Complete Information On Blue Nose Pitbull With 7 Interesting Facts

    Blue Nose Pitbull- All The Breed Information

    Do you want to welcome a blue nose pitbull into your loving family? Adopting or housing a dog is really a decision that we are often excited about. You might be really excited about their coat color as they are different from other breeds. Here is your ultimate guide on blue nose pitbull, you can read about their genetics, prices, nutrition, and some amazing facts about your new baby.

    Here is complete breed information with some interesting facts to note.

    The American pit bull terrier dog is often misunderstood by many people in several ways. But for all of you who have come across a pitbull or had one earlier, know that there are plenty of reasons to bring them and over them. From their extremely loving nature to their funny smiley faces, all the way to their gorgeous paws, you will fall in love.

    Each pit bull breed is unique in its own ways but if you are looking for the most unique breed, it is none other than your blue nose pitbull. If you are thinking what makes them so special and unique from other breeds? Is it their varied colors? This guide discusses all the unique features the blue nose pitbull has to sum up and give you an idea of why you need to house them. We shall also be telling you more about the genetics behind their multiple colors and most importantly their gorgeous blue nose.

    Breed History

    blue nose pitbull
    Photo by VMonte13 on Pixabay

    Regardless of their distinctive coat colors, they have earned an unfair reputation. Unfortunately due to their checkered past, there is still a negative influence on their present which needs to be tackled. Their ancestors were from England and they were spotted in the 19th century. They were originally used in fights against other dogs, rats, and bulls because of their betting. They had brilliant strength and tenacity due to which they were chosen for the bloodsport.

    When such blood sports were outlawed in England, they were flown to America. The sport continued in America and the largest of them all were bred to form a different breed which we see today as the popular American Pitbull Terrier. Nowadays due to a lot of changes against animals, they are not used for fighting. Instead, they are used as herders due to their fantastic abilities. Even better than herders, they are great companions for your family.

    It is still not known when the first dog came into existence having this coloring. It is estimated that as soon as the standard pitbull having a black nose was born, this blue nose pitbull might have also born. Thanks to so much awareness of dogs and their caretakers these days, fortunately, the reputation of Pitbulls is changing and they are becoming highly popular due to their amazing coat colors.

    When referring to a pitbull most people refer to the most popular breed out there, which is American Pitbull Terrier but our blue nose pitbull is no behind these days in terms of population.

    3 types of dogs are often referred to as pitbull terriers by many people. They also have several designations given to them but their owners. The most common include red-nosed terrier, blue nose terrier, and black nose terrier. Among these, the blue nose terrier and re nose are rare.

    Color Genetics

    Due to their genetics, the dogs having blue noses and red noses are rare. But why is this color combination rare? Unfortunately, this is difficult to understand as DNA is not ABC, but this can be understood through a simple guide.

    Like every animal present on this planet including humans, dogs also inherit a set of genes from their parents that determine what kind of characteristics the dog will possess (internally and externally). These gene combinations arise from their mom and dad having different colors, the combination will provide the dog color of their nose, eyes, skin, and everything else. The genes present in the dominant state will represent themselves in the dog whereas the recessive gene will hide. Usually, the dominant genes are represented as capital letters while the recessive ones with lowercase alphabets.

    If we discuss the blue nose gene, this is a slightly diluted version of the black nose itself. The melanophilin gene is responsible for the different colorings of these genes. When a mutation occurs inside the gene, this causes the color to dilute slightly making it different from the parent color. The mutation leads to recessive genes and is often termed as d-locus or d-allele in the genetic world.

    So, if the mother of the dog is DD (dominant genes for the black nose) and the father is also a DD, the dog will also become a blue nose pitbull. But, if the dad is Dd and the mother is also Dd, which means both are carrying a recessive gene too but their colors are black because D is dominantly representing itself. Their combinations are DD, Dd, and dd. The last combination of genes when inherited by the child dog, it becomes blue nose pitbull as both genes are recessive and responsible for the blue nose.

