Toby Keith Net Worth: The Secret Behind All The Prosperity

    Toby Keith is an American country singer who is also known for writing his own songs. Toby is someone who has a lot of songs to his name and he has been active in the music industry for over 2 decades now and approaching the 3rd-decade completion and that is one of the reasons that the Toby Keith net worth is so formidable.

    Compared to some other singers or even a few actors, the Toby Keith net worth is noticeably higher and the sole credit to that can be given to the hard work and passion that Toby has for music and making people forget their worries when they listen to music.

    I am sure most of you must have heard the albums Boomtown or Blue Moon, and if you have, you will know how talented Toby is and that he has absolutely earned the Toby Keith net worth and it is no kind of fluke or one-day stardom.

    Success does not come easy to anyone. These days some people might become an overnight sensation but unless they have actual talent or passion in them for the work they became famous for, they are going to be forgotten in a few weeks.

    And that is exactly what Keith is not. To be singing songs for almost 3 decades is no small feat and the fact that Toby Keith net worth is so huge proves that Toby actually is pretty famous and loved by his fans. Anyone who lasts for such a long time in any industry has got to have something special in them.

    A number of Toby’s albums have received Gold or higher certification and he has also managed to produce a number of Top 10 singles, one of which is his debut single called Should’ve Been A Cowboy. This song didn’t just top the country charts, but it was also the most played song of the 1990s.

    All these things tell you that the huge Toby Keith net worth should not be surprising to anyone and that is what we will be discussing in this article. I will tell you everything about how Toby earns his money and also name a few albums and songs of his to make you understand how popular he is.

    toby keith net worth

    Who Is Toby Keith?

    Before we get to the Toby Keith net worth, it is essential that you understand who Toby is. Toby was born on the 8th of July in 1961 and he is currently 59 years old and turning 60 soon. Toby’s full name is Toby Keith Covel and he was born in Clinton, Oklahoma in the U.S.

    His parent’s names are Carolyn Joa nee Ross and Hubert k. Covel Jr., Toby also has a sister and a brother. They used to live in Fort Smith in Arkansas for a few years when Toby was still in grade school but then they shifted to Moore, Oklahoma which is a suburb of Oklahoma City.

    The story of how Toby became interested in music, which eventually leads him to the huge Toby Keith net worth, is rather interesting. Toby used to visit his grandmother in Fort Smith and his grandma used to own the Billie Garner’s Supper Club and musicians used to play there sometimes and they caught Toby’s attention.

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    Toby used to do a number of odd jobs in the supper club and eventually, he learned enough that he started to get up on the bandstand to play with the band. When Toby was just 8 years old, he got his very first guitar, and ever since, it has been a great love story.

    Although music is not the only thing that Toby was ever interested in. When Toby’s family moved to Moore, he started attending Highland West Junior High and the Moore High School where he used to play the defensive end on the football team. Toby later graduated from Moor High School.

    toby keith net worth

    A Small Step Is Still A Step

    After his graduation, Toby used to work as a derrick hand in the oil fields, and eventually, he got promoted to an operation manager. Later, when he was just 20 years old, Toby, along with his mates Scott Webb, Keith Cory, David Yogi Vowell, and Danny Smith, etc., formed a band called the Easy Money Band which played at the local bars.

    Toby was also doing his work as an operation manager in the oil fields while playing with the band to make his ends meet. He sometimes even had to leave the band in the middle of playing when he got paid to come work in the oil field. Toby really had to work hard just so he could get a decent amount for the Toby Keith net worth, which was almost nothing back in his 20’s.

    In the year 1982, Toby got unemployed because the oil industry in Oklahoma faced a heavy decline. After that, he started his football training again and played the defensive end with the semi-professional Oklahoma City Drillers while he kept his performances with the band going.

    This team was an unofficial farm club of the U.S. Football League’s Oklahoma Outlaws. Toby had tried getting into the Outlaws but he couldn’t make it. The band was something that made Toby feel at home and it also helped him earn some money and kept his life as well as the Toby Keith net worth going.

    After the rejection from the Outlaws, Toby concentrated his attention on music and despite what his family believed that he could not succeed in the music industry, he did make a breakthrough with Easy Money as he and other band members like Mike Barnes, T.A. Brauer, etc., started playing the honky-tonk circuit in Oklahoma and Texas.

    toby keith net worth

    Toby Keith Net Worth

    Now to answer the questions that you all have been waiting eagerly to find out the answer about, the Toby Keith net worth is estimated to be around $365 million and it is ever growing and doesn’t seem like it is going to see any down days as long as Keith is with us.

    Talking about the money that Toby has been earning for the Toby Keith net worth, he got paid around $20,000 for his first ever record contract. This eponymous first album of his was released in the year 1993.

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    This album named Toby Keith had singles like Should’ve Been a Cowboy, he Ain’t Worth Missing, Wish I Didn’t Know Now, etc. He performed in over 150 concerts in just a period of 10 months between March 1992 and December 1993.

