Nick Cannon Net Worth: How Valuable Is This American Actor?

    American actor Nick Cannon net worth is $30 million, and he is a television host. Throughout his career, Nick has had success in film, television, radio, and as a producer and entrepreneur.

    On screen career

    In 2002, Nick made a small appearance in “Men in Black II”. In 2002 his first acting role came when he played Devon Miles in the film “Drumline”, and the following year, in the comedy movie “Love Don’t Cost a Thing”. Other films comprise “Roll Bounce”, “Shall We Dance”, and “Bobby” in 2006.

    He was nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award in 2007 for his role in “Bobby”, and was honoured with the Breakthrough Actor of the Year honour at the Cannes Film Festival for his representation. Nike later starred in the Spike Lee flick “Chi Raq” in 2015.

    Cannon’s, “Wild and Out”, ran the successful television comedy cum Sketch Show on MTV for a total of 4 seasons during 2005-2007. The show was bolstered in 2012 with Nick as a host.

    Nock Cannon Net Worth


    America’s Got Talent

    In the year of 2009, he superseded Regis Philbin as a host of “America’s Got Talent”. He served as host from 2009-2016. Nick Cannon net worth got increased as he made $70,000 per episode when he hosted “America’s Got Talent”.

    In 2017, Nick hawked that he would not be returning to the 2017 season, stating creative differences between NBC executives and himself. Regardless, the network was already considering firing Nick after he commented against NBC in his show time comedy special “Stand Up, Don’t Shoot”.

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    Technically Cannon was under contract and could be sued by NBC for breach of contract; therefore NBC officials had previously rejected his resignation. However, it was eventually accepted and was replaced by Tyra Banks as the host of “America’s Got Talent”.

    Nick Cannon- Famous American Actor

    Music career

    In 2005, Nike started his own record label, “Can I Ball Records”. His self-titled debut album was launched in 2003 and peaked at # 15 on the US R&B charts. The lead& solo single, “Can I Live”, was presented in the month of July 2005.

    In 2009, Nike created a new record label called N’Credible Entertainment, after annulling Can-I-Ball records. In 2010, Cannon became a parody character of Slick Nick. He launched two singles as a character, and in December 2011, released a mixtape titled “Child of the Corn”.

    In July 2013, Cannon released a brand new single “Me Sexy”. He later released another single, “Looking for a Dream”, featuring Afrojack. In 2014, his second album “White People Party Music” was launched.

    On November 16, 2016 second mixtape of Cannon, “The Gospel of Ike Turn Up: My Side of the Story”, was broadcasted. In December 2019, Nick taped an Eminem diss track namely “The Invitation”. Later on Eminem tweeted in response, Cannon made a recording of another diss track on that day. His music career imparted him a hike on Nick Cannon net worth.


    CBS Firing

    On June 30, 2020, in an episode of Nick’s podcast “Cannon’s Class” Nick made comments that were interpreted to mean being antisemitic. While interrogating Professor Griff of Public Enemy about quitting the group after he made an antisemitic comment, later Cannon discussed some of the conspiracy theories associated with the wealthy Rothschild family that were considered antisemitic.

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    On the month of July 14, 2020, in response to several comments, Viacom CBS discharged its relationship with Canon, which aired its show “Wild ‘N Out”, stating “hate speech and antisemitic conspiracy theories.” Cannon also hosts a radio show called “Nick Cannon Morning” on KPWR Power 106.

    On 16thJuly, 2020, he announced through a tweet that he would be taking recess of his radio show to reflect a ration and create a plan. The show has been running indefinitely. He apologized on Twitter and was able to host the Fox show “The Masked Singer”, which he has carried out since 2019.


    The followings are the prime highlights of Nick Cannon’s work life:

    • Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards (2001)
    • Hollywood Film Festival, Ensemble of the Night (2006)
    • NAACP Image Awards, Outstanding Supporting Actor (2012)

    Early life

    Nick Cannon was born on October 8, 1980, in San Diego, California.

    Her parents had divorced when he was at his very young age, and Cannon’s grandparents made a big contribution to his upbringing. At a tender age, he found his passion for comedy when he did stand-up comedy on his father’s public access program.

    At age 16, he began traveling to Los Angeles over the weekend to do stand-up comedy, and at high-profile locations, he instigated landing gigs.


    Cannon runs its own charity, the Nicholas Scott Cannon Foundation. He toured the public service for an organization called Do Something in 2011, a platform that encourages teens to find motivating reasons and join and contribute to their communities. Since 2011, Canon has served as celebrity spokesperson for National Association of Letters Carriers’ annual food drive.

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    “3 Rules For Success” from Nick Cannon

    Now that you aware about Nick Cannon net worth and how he gained success; let’s have a look at some of the guidelines we can acquire from him:

    • “Do whatever it takes to make your dreams come true”

    Become a go-getter. When the time comes to fulfil your dreams don’t take anyone into account for an answer, because only you can make it come true.

    • “Never lose sight of what you want in life”

    Having aspirations and dreams is an astounding thing and having those thoughts in your mind can help you create, overcome and inspire more and more. Therefore, be determined and ambitious because in the end it will all be worth factors.

    • “Keep good company”

    Never forget about the people who truly matter to you and the people who are clinging to you no matter what. People who are honest and loyal should be your superior priority, not the one who hates you and wants to shatter you.

    Surround yourself with good company and good things are sure to come.

    Bottom Line

    Nick Cannon is a partner in numerous things, comprising music, acting, production, comedy, and several television show host projects.

    By 2021, Nick Cannon net worth is approximately $30 million; nevertheless, it will probably increase as he launches new music and other projects incessantly.

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