masks or serums to penetrate deep in the skin more than ever.

    On nights you can use your steamer in your skincare routine, first cleanse using your regular cleanser, fill the water tank up, push the power switch, and allow it to heat up. You can either remain at the bathroom counter or sit at your tray table and let the steam fog your skin. Then you are supposed to inhale and exhale as the vanity steamer works its enchantment for the coming 10-15 minutes.

    Once your steamer closes off, or the timer is up, you can wipe your skin using good Micellar water ere departing onto any mask and serum. Your skin will feel hydrated and rejuvenated after using it. Many people using vanity planet steamer think that their skin appears more glowy and healthy after using steam.

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    Practioner love that this steamer executes the process so well. It also makes it more straightforward to eliminate build-up from the pores, allowing your masks, serums, and moisturizer to infiltrate deeper into the skin. Layering your skincare products above the dead skin cells or obstructed pores is a complete wastage of money since these products cannot treat the skin beneath the pores.

    That is probably one of the biggest reasons you will love using this vanity planet facial steamer. Other than that, you will love how it makes you feel. You will feel as if you are at a spa when you are in your bathroom, relaxing out in your robe while drinking champagne.

    Pros of using a vanity planet steamer

    vanity planet steamer
    Vanity steamer
    • It has a small and Compact Size.
    • The design is minimalistic.
    • The Price is affordable too.
    • It is straightforward to use

    Cons of using a vanity planet steamer

    • Your skin might feel dry if you do not lock in the moisture within a minute following using the steamer. Try applying a moisturizing face mask or a suitable cream.

    As you can already make out, We are obviously up for using this vanity planet steamer to promote hydration, the pores and make serums or masks even more efficient. It will just advance your Sunday at-home spa sessions, and you will be so happy to receive facial steaming or give it a try.

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