Tom Kenny Net Worth – Bio And 5 Interesting Facts

    tom kenny net worth

    Tom Kenny net worth is primarily because of his famous voiceover for the cartoon character, SpongeBob SquarePants from the American TV series by the same name. He has voiced many famous cartoon and animation characters in popular cartoon and animation TV series, live work, game videos, and a few unknown comedy movies.

    Name Thomas James Kenny
    Age, D.O.B 59,13 July 1962
    Profession Actor, Voice artist
    Net Worth $16 million
    Marriage Jill Talley (1995)


    Tom Kenny Net Worth

    tom kenny net worth

    Tom Kenny net worth is due to his passion for comedy. He has voiced many characters in popular comedy animation shows. Though he started performing at a very young age, he was not disappointed not to be selected for SNL for which he had auditioned in the ’70s. SpongeBob happened after 10 years of giving stage performances in standup comedy, acting in a few Hollywood movies which tanked at the box office.

    He is also a musician and has a rock and roll band called ‘Tom Kenny & The Hi-Seas’ and had got a chance to perform at the Super Bowl. In 30 years of career, he has acting credits of 500 working for films, commercials, animation, etc.

    He is an award-winning voice artist who prefers to keep his life private. He is known for being a voice artist but has done small roles and appearances in numerous popular television sitcoms like That’s ’70s Show, True Jackson, etc.

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    Tom Kenny Net Worth – Early Life

    tom kenny net worth

    Thomas James Kenny was born to Paul Austin and Theresa Bridget Kenny. He went to Bishop Grimes High School and started performing standup comedy at the age of eight. He was born in a New York Village called East Syracuse with a popular comedian Bobcat Goldthwaite.

    He was interested in creating funny caricatures and enjoyed cartoons as a child. He married Jill Talley in 1995 who is also a comedian and a voice artist. They met while working on a comedy show in 1992. They have a son Mack Kenny and daughter Nora Kenny from their marriage.

    Tom Kenny Net Worth – Career

    tom kenny net worth

    SpongeBob is a happy-go-lucky character who loves his job of flipping burgers and connecting with fellow mates. An uncomplicated character who inspires you to take life as it comes. Tom loved reading comic books and drawing funny characters as a child. In his mid-teens, he did standup comedy shows which lead him to start venturing into cable and broadcast television.

    His standup comic sketches were inspired by Woody Allen’s comic sensibility which is a mix of keen observation of blending two contrasting things to create humor. The Academy-award won comedian’s sensibility ranged from observational comedy, intellect, pessimism, irony, self-deprecation, risque, also bordering moral dilemmas which are a reflection of his personal life. It’s sad Hollywood accepts this man as a Legend.

    A man of many voices, his talent to intonate and modulate his voice as per the age and personality of characters has awarded him with an interesting mix of animation voiceovers. If you are the ’90s kid, that was an era of some of the best cartoon shows. Thinking of ‘Omelette du Fromage’ from Dexter’s Laboratory, a part of that episode was voiced by Tom.

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    This phrase was stuck inside my head in the ’90s and now while I write this post, it’s a pleasing reminiscence of how I missed college sometimes and watched cartoons. Also, I was so inspired by Dexter’s voice intonation that I enjoyed talking like him for a while. Mebbe, I should start talking like Dexter for a while, because, it’s been quite a while, and it’s still refreshing.

    He voiced the character of ‘Asok’ in Dilbert for 30 episodes. I am overwhelmed with nostalgia, I admit, as I am writing this post. The smell of morning newspapers had Dilbert comic strips. Those were amusing pass times of the ’90s you wouldn’t mind mentioning no matter how many decades have passed.

    Talking of Johnny Bravo, it’s amazing to witness a galore of personalities intellectualized with a purpose in most of the animation series. We have Johnny Bravo, a dumb megalomaniac, and Tom voiced the character of Carl Chryniszzswics in the animation series for more than 30 episodes. It takes a brilliant mind to sketch a character like that and give it a twist of humor.

    CatDog was one of the quirkiest funny cartoons from the ’90s. Tom voiced the character of the Dog which was a goofy character; a total contrast to the refined character of the Cat. In the era of PlayStation, he voiced the character in the popular video game Spyro The Dragon.

    He also voiced many characters in the popular animated TV series, ‘The Powerpuff Girls,’ for which he won many awards. SpongeBob SquarePants was an outstanding achievement in his career and a breakthrough. He has given his voice to numerous films, commercials, video games, and movies.

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    Tom Kenny Net Worth – Awards

    tom kenny net worth

    Kenny won Annie Award and Daytime Emmy Award for best voice acting for the animated series SpongeBob SquarePants in 2010 and 2018. He also won Annie Award for outstanding achievement in the animation series, Adventure Time.

    Tom Kenny Net Worth – Interesting Facts

    • One of the few celebrities who live a non-controversial life
    • No affairs are reported about him before his marriage with Jill Talley
    • He developed a passion for cartoons and followed his dreams since a young age
    • He voiced the character ‘Wheelie’ in the Transformers franchise 2011 and 2009
    • He played Mr.Timmerman in Disney’s Sky-High


    Tom Kenny net worth is a wealth earned because of his passion for cartoons and comedy. He might not be the wealthiest actor or a comedian but is inspiring enough for his simpatico, non-controversial life which very few can create for themselves in showbiz. What does it take to have a loving family life and a career of your choice? Tom Kenny, right said Fred!




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