Lenny Kravitz Net Worth: Devoted Journey To Becoming A Millionaire

    Everyone knows the Kravitzs’, yes I’m talking about Lenny and Zoe Kravitz. It is seen that Lenny Kravitz net worth is one of the top searches related to the Kravitzs’. Well, why wouldn’t it be? Lenny is one of those Grammy-winning musicians who is loved by a lot of people.

    Coming from a family that is into a similar business, it is assumed that he got his success pretty easily. But that is not exactly the case with Lenny. Yes, he might have gotten a little help from here and there but he has worked pretty hard by himself to make Lenny Kravitz net worth what it is today.

    Today we will be talking about someone who has been into music ever since he was a toddler. Not just in music but throughout his career, he has done many jobs that have helped boost Lenny Kravitz net worth which we will look at in this article along with his journey to being a millionaire. So, let’s start with his early life and then move forward.

    lenny kravitz net worth

    Early life

    Leonard Albert Kravitz, also known as Lenny Kravitz, was born on 26th May 1964 in New York City to Roxie Roker and Television news producer Sy Kravitz. From a young age, growing up he was not brought up in a religious environment. However, after the age of 13, he began to attend church and went on to become a Norm-Denominational Christian.

    Ever since Lenny was a teenager, he has played drums and guitar, and he loves R&B, Jazz, and Gospels. However, if we go further back, Lenny was into playing drums ever since he was a toddler. He used pot and pens to play drums and that shows how much he loves music.

    He went to P.S.6 elementary school when he lived in Manhattan. Although, when his father, Sy Kravitz was cast in The Jefferson’s, their entire family moved to Los Angeles. During this time, Lenny was completely into the music of Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd.

    lenny kravitz net worth

    During Lenny’s time in Los Angeles, it was then that he was introduced to the Rock Metal form of music. Since this time itself, he was attracted to the cool lifestyle with all the girls and he was a fan of rock ‘n’ roll.

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    Even when he was in school, Lenny used to play piano and bass in Beverly Hills Highschool which he learned by himself. He attended this school with stars like Nicholas Cage and Slash. When in Beverly Hills, he became friends with Zoro, and ever since he has been a collaborator for Lenny. Later in 1982, he started performing as ‘Romeo Blue’ on road.

    He also starred in a few television commercials in his early years. After his parents got divorced in 1985, his relationship with his father became a little edgy. Well, Lenny increased focus on music during this period, and it helped him deal with the trauma he dealt with and it is music that is the very base of Lenny Kravitz net worth.


    Lenny Kravitz Net Worth

    Now, without any further ado, let me tell you Lenny’s net worth which is $80 million. This humongous net worth comes from not just one but many professions that Lenny is into. Those of you who follow him know very well that this man does a lot of things.

    For those of you who don’t follow Lenny, let me tell you that he is a singer, songwriter, record producer, musician, and actor. He has won more than half a dozen Grammy awards and that talks a lot about his net worth and how he has worked on it. The music style of Lenny includes folk, funk, jazz, R&B, soul, rock, hard rock, pop, psychedelic, reggae, ballads, and even blues.

    Kravitz has 11 official studio albums under his name which have sold more than 40 million copies so far that we know of. Other than that, he has many singles and albums including his debut album, that have hit the top charts and won him a lot of awards including the Grammy.

    Music is the major contributor to Lenny Kravitz net worth. However, Lenny has worked in a number of movies and has had pretty good work in that arena. I’m listing the movies that Lenny has worked in so that you have a better look.

    lenny kravitz net worth
    • The Hunger Games series
    • The Butler
    • Shotgun Wedding
    • The Rugrats Movie
    • Miss Americana
    • Precious
    • Zoolander
    • Zoolander 2
    • The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
    • Being Mick
    • Holy Ghost
    • La traversée du désir
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    I know, as a musician, the list of movies is pretty impressive, but that is exactly why we can see the Lenny Kravitz net worth to be $80 million. Apart from being in the movies, Lenny also runs a company named Kravitz Design Inc. which is involved in commercial and residential designing.

