Gua Sha Tools – Uses And 10 Best Tools For Radiant Skin And Stress Relief

    gua sha tools

    Gua sha tools are ancient tools made with the use of healing stones such as rose quartz and jade. They are used for facial and full body massage to get radiant skin, beat stress, balance skin tone, and boost collagen in the skin. Jade and rose quartz are semi-precious stones that have metaphysical healing properties and heal heart and crown chakras.

    There are numerous benefits of using the ancient Gua Sha technique is said to be existent since the Ming Dynasty and is used even today. There are pros and cons to using this technique. It creates redness on the skin which is subsided in a few days.

    This is not a DIY thing as doing it with the right technique is essential to get the best results that break deep muscular tension that relieves stress. It is used in combination with other tools, oils, and hydrating mist. You can do a DIY facial with these tools to relax face muscles and get smooth skin.

    Gua Sha Tools – All About These Tools

    gua sha tools

    Gua Sha is an ancient technique that uses scraping methods using semi-precious stones like jade and rose quartz to promote blood circulation, balance energies in the body, expel toxins and bad energy accumulated in the body.

    Various instruments such as spoon, coins, rollers, bars, are used to cure various ailments apart from beauty treatments.

    Facial tools are most popular as they are said to bring effective results. Practitioners use meridians as guidelines for various areas to locate problem areas for massage and therapeutic techniques that reduce stress and balance energies.

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    Gua Sha Methods Used

    gua sha tools

    This is a therapeutic method that uses various methods using these stones and other tools to eliminate toxins from skin pores, blood vessels, boost skin metabolism, repair skin cells, and promote skin health-enhancing the beauty of the skin.

    • Scraping
    • Clamping
    • Patting
    • Combing
    • Transporting
    • Rubbing
    • Pressing
    • Kneading

    Various other techniques are used to eliminate bad energy which gets expelled with the ‘sha’ method. Sha means the sanding technique of scrapping the skin which dilates the blood vessels. When blood appears on the skin in the form of spots after using this technique it represents the imbalance of the yin and yang energy in the body.

    Gua Sha Tools Pros And Cons

    gua sha tools

    There are umpteen Gua Sha tools used for healing various areas and used in combination with herbal oils. Gua Sha tools are safe to use if you do not have an underlying condition of the liver, heart, kidneys, etc because it increase the blood circulation resulting in worsening the pre-existent condition.


    • Increases blood circulation
    • Improves the elasticity of the skin
    • Gives glowing and radiant skin
    • Relaxes the facial muscles
    • Eliminates puffiness
    • Eliminates fluid build-up under the skin
    • Releases tensions from muscles in the body


    • Not suitable for people with mental illness, physical ailments, or skin conditions
    • Not suitable for thin people
    • Not to be used for pregnant women
    • Not suitable for women suffering from menstrual cramps

    Caution: Do not use these tools if you have ulcers, boils, rashes, or a prior existent skin condition.

    Gua Sha Tools – Types

    gua sha tools

    Gua Sha tools are used for healing various parts of the body to relieve muscular tension, toxins, and also for facial. There are different types of tools used for various parts of the body. The most popular variety of tools are the ‘s’ shaped tools, now also available in resin, plastic, apart from semi-precious and precious gemstones.

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    The plastic and steel tools are not effective as the semi-precious stones. They can be used to relieve muscular stress on the back, neck, shoulders, hands, and feet. Another popular type of tool is the ‘Wing’ also known as the ‘Fin’ tool. This is a multipurpose tool used for scraping and has a better grip compared to the ‘S’ tool.

    The ‘Fin’ tools have better maneuverability and can be used on the biceps, triceps, forearms, arms, and chest. You can use the ‘Dolphin’ shaped tool for deep body massage. It is especially, effective for fleshy areas such as thighs, etc. It is made from jade, rose quartz, amethyst, and other healing stones.

    The ‘Spoon’ shaped tool is ideal for massage on the neck, palms, feet, shoulders, etc. It is used for scraping using various pressures. It is available in materials such as semi-precious stones, plastic, steel, resin, and other types of stones.

    The ‘Fish’ shaped tool is used for relieving muscle cramps in calves. It is also used to relieve severe pain in the upper and lower areas of the thighs. Various other tool shapes are available for scraping and facial.

    Caution: Never use Gua Sha tools for eyes, nipples, lips, or any such sensitive areas as it can result in permanent damage.

    Gua Sha Tools – How To Choose The Right Tool

    gua sha tools

    Choose a Gua Sha tool that does not have sharp or pointy edges. It must be smooth on all the side and provide a better grip. Choose a material that is easy to sanitize. As a rule of thumb sanitizes the tool before using it. These are the factors to look into before buying a Gua Sha tool. Every tool is built to focus on certain areas of the body. Various tools for facial and other body areas are available.

    • Material of the tool (semi-precious stone most recommended)
    • Bian stone is the original material used for making Gua Sha tools and produces effective results
    • Agate, jade, rose quartz, amethyst and other healing stones are also used for making these tools
    • Shape (Winged for facial, long tools for large areas)
    • Easy to hold
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    Gua Sha Tools – How To Use For Facial

    gua sha tools

    Ancient beauty techniques are flooding Instagram and other social media platforms for their effectiveness and ease of use. Facial with healing stones is a timeless technique used with chemical-free herbal oils. Avoid using tools made from plastic or steel for facial. Use jade or rose quartz tools.

    • Clean your face
    • Apply moisturizer
    • Apply almond, argon, Vitamin E, or jojoba oil
    • Spray facial mist on the skin
    • Gently massage or scrap with Gua Sha tools watching your favorite sitcom or movie

    Do not use these tools on dry skin as they can cause skin irritation. These tools are effective to tighten the skin, reduce fine lines but cannot eliminate wrinkles. When using on sensitive areas like eyes, lips, etc, use a gentle roller stone and apply light pressure. These tools can also be used on the scalp to promote hair growth.

    It is not recommended to use Gua Sha tools at home for body scrapping or massage as only a practitioner would have experience of the meridians and guidelines to work through for expelling toxins and bad ‘chi’ or bad energy from the body.


    Gua Sha tools are effective in getting a radiant skin and even skin tone. They are not a replacement for other effective therapies. These healing tools can be used for holistic healing of body and skin making you feeling young and stress-free.


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