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    This states that if two black nose Pitbulls mate, they can give birth to a blue nose pitbull given that both have one recessive gene. This happens very are though. All you need to know from this information is that blue nose pitbull is really rare and black nose pitbull can give birth to the blue nose as this is a diluted version of the black one.


    The appearance of a blue nose pitbull is strikingly beautiful as it seems. This dog looks practically the same as other pitbull terriers would look except for their charming blue nose. You cannot expect a smurf blue when we say blue, it refers to a diluted version of the black one. This could range from light gray to dark gray. Their nose is framed by their wide cheeky grin and flower-shaped ears. Also, their head and nose appear square in shape. They have long think tails pointing towards the sky.

    Blue Nose Pitbulls are most likely to inherit their complimentary blue coat also with blue or silver eyes. Traditional terrier colors include brown, brindle, cream, and black colors. There might also be a blend of all these. Their coat is shiny yet short and they require very little grooming.

    The measurement of a blue nose pitbull is between 17 inches to 21 inches when measured from their shoulder to paws and their weight is mainly 50 to 65 pounds. This indicates that they are medium to large-sized dogs. They are athletic in appearance. If you give your blue nose pitbull a high-quality diet with regular exercising, they will look like bodybuilder dogs having muscles.

    Another pitbull named Merle pitbull is also available for sale but know that they are not true Pitbulls, if you are looking for a true pit bull, paying for them is not a thing you should do. Many breeders often sell them instead f blue nose pitbull, if you see something like this happening, you can simply walk away. At the end of the day you must know that their colors do not matter, what matters is their amazing personality and affection towards their owner.

    Temperament Of Blue Nose Pitbull

    Despite their harsh and aggressive reputation for decades, you must understand that they are much more than that. In fact, this is a myth that needs to be put to rest now. Among more than 1000 Pitbulls in Americans who were associated with temperament tests, more than 90% of them passed successfully. These results will be the same for other breeds as well. Meaning that they are highly well-mannered and friendly dogs. It is just that some dogs of this breed gained such reputation and due to their tough appearance, they give those vibes.

    Another breed dachshund was given the same personality tests and the results will surprise you. Among this breed, only 70% of dogs passed the temperament test. you can figure out that pitbull is one of the most amazingly mannered and best soring breeds.

    Now that you know the myths are not true, you can easily believe that they are lovable goofballs. Blue Nose Pitbull loves having fun with his family and enjoying his playtime. They love almost all the activities you can think of. Be it fetch. jogging, tug-of-war, flyball, or just walking. Blue Nose Pitbull is extremely loyal towards its owner and they are very eager to please you by doing something that makes you happy. Isn’t that lovable?

    They are not shy like other dogs, they love extending their friendliness towards intruders and strangers. So if you want a guard dog to manage your household, you might want another breed that’s not as friendly as blue nose pitbull is. This dog is known to welcome all with an open heart which is a great quality if you live in a joint family or a sociable family with many people passing by regularly.

    Another important fact about the blue nose pitbull is that it only extends friendliness towards other humans. It is entirely the opposite in the case of rodents and other small animals. This is due to their history. Even if you socialize your blue nose pitbull well, he still might act differently with pet rats or any small pet. If you own multiple pets you should give it a thought or meet them before making commitments.

    Training And Exercise Needed

    Blue Nose terrier is a highly energetic dog which means it requires a lot of exercises daily. At least 60 minutes of workout or playing is needed for them. It does not matter if it is raining outside f it’s lockdown due to some reason, they still need to expel all their energy for that day otherwise your dog can become quite unruly and problematic sometimes leading to destruction. Be cautious as they might break anything expensive.

    Other than this, your dog also requires entertainment to get going throughout the day. This will stimulate their bain and keep them happy along with making a stronger bond with their owners.

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    These dogs are highly tough and they require tough toys too. So you will also have to invest in a bunch of toys that are tough or indestructive in nature and keeps your pup happy.