    When he was at these concerts, Toby earned about $5000 to $10,000 on an average per night. When Toby was on his tour, the second single of the album started getting played on the radio and that increased Toby’s value and that is the reason why the organizers started paying him $20,000 per show and that is how the Toby Keith net worth took off in its earlier days.

    Other than singing and songwriter, Toby has also been in certain TV shows like Total Nonstop Action Wrestling which used to be NWA-TNA before and it was on a pay-per-view basis. His first appearance was on June 19 in 2002.

    Toby was also part of Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report as well as Fox Channels’ Huckabee along with Mike Huckabee. In 2018, He also appeared as a guest on Darci Lynne: My Hometown Christmas.

    Toby also got roles in movies like Broken Bridges and Beer for My Horses. He even wrote the movie Beer for My Horses himself. He also owns a number of restaurants and bars in the whole of the U.S. as well as a line of clothing. All these things, singing, acting, writing, various business ventures, etc. helped Toby get the Toby Keith net worth where it is today.

    toby keith net worth

    Why Was Toby Proclaimed One Of The Wealthiest Celebrities In The U.S.?

    When we said that the Toby Keith net worth is nothing to scoff at, we meant it. You can only guess how much $365 million would be. At one point Toby might have even had more than $500 million to his name and that is one of the reasons he is considered one of the wealthiest celebrities in the U.S.

    Forbes Magazine even featured Toby on the cover of its July 15h 2013 edition and the caption to the picture on the cover read “Country music’s $500 million man”. The article about Toby was titled Cowboy Capitalist and was written by Zack O’Malley Greenburg.

    This article writes in detail about how Toy has earned his money and made the Toby Keith net worth have such a huge amount of dollars. Zack talks about how he once attended a concert by Toby for which he was getting paid around $1 million for a 90 minutes appearance on stage.

    It is also mentioned in the article that Toby earned more than any other singer during the one-year period in 2012-2013. He earned about $65 million whereas people like Lady Gaga, Madonna, Jay-Z, Beyoncé, or Jennifer Lopez didn’t even cross the $50 million line.

    In the 5 years preceding the writing of that article by Zack, Toby had never earned less than $48 million in a year and his overall income in just those 5 years was around $270 million. The Toby Keith net worth has never seen a low time because every year since Toby started in the music industry, he has given us at least one No.1 country song.

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    The total amount that Toby has earned easily goes past $500 million. Toby’s songs are such that sometimes the radio stations play them over 50 times in a day and some hits are played over 100 times in just a week.

    toby keith net worth

    How Toby’s Musical Career Built Up The Toby Keith Net Worth?

    As I already told you, Toby was working in the oil fields to earn money after he got out of school. He saw that the oil prices were getting higher and he grabbed the opportunity and started working there and earned about $50,000 per year but when the industry went down, he concentrated on music where he made $35 per night by playing at local bars and clubs.

    Slowly, most of his bandmates of the Easy Money Band left and he hired musicians to play in the band on a salary instead of a share. The band found regular work and went on trips for jobs they got. The band even slept 2 in a room in cheap motels so that they could save more money.

    By the time the 90s started, Toby owned the whole act and he was getting $60,000 for it all and the Toby Keith net worth kept growing. But even with all that, he was still getting rejected by record labels. Finally a break for him in the form of a fan who gave Mercury Records’ chief Harold Shedd a demo tape of his work on a flight to Nashville

    That is when Toby was offered a $20,000 deal for a record album when he agreed to it instantly. Later on, Toby said in an interview that one of the people who had rejected him was cutting grass for a living the last he had heard.

    After the album How Do You Like Me Now? Was rejected by Luke Lewis because he thought it was not good enough, Toby brought back its rights for $93,000 and then sold it to DreamWorks label for $200,000, and eventually, the album went on to sell more than 3.1 million copies.

    Toby later bought around a 10% stake in Big Machine which has singers like Rascal Flatts, Tim McGraw, and Taylor Swift signed so whenever Taylor gets paid, Toby gets a part of it too. Toby is proud of his hard work and he loves the money that he has earned.

    It is because of all these things, Toby’s talent, not just in singing but also in grabbing opportunities is what has made the Toby Keith net worth so huge. Toby also earns around $12 million from his restaurants alone and that is a major contributor to his net worth.

    toby keith net worth

    Closure | Toby Keith Net Worth

    Toby Keith net worth is $365 million and that is because he has learned what his audience loves and he has a talent for delivering his best work at all times. The number of awards that Toby has won and has been nominated for can tell you just how talented and popular Toby is.

    Toby’s 60th birthday is close and he is entertaining us even at this age and we hope and wish that he will continue doing so for a long time to come as well because we love his music, we love his lyrics and we love him.

    Lastly, do share your suggestions and thoughts in the comments section. Till then you can check out more net worths.



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