8 Quick Steps To Use Pumice Stone For Best Results!

    Pumice Stone- Know How To use It?

    The formation of a pumice stone takes place when water mixes with lava. Doesn’t that sound interesting? A pumice stone is a light yet abrasive stone used for removing dead and dry skin from the topmost layer. A pumice stone also helps to soften your corns and calluses to reduce pain from immense friction.

    You may use a pumice stone daily for its amazing properties and effects on the skin but knowing exactly when to use it and how to use it makes a great impact.

    It appears like a petrified sponge and not something you would immediately feel like rubbing on your feet. Somewhere along with history, people figured out that this lightweight, porous piece of lava will leave your feet looking much smoother and softer than it does normally.

    It definitely needs a certain approach to sue properly, you can’t just use it without complete information on the usage. If not used appropriately, it may damage our skin. If you have poor circulation or diabetes, the sensations in the skin may not be strong enough to detect any damage which leads to infection and open sores.

    If you do not remain careful, you may remove too much skin causing bleeding and increased the risk of infection. Therefore, it is necessary for everyone who uses pumice stone to learn everything before proceeding.

    Where To Get the Supplies

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    You will be able to purchase a pumice stone at any local beauty and cosmetic shop or even grocery store. Some stores often have double-sided pumice stones. These stones have two sides, the abrasive side for rough skin and a soft side for sensitive skin or simply buffing.

    To exfoliate your skin safely, you will require a larger bowl or basin of soapy, warm water. This is mainly important for exfoliating your hands and feet. If you wish to use a pumice stone on your face, neck, elbows, etc consider using it when you are in a shower.

    Exfoliating your skin helps remove dead skin cells from the skin’s outer layer. It can be highly beneficial in removing dull and dry skin. It also increases blood circulation and brightens the skin giving you a supple glow.

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    Some other accessories you will need are:

    • A soft towel.
    • Moisturizers like oil, cream, and lotion.
    • Moisturizing socks (not essential)
    • A bristles brush to clean the pumice stone.

    Here are step-by-step instructions on how to use a pumice stone

    To remove your rough skin properly, you will need to prepare first and then use the pumice stone. If you experience irregular symptoms pr pain from suing the stone, stop using the stone immediately. Here’s what to do:


    1. You must gather all the materials needed in one place and make sure that the water and stone are clean.
    2. Soak your callused and dry skin in warm water first for about 5 to 10 minutes so that your skin softens a bit. Add oil or soap to the water for softening your skin extra as it helps retain the moisture. If you have to use a pumice stone on your knees, face, and elbows, complete the step in a shower or warm bath.

    How To Use The Pumice Stone

    1. While you are soaking the skin, you have to soak the pumice stone too in warm water. Never attempt a dry pumice stone on the skin. A wet pumice stone glides across the skin easily and reduces the chances of injuries.
    2. Remove the target area from the bath and pat dry using a towel. If you feel your skin is still rough, soak again for few minutes before using the stone.
    3. Remove the stone too from the water and apply it to the skin.
    4. Rub the abrasive or harsh side of pumice stone on your skin in a circular motion using light pressure. Massage the skin for 2 to 3 minutes. If you feel your skin is getting sore or sensitive, stop the usage immediately because there are chances you are using too much pressure.
    5. For your feet, gather and focus all the attention on your heels and the side of your toes. You can use it in all the dry areas.
    6. Continue rubbing the stone until the dead skin is removed and softer skin underneath is revealed.
    7. After 2-3 minutes of rubbing lightly, rinse your skin. If you still notice any patches of dead skin cells, you can again use a pumice stone and repeat the process. Also, rinse your pumice stone every time you use it so that its surface remains clean.
    8. You can repeat the same procedure daily or on alternate days to maintain soft and supple skin.
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    Finishing up

    Once you are done with the procedure of using a pumice stone, now what? Aftercare of your skin is as important as the procedures you use. Let’s see what to do after using a pumice stone.

    1. Once you are done using a pumice stone, apply an oil or a moisturizer to maintain moisture and keep your skin supple and soft. For a boost, go for moisturizing socks after moisturizing your skin.
    2. After every use, you must clean the pumice stone. Under running water, you may use a bristled brush to scrub the dead skin cells of the pumice stone. Also, apply few drops of soap to make sure it is free of dirt and entirely clean. Doing so ensures no bacteria grows on the stone.
    3. Do not share your pumice stone with other members, you can purchase all the family members their own pumice stone as it comes in few different shades.
    4. Allow the pumice stone to dry on its own. Keep it in a dry area away from moisture so that no bacteria grows on it.
    5. For cleaning the stone deeply, boil the stone in hot water for few minutes. Allow the stone to air-dry away from any damp area.
    6. Over time, the stone is going to wear down, it will become too smooth to remain effective at all. If your stone is getting softer, smoother, or smaller, replace it with a new one.

    Tips For Using A Pumice Stone

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    Based on where you want to use a pumice stone, you must know how to use it properly. Know that some parts of your body like your face needs extra precautions. Follow the tips given below:

    For your neck and face

    Your neck and face are sensitive areas of your body. If too much pressure is applied, abrasions and redness might be caused sooner or later. To use a pumice stone on your neck or face, you must use a double-sided stone having a soft and abrasive side.

    The procedure for using the stone remains the same. Instead of using the abrasive side of the stone, you are supposed to use the softer one. Rub these stones in small circular motions for nearly 15 seconds or so. If you feel burning sensations or notice redness on your face, just stop using it immediately.

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    Once your skin is exfoliated with the stone, rinse your neck and face with a moisturizer and warm water. Do not forget to apply a moisturizer later on. The stone should be used once a week only on your face ad not daily unlike other body parts like hands and legs.

    For removing hair

    Not only this stone helps to remove dead skin cells, but it also works pretty well for removing unwanted hair. Here are the steps you need to follow if you want to remove unwanted hair with the stone:

    1. Soften your skin for 5 to 10 minutes by soaking your body in warm water.
    2. Wat the stone too along with your body.
    3. lather soap on the areas you want to use it.
    4. Apply the stone to your skin and rub it in circular motions using gentle pressure to remove your hair.
    5. Rinse and repeat until all the hair has been removed. Note that in case you feel irritation doesn’t he skin, do not sue the stone any further.
    6. Once you are finished, rinse your skin thoroughly with warm water to remove excess hair left on the skin or dead skin.
    7. Apply a good oil or a moisturizer to the skin.
    8. Repeat the same procedure after every few days until all the boy hair is gone.


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    These instructions will guide you through using the stone safely and effectively for removing body hair or exfoliation. After using the pumice stone, moisturize your skin always and clean your stone to be used again safely. Remember that the results you have seen for somebody using the stone might are not the same as yours.

    IF you begin feeling pain or irritation, do not use it further. People having sensitive skin may be able to do well with such stones. If your skin breaks during the process, make sure to apply antiseptics and discontinue the usage. Discuss other options with your dermatologist that works well for your skin type.

    This was you needed to know on usage of a pumice stone efficiently with amazing tips. By following the procedure and aftercare tips, you most probably will receive great benefits unless you have highly sensitive skin.

    Know how to use gua sha tools for getting radiant skin hereafter. Enjoy the benefits of using it.


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