    Their nature is so loyal that they are always eager to please you due to which they are likely to follow and listen to everything that you have to say. This dog is a delight to train as they are perfect with everything they do. You will also require few treats in hand to reward them. Remember the key to keeping your dog happy and going with the training is positive reward training. They will be obedient in no time if you do so.

    Because of their fighting history, you must socialize them early in their childhood. This makes them one of the friendliest breeds out there. Make sure you are getting them from a reputable owner as they socialize them early. You can build your blue nose pitbull’s confidence by socializing them and mixing with other breeds also, in this manner your blue nose pitbull will also be able to confront unfamiliar situations.

    Health Of Blue Nose Pitbull


    Other than nose, when it comes to health, there are few differences between the standard black nose pitbull and blue nose pitbull. This is another reason why you must bring them from a reputable breeder to get a healthy dog.

    Unfortunately, according to the research, the mutation occurs in black nose pitbull that later led to blue nose pitbull were able to low the levels of melanin in their body. Melanin is a pigment responsible for giving color. It can cause other concerns related to health like eye conditions, heart diseases, lower immunity, and slightly higher chances of having cancer.

    This is something you should always keep in mind if you are looking to house a blue nose pitbull. Their life is quite more troublesome as compared to the other one. Due to health problems, your vet bills and insurance might also cost more than usual.

    Thankfully, it is a healthy breed, you do not have to worry much as they rarely catch diseases when given high-quality food and exercising daily. The two most harmful and common concerns include skin allergies and dysplasia. Another disease called cerebral abiotrophy is also found in this breed which reduces their mobility but this one is less common. The lifespan of blue nose pitbull is 12 years to 16 years which is quite great when compared to many other breeds.


    food bowl, fressnapf, dog food
    Photo by kalhh on Pixabay

    Blue Nose Pitbull requires premium-quality dog food specially made for Pitbulls. This food keeps them sustained throughout the day to complete all their activities. A dog food having higher protein content should be given so look to feed them at least 25% protein from the food. They usually eat 1100 calories a day, this equates to 2 and a half cups of food or even more if they were into harsh training sessions.

    They are more likely to receive skin allergies due to mutation in their genes. You should always keep your eyes on their skin condition as what they eat can also sometimes affect their skin to cause allergies. If you notice your dog scratching their skin more than they usually do, there might be something wrong with their food. Take them to a vet and tell them about the allergic signs you have come across.

    Grooming A Blue Nose Pitbull

    Their coat is quite short and sleek which clearly means they will not require a lot of grooming as many other breeds require. This can save you a lot of time and money. This is a fantastic quality assuming how much extra time people have to give to their dog’s grooming. They will just require you to brush their hair 2 to 3 times a week. They are shedding almost all time of the year, so brushing their hair will remove the unwanted or weak hair follicles at that time itself. You need not have to spend more time cleaning everything.

    This also helps remove any dead fur and spreads the natural oil in fur all around their body and keeps them looking smarter than usual. Your pitbull requires a bath after every 8 to 12 weeks so that they do not smell weird and look fresh. Again, as you know their skin is more sensitive and prone to allergies, you must use a very gentle shampoo to wash their coat. Look for shampoos having natural ingredients like oatmeal. You can also visit a vet and ask them about the shampoo, they might prescribe a medicated one looking at your dog’s condition.

    All other grooming regiments of blue nose pitbull like ear canal, eyes, dental cleaning, etc are pretty same as other breeds. Do these things at least once a week to enhance the bond between you two and keep them hygienic.

    Breeders And Prices

    As you already know that this color combination is very rare, so many unethical and unscrupulous breeders usually breed two blue nose dogs together so that they can produce more of these dogs to sell. They do not take into account if the dogs are ill, old, closely related, or too young. This is an unethical practice called inbreeding and it can cause some serious health problems in dogs as the gene pool is limited.

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    If you have planned on getting a blue nose pitbull, you must work with a breeder that is highly reputed and known for having good behavior with the dogs. These kinds of breeders do not practice inbreeding methods. They might ask you for a little bit more money but they are always worth it. The dogs will be healthy and free of most diseases. In the long run, such dogs can save you a lot of vet bills.

