Jon Taffer Net Worth – Bio and 10 Interesting Facts

    jon taffer net worth

    Jon Taffer net worth is a wealth made because of entrepreneurial life and T.V. shows. He is known for being the host of the reality T.V. show Bar Rescue. He was born into a family of entrepreneurs and started his first job as a bartender. He also created a unique NLF ticketing programming package.

    He has authored a book, created an app for nightclub management, and hosted a couple of reality show series with unique concepts. He has more than three-decade of experience in the bar and restaurant business. He started a job as a bartender when he was in his teens. Since then, he has chosen this line of business and has tasted remarkable success.

    Name, Age Jonathan Peter Taffer, 67
    D.O.B 7th November 1954
    Profession Entrepreneur, TV personality, author
    Net Worth $15 million
    Marriage Nicole Taffer (m.2000)


    Jon Taffer Net Worth

    jon taffer net worth

    Jon Taffer net worth could have been more than what he is earning today had he not been the Ramsay Gordon of Bar Rescue. He has successfully helped bar owners profit from failing businesses with a few lawsuits and controversies lined up. Well, there is all kinds of audience. A few love the mellower side of reality shows, and some wouldn’t mind a mean streak.

    Well, for Jon, the mean streak, violence, and being sued might have turned down the magic of creating profitable businesses a few notches down. Jon is innovative. That’s what brings him money. He is full of ideas and sticks to his line of experience, which is bars and restaurants. Jon Taffer net worth is because of his inventiveness and experience in the bar and restaurant business.

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    Talking of reality shows, there are many entertaining half-truths, which is pretty much what you see in Bar Rescue. The pressure is to get failing bars and restaurants a makeover to get more customers and profits. Regardless of the controversies, the show was a success which made Jon Taffer a well-known face on television.

    Personal Life And Career

    jon taffer net worth

    Jon Taffer has been married to Nicole Taffer since 2000. He is a dotting father to his daughter Samantha from his previous marriage. He says he could lose everything to make his daughter happy. He lives with his family in Las Vegas.

    Jon was born to Russian-Jewish parents in New York and graduated from the University of Denver in political science and cultural anthropology. His first job as a bartender was in 1973 when he was nineteen years old in a pub called Barney’s Beanery.

    In 1978 he worked as a bar manager in The Troubadour. He was given complete control of managing the full nightclub located in California, Hollywood. In 1994 he created an NFL Sunday ticketing program that integrated sales, marketing, and distribution of the tickets. He created a patented method of selecting playlists in music.

    He was elected as the president of Nightclub and Bar Media Group in 2010. Bar Rescue was his breakthrough in television which happened in 2011. It was aired on Spike TV. His job was to renovate and give a makeover to failing bar and restaurant businesses all over the United States.

    His first book ‘Raise The Bar: An Action-Based Method for Maximum Customer Relations,’ was published in 2013 and co-written by Karen Kelly. The bar management app developed by Jon was called BarHQ and was launched in 2014.

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    He hosts a podcast series called ‘No Excuses’ in which he interviews celebrities about current events. He hosted the television reality show ‘Marriage Rescue’ for Paramount Network in 2019, to save failed marriages of the participant couples.

    Jon Taffer TV Shows And Controversies

    jon taffer net worth

    Jon Taffer has helped failing bar owners give a profitable overhaul to their businesses by analyzing various aspects. He might yell and scream like Gordon Ramsay, and must have angered many people but he also helped businesses make profits.

    His show Bar Rescue helps bar and restaurant businesses get a make over and fixes their bad attitude, customer service, and other aspects of the business. He is not sugar-coating it. He is hitting it right on the button, telling people as it is, and fixing issues they cannot see through to.

    He brings a lot of energy into the shows, and it is interesting to watch his precise analysis of bars he wants to rescue. His wife, Nicole, participates in the show and analyses the bar to be rescued for issues faced by staff and customers. Jon Taffer net worth is the wealth he adds by screaming, shouting, yelling, and fixing bars.

    He did receive a lot of backlash from a couple of bars he wanted to rescue. Most of those who didn’t find his comments appropriate also questioned his idea of ‘old fashioned’ drinks that he usually did on the shows. A few of the recipes that he created on these shows were called out by many haters on social media.

    10 Things You Didn’t Know About Jon Taffer

    jon taffer net worth
    • He is not as bad as Gordon Ramsay.
    • On his first job, he got the entire staff fired.
    • He is inspired by the visionaries Thomas Jefferson and Walt Disney.
    • He loves some of the Punk rock bands like the Dead Kennedys, FEAR, Black Flag because he started off in the ’80s.
    • He is listed in the Nightclub Hall Of Fame.
    • He developed a ‘Taffer’ line of mixology and drink mixes.
    • He has been sued for discrimination and a couple of lawsuits that brought the show in hot waters but is still a hit.
    • He lost $600,000 when he started his first business because he chose the wrong partner
    • In an interview, he admits to not wanting to open a bar
    • His way of unwinding from the yelling and screaming on the show; is to drive in his convertible Mercedes.
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    Jon Taffer net worth is what he earned yelling, screaming, and fixing failing bar businesses. He has uplifted and given a stunning makeover to most bars that didn’t do well and had bad reviews. Though he has a lot of haters who do not like his in-your-face reviews and candid analysis, the seasons of Bar Rescue have been running successfully.


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