Ultrasabers Lightsabers – Incredible StarWars Collectible

    If you’re a fan of Star Wars, you love Lightsabers. In this article, we are going to discuss the features of the most realistic Ultrasabers Lightsabers.

    From the moment you first saw a lightsaber ignited, in the films or the TV shows, you have definitely imagined what would it feels like to hold a real lightsaber and be a Jedi.

    Lightsabers are one the most iconic fictional science weapons ever produced. If you are unfamiliar with it, lightsabers are the laser-weapons usually used by the Jedi, and Sith.

    Lightsabers were used for both defense and offense. From flesh to blast doors, lightsabers can cut through practically anything. Some people in the galaxy thought that only Jedi could use lightsabers, but it was also used by Sith.

    No doubt that the crafting of custom lightsabers have become a thriving cottage industry. You can buy a toy lightsaber, but if you want to fit in Jedi or Sith, you can go for a custom lightsaber.

    Many different types of lightsabers are present in the market which include single-bladed, double-bladed, and even multiple-bladed lightsabers. UltraSabers Lightsabers are the most popular and long-running custom lightsabers out in the market.

    Ultrasabers Lightsabers are stunning, mostly cheap (stunt sabers), and available in a wide variety. They’re equipped with a simple LED array, glorified flashlights, have sound effects, and RGB light-array for color effects.

    Ultrasabers Lightsabers

    Getting Ultrasabers lightsabers is not as simple as clicking on the website and ordering one. You can indeed order a lightsaber you see when you click on the website. But the fact here is that you can get your custom lightsaber by putting together different options available to have a real Sith or Jedi experience. You can create your own design which is not supposed to be real. All the pieces are available there so that you can create a classic lightsaber from the film.

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    The reason why some Ultrasabers lightsabers are expensive is their body which is made from machined aluminum. The aluminum tubes are sturdy, attractive, and detailed, made with enough love and enthusiasm that they can be used in cosplay and any fan film.

    The basic configurations of Ultrasabers lightsabers are as follows:

    • Stunt LightSabers: These are the basic lightsabers without any sound effects.
    • Lightsabers With Basic Sound: These lightsabers are equipped with pre-made sound effects.
    • Lightsabers With Premium Sound: These are equipped with Obsidian Ultrasabers’ soundboard. You can add your featured sound effects (that of Sith, Jedi, or Starkillers).
    • Lightsaber Hilts: Ultrasabers Lightsabers contain an empty hilt for those who want to build their own lightsaber.
    • Emerald Lightsabers: These are the stunt lightsabers with RGB color-changing LED. You can program these with your computer/PC to produce any color you want.
    • Emerald Lightsabers: Same as mentioned above including different sound effects.
    • Diamond Lightsabers: These are the special ones – The all-in-one kind of lightsabers. Equipped with features like gesture recognition, Ultimate LED, and sound packages.

    The real lightsaber needs a blade but the Ultrasabers Lightsabers’ blade doesn’t cut any flesh or blast doors at all. These are polycarbonate tubes to evenly distribute the light across the length of the blade, emitted from LEDs In the hilt.

    The “Ultraegde” version of blades can produce a fuller-looking blade. They also come in Heavy-Grade and Mid-Grade versions. The heavy-grade version blades are twice as thick as Mid-Grade, which can stand serious contact sparring.

    The blades are removable and can be slid in and out of the small bolt. Ultrasaber also offers different plugs to protect the LEDs when the blade isn’t inserted.

    • Basic Plug: It’s a silver-colored disc to cover the emitter.
    • Circle Plug: It features pinholes in two circles and gives you an impression that the plasma blade can virtually shoot out of it.
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    ultrasabers lightsabers
    Image by: PCMag

    One of the latest Ultrasabers Lightsaber is the Grand Master, which they added to their ever-extending inventory. It is carefully crafted to accommodate both double and single-bladed configurations. The Grand Master Lightsaber is whole 13.25 inches long.

    ultrasabers lightsabers

    It supports many of the attractive features such as:

    • Removeable MHS pommel ( for creating double-bladed sabers).
    • Polycarbonate blade.
    • A High powered LED.
    • Machined Aluminum.
    • Activation Box.
    • Four different colors: Crimson Grand Master(red), Grand Master LE (gold), Azure Grand Master (blue), and black color.

    Grand Master is one of the best custom lightsabers from the Ultrasabers, available on the internet today. Customers can order any custom Ultrasabers Lightsabers directly from their website.

    ultrasabers lightsabers
    Grand Master by Ultrasabers

    Ultrasabers is one of many companies that make lightsabers. Other companies like SaberForce, Vader’s Vault, Kyberlight also make custom lightsabers. You can check them out if you want your own custom lightsaber.

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