    If you are buying from a reputable breeder, you can expect a blue nose pitbull to be around 2000 to 3000 USD. If you do not know where to buy them or whom to trust, you can always look for professional websites where the breeders ask you to visit them and look for yourself the dogs and their parents to find out they are free of diseases and no inbreeding was practiced. You can also look for reviews on their websites or ask people who have adopted dogs before.

    Better than adopting them from a breeder, you can always look for dogs from rescue shelters. There are probably hundreds or even thousands of rescue blue nose pit bulls available in rescue shelters. Although this is really sad that these dogs are waiting for their owners to pick them. Visit a rescue center present locally and talk to them about your needs.

    Some Interesting Facts On Blue Nose Pitbull

    Animal So

    1. They Can Be Great Jumpers

    This is a thing these dogs really love to do. They are just obsessed with being active and jumping places similar to boxers, They love jumping on people as well. They are also recognized as one of the best jumpers and have the ability to jump over 15 feet high fences, isn’t that amazing?

    2. They Aren’t Guard Dogs

    This is already given above. Due to their extremely friendly nature, they do not make great guard dogs, although with a lot of training they might be able to do so. They rarely bark even if a stranger enters which makes them less likely to be a guard or watchdog. If you want a dog that can stop intruders or burglars, a blue nose pitbull is not the one.

    3. They Are Strong And Smart

    Like all other Pitbulls, the blue nose pitbull is also extremely intelligent. Their fantastic personality and abilities to impress their owners make them adorable. They are emotionally smart too unlike many breeds. Training is really easy when you have a pitbull because of its strength, energy, and power. You might be wondering why do they even require training when they are already so strong and smart? Here’s a thing, they need to control these abilities so that they do not become destructive.

    Their bite strength however is not very good comparatively. Many people believe in myths like once the pitbull locks its teeth there is no going back, but it is not so. Dogs like German shepherds, mastiffs, Rottweilers, etc have double the bite strength when you compare both these.

    4. Great With Children

    They were always misunderstood as aggressive dogs due to which many people do not adopt them. But the fact is, they are really social, friendly, and the most amazing dogs you could ask for your kids. For hundreds of years, they were also termed “nanny dogs” due to their caring abilities.

    They are highly intelligent and versatile. They can flip over immediately from roughhousing to cuddling with you within a few seconds. With very little training, they can be amazing with kids of all ages forming a wonderful companion.

    5. Highly Emotional

    They are incredibly intuitive and emotional. They have the ability to read their loved one’s emotions within a second they see them. These qualities make them worth housing as they are a great companion to humans and can be beneficial as therapy dogs too. You just have to be careful about their training.

    As they are highly emotional, excessive scolding or yelling at them during training can make them scared and anxious. If a dog becomes scared or anxious, it will likely be aggressive to protect himself. Never yell at them and remain slightly patient with all the dogs irrespective of their breeds while training them. Practice positive reinforcement and reward system when training your doggo.

    6. They Can Live Long Life

    Their lifespan is good as compared to many other breeds. Because of their terrier side, they have a lifespan closer to a small dog. They are highly prone to skin issues so you will want to groom them regularly. With a great diet and good health regimen, you can help your dog live way longer and lead a healthy life.

    They can often face issues with their joints and hips due to their active regimen when they get older. Hip dysplasia is common in dogs of this size so you must take care of it so that they live longer.

    To keep their joints healthy, you can use joint aids that have hemp extract, glucosamine, and omega 3 fatty acids. These ingredients keep them strong and going with their activities.

    7. They Are Highly Athletic

    You will frequently notice your dog flip over themselves and bounce back up with a cheeky grin. This smile can just make your day if you love dogs to the core. They love being active and can go all day long playing with their owners out of love and enthusiasm.

    This was a complete guide on Blue Nose Pitbull with 7 interesting facts about them.


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