    This company is another major contributor to Lenny Kravitz net worth since 2003. If you are thinking about how much it could possibly contribute, not long ago a home in Hollywood Hills designed by Kravitz Design was sold for $38 million in 2017.

    Talking about the estate history in his life, he owned property in many places like Brazil, New Orleans, Paris, and even the Bahamas. It was in 2005, that Lenny sold his mansion for $14.5 million which was 12,000 sq.ft. In 2010, Alicia Keys bought Lenny’s penthouse for $14.9 million situated in Manhattan.


    The Stepping Stones Towards Lenny Kravitz Net Worth

    lenny kravitz net worth

    At the beginning of his career, just like everyone else, even Lenny took a good amount of time to make the Lenny Kravitz net worth look like what it is today. In his early days, he didn’t have enough money so he borrowed some money from his father to release his first full-length album.

    For his first album, it is surprising but he got a pretty good response. Henry Hirsch, Karl Denson, and Stephen Elvis Smith are the ones that Lenny Collaborated with. His first album was worth a lot of appreciation and this was proven when there were five record labels that fought to sign Lenny’s album.

    However, it was Virgin Records who got Lenny’s Signature in 1989. In the same year, in September, he released his album named ‘Let Love Rule’. This debut album of his was a nice blend of rock and funk music with a good old 60’s vibe.

    In 1999, after 10 years of his debut album release, he won his first Grammy award for his single “Fly Away” and it surely helped build Lenny Kravitz net worth. Well, to talk about the awards Lenny has received, it all started when his song “Mama Said” received Platinum in five countries in 1991 which surely contributed to his net worth.

    Lenny’s third album ‘Are You Gonna Go My Way’, was #1 on charts in many countries like Australia, Switzerland, and Canada. This song was made in collaboration with Mike Jagger and David Bowie. This is one of the songs that contribute to Lenny Kravitz net worth.

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    Before all this, Lenny had already contributed to a hit song, ‘Justify My Love’ by Madonna. Lenny was the co-writer and producer for this song. ‘Justify My Love’ was on #1 hit on the charts. Later, he released “Circus” and “5” in 1995 and 1998 respectively.


    The Awards Stack

    lenny kravitz net worth

    The following is a table showcasing the awards Lenny has won throughout his career and trust me there are a lot of those.

    Title Award Year
    Mama Said Platinum 1991
    Best Male Video for “Are you gonna go my way?” MTV Video Music Award 1993
    International Male Solo Artist Brit Award 1994
    Most Fashionable Artist, Male VH1/Vogue Fashion Award 1998
    Fly Away Grammy 1999
    Cover of “American Woman” by Guess Who Grammy 1999
    Best Male Rock Vocal Performance Grammy 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002
    Lenny Grammy 2001
    Baptism Grammy 2004
    It Is Time For A Love Revolution Grammy 2008
    Black And White America Grammy 2011
    Strut Grammy 2014
    Raise Vibration Grammy 2018

    Apart from the awards mentioned in the table, there are more awards that are to Lenny’s name. He has won ASCAP Pop Awards, Billboard Music Video Awards, American Music Awards, UK Music Video Awards, and even Blockbuster Entertainment Awards. Oh, the list seems never ending, doesn’t it?

    The table above and all these awards tell a lot about Lenny Kravitz net worth and what it is today. Well, Lenny didn’t stop there, till 2019, he released more than 50 music videos and that tells a lot about his hard work and determination towards anything that he does.


    Closure | Lenny Kravitz Net Worth

    lenny kravitz net worth

    Winding up, that was all there is to know about Lenny Kravitz net worth so far. Lenny with his $80 million net worth is one of the successful musicians in America and there is a lot we can learn from him. His determination and hard work are what have brought him this success he has today.

    We often look up how much people earn or have earned just like Lenny Kravitz net worth, but we should also look at the journey and get inspired by the good things. So, with that being said, let’s wrap up and until then you can check out other net worth articles.


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