Facts About Reggie Miller Net worth: An Inspiration For All

    Reggie Miller Net Worth has been amongst the top searches in recent times, especially in the United States of America. Reggie is a former basketball player and played in the NBA. Reggie is someone who played all his career for the same team. That career lasted a total of 18 years, which is really impressive for a sport like basketball.

    Reggie achieved a lot of things in his long career, be it awards or the love of people. He is a very proud person and is proud of all the things he has achieved but he does not believe his fans to be below anything else, not even below the Reggie Miller net worth. For him, his fans are just as important as money, if not more.

    Reggie is considered the best player the Indiana Pacers ever had. It is no small feat to be called the best player that ever played for a team. If you are unable to judge Reggie on his achievements, judge him on his popularity.

    When Reggie used to play, people used to love watching him. His number 31 has been retired from the Indiana Pacers team and no one else will ever play with that jersey number to honor him. You can tell how much he is loved when people respect him so much. No wonder the Reggie Miller net worth is so big.

    Reggie works as an NBA commentator for TNT and happily lives his retired life. In this article, I am going to be talking about Reggie Miller net worth, all the things he has achieved and a bit more about his personal life and how came to be the man he is today.

    It is good to get to know about the success stories of people because they are such an inspiration and I am going to be telling you about Reggie Miller’s success story. So read on and get entertained and go back to the days of when Reggie used to play his favorite sport.

    reggie miller net worth

    Reggie Miller Net Worth

    Let’s begin with knowing the Reggie Miller net worth and then dive in to know about Reggie Miller. He began his career when he was young, we will talk about it a bit later. So, let’s begin.

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    Reggie was selected by the Indiana Pacers in the year 1987 as the 11th player in the 1st round of the NBA draft. Reggie then took on the number 31 as his jersey number. In the year 1992, Chuck Person left the Indiana Pacers and the spotlight fell on Reggie because he was now the top scoring threat.

    Reggie scored 57 points in a game against Charlotte Hornets and that is still a record for anyone from the Indiana Pacers. In the year 1995, Reggie scored a total of 8 points in just 8.9 seconds.

    In the year 2002, Miller realized that he was not the best in the Indiana Pacers anymore but he was still the leader in the dressing room. Reggie went on contributing to his team even when other players succumbed to injuries. Reggie played his last game in 2005 and he got a standing ovation from the crowd then.

    Talking about Reggie Miller net worth, Reggie has received over $105 million in salaries over the years in his professional career. Reggie Miller’s net worth is estimated to be $80 million. After his retirement from the game, Reggie joined TNT as an analyst and he still appears on the network for analyzing the game.

    Reggie also has a home in Los Angeles and he lives there with his wife. The house is at Sunset Strip in Hollywood Hills. The house is a $1.1 million property and that tells you how much money Reggie has earned through the years.

    reggie miller net worth

    About Reggie Miller

    Let me tell you about the initial days of Reggie because it is essential to understand the background story to know how this person grew the Reggie Miller net worth so much. Reggie Miller was born on the 24th of August in the year 1965. Reggie’s current age is 55 years old.

    He was born in Riverside, California. Obviously, Reggie’s nationality is American. Reggie weighs about 195 lbs or 88kgs and he is 6 feet 7 inches tall, which is 2.01 meters. Reggie was born with a hip deformity that disabled him from walking properly.

    He used to wear braces on both legs for a long time. But slowly his strength grew enough so that he could walk on his own and did not need braces.


    Sports Background In The Family

    Reggie was one of 5 siblings and his family has been in the athletic business. Reggie’s brother Darrell used to be a Major League Baseball player. Darrell used to play as a pitcher for the California Angels. His sister, Tammy used to play volleyball at Cal State Fullerton.

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    Besides Darrell and Tammy, Reggie’s older sister Cheryl D. Miller is also a Hall Of Fame basketball player. Cheryl used to be a member of the U.S. gold medal winning Olympic basketball team and is currently an analyst for Turner Sports.

    Well, that is a lot of people playing sports in the same family. No wonder Reggie has so much passion for this game and that is the reason why the Reggie Miller net worth has grown so much over the years and that too, without any help from anyone else.

    Reggie is his own man and is proud of that fact, although, throughout his journey, there have been people who have helped him get through tough times. I mean, everyone needs someone to be there for them some time or the other, right?

    Talking about his family, Reggie once mentioned his sister Cheryl and recalled how Cheryl used to beat him in the 1-on-1 games. This was before Reggie started playing in the professional leagues and started his journey towards the big Reggie Miller net worth.

    Reggie said that they stopped playing these games when Reggie got skilled enough to block Cheryl’s shots. Reggie says that his unorthodox style of shooting the ball came from his training with his sister where he had to arc his shot over his sister’s blocks because she used to be very good at blocking his usual shots.

    Although there is so much sports background, Reggie’s brother Saul Jr. followed his passion and became a musician and then later went on to serve in the military just like their father. With such a tough family behind his back, Reggie had to make a very successful career and grow the Reggie Miller net worth so much.

    reggie miller net worth

    The Base For Reggie Miller Net Worth

    Reggie attended the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA). At UCLA, he got a degree in history and he also played for his college while there. He was on the team in the 1984-85 season when the UCLA Bruins won an NIT championship.

    When Reggie was a senior, in the season 1986-87, he was selected as an All-Pac-10 for the 2nd consecutive year and then led them to the Pacific-10 championship as well as the 1st Pacific-10 Conference Men’s Basketball Tournament championship.

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    Reggie got 69 of his 247 field goals as the 3-pointers in the championship. In a game against Notre Dame Fighting Irish in the year 1987, he hit a 24-foot shot and put the Bruins ahead by 62-59 with only ten seconds left in the game.

    In another game, he scored 33 points in the second half which was a school record. You can see why the Reggie Miller net worth has prospered so much. Reggie has achieved many feats based on his talent.

    Reggie finished 2nd in the UCLA all-time scoring records. He still has the UCLA single-season records for various things like the most number of points, highest league scoring average as well as most free throws. Reggie also has a lot of records solely to his name. UCLA also retired his jersey number 31 in his honor.

    Reggie also got into the Pac-12 Conference Hall of Honor in the year 2010. So you can safely say after reading that Reggie deserves every last penny of the Reggie Miller net worth.

    reggie miller net worth

    Closure | Reggie Miller Net Worth

    The Reggie Miller net worth started growing ever since Reggie started playing for his college team. He showed great talent even back then. Reggie has a lot of records to his name and he has helped his team achieve great feats with his leadership and experience.

    As long as Reggie played, he was the best in the business. He never gave up and learned from his losses. Reggie is an inspiration for the people seeking it. A boy who had to use braces to walk properly and here he is, playing basketball professionally for over 18 years.

    You can learn loyalty from Reggie Miller. You can learn compassion, leadership, and even things like being proud yet not arrogant. Reggie can teach you why money matters and he can also teach you why money is not the only thing that matters.

    If you were looking up Reggie Miller net worth to know about your favorite basketball player, there you have it. If you wanted an inspirational story to inspire and motivate you, I hope Reggie helped you a lot with that and that I made your reading experience fun. Check out the other articles about people like Ty Buttrey, Christian Laettner, etc on this site. Kudos!


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