Derek Jeter Net Worth (2021) Know About His Remarkable Career and Earnings

    Derek Jeter net worth stands at $220 million, and that’s exactly what makes him one of the richest baseball players out there. According to the list announced by Celebrity Net Worth, Jeter is the second richest baseball player after Alex Rodriguez.

    Derek Jeter is a very well know American former baseball shortstop, a baseball executive, an actor, and a businessman. The list doesn’t end here. He has also been a CEO and co-owner of the Miami Marlins. It is a baseball team that competes in Major League Baseball.

    His real name is Derek Sanderson Jeter. He also has a few famous names such as The November and the Captain Clutch.

    Derek Jeter Net Worth And His Earning Sources

    Derek Jeter Net Worth
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    If we see according to the latest updates, Derek Jeter has a net worth of $220 million in 2021. For the last three years, Derek’s net worth is constantly increasing.

    Years Net Worth of Derek Jeter
    2019 $185 Million
    2020 $200 Million
    2021 $220 Million


    Many earning sources have contributed to his net worth but earning from the baseball profession is the main highlight. He earned $256 million as a salary throughout his baseball career.

    And of course, Miami Marlins, the baseball team that he owns is also a source of his earning. Earning from a few big companies like Visa, Gillette, Nike, etc has also been a contributor to his great wealth. In addition, he signed a contract with the Yankees for ten years worth $189.

    Derek Jeter has worked in a few TV series and sitcoms. It has also been a contributor to his net worth.

    For appearing as a guest at some’s event. Derek charges approximately $75,000 or maybe more (virtual speech of the speakers will be roughly 60% to 80% of his commission).

    Derek Jeter Early Life At a Glance

    Derek Jeter Net Worth
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    Derek Jeter was born on 26 June 1974 in Pequannock Township, New Jersey. When he turned four years old, his family moved to Kalamazoo, Michigan. This is the place where he started playing little league baseball at the age of five.

    He spent summers in New Jersey with his grandparents. There he used to attend baseball games with them. And became a fan of the New York Yankees team.

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    He had a very great interest in baseball from a very young age. He embraced that interest and decided to play as a professional baseball player. His passion and dedication towards his game won him many awards not only in school but also in college and his entire career.

    Derek Jeter Baseball Career

    Derek Jeter Net Worth
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    Derek Jeter’s professional career in baseball started in 1992. At that time, he was known as a very respected candidate in the Major League Baseball draft. He decided to turn pro when he was drafted by the New York Yankees. $800,000 was paid to him for getting signed by the Yankees.

    From 1992 to 1995, he played a total of four seasons in the minor league for the Yankees. But he was quite struggling with his performance in the rookie season. Still, he managed to become a part of the Tampa Yankees.

    On 29 May 1995, Derek Jeter made his debut in Major League Baseball. He got the uniform of two numbers. Recently from 1992 to 1994, this uniform was worn by Mike Gallego. On an opening day in the season of 1996, he hit his very 1st Major League Baseball home run. This is when he just began playing for the Yankees.

    In 1990, he was able to score 134 runs and his batting average was about 349. Then again, with the Yankees, Derek signed a contract in 2001 for the next 10 years. In 2008, Derek hit the 400 double for his career. And after that, he became the 28th player to reach the mark of 3,000 hits in July 2011. In the 2012 season, he hit 216 runs.

    He played his last season as a professional player of the Major Baseball League in 2014. The number 2 jersey worn by Derek was retired by the Yankees in 2017.

    Derek Jeter was a very respectable player. People used to respect him because of his on-field performances, no doubt in that. But people also respected him because of the way he used to manage and avoid controversies during his whole great career.

    During the first year of eligibility, Derek was named for the Baseball Hall Of Fame in 2020.

    Derek Jeter Internal Life (Past Girlfriends, Wife, And Children)

    Derek Jeter had many relationships in the past. From 1997 to 1998, he was in a relationship with a very famous singer Mariah Carrey. After that, he dated many celebrities. For example, Joy Enriquez, Vanessa Enriquez, Minka Kelly, Jordana Brewster, Jessica Biel, etc.

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    And finally, in 2012, Derek Jeter started dating Hannah Davis. In 2015, they got engaged and In 2016, got married.

    Derek Jeter Net Worth
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    Next year on 17 August 2017, they welcomed their beloved daughter, Bella Reine Jetter. They welcomed their 2nd daughter Story, Grey Jeter, in 2019.

    Awards Won By Derek Jeter

    Derek Jeter has won many awards throughout his baseball career. Here is the list of awards won by him.

    • He has won the Hank Aron Award two times.
    • He has won the Silver Slugger Award five times.
    • He won the AL Gold Glove Award five times.

    Some other awards won by him such as GIBBY Award, Espy Awards, Player Choice Award, and Babe Ruth Awards, etc. He has won the title of World Series champion five-time. Also, in 2015, Derek was inducted into the New Jersey of the Hall Of Fame.

    Cars Owned By Derek Jeter

    Derek Jeter net worth is in the millions. So you might be thinking that he must have a big collection of cars. But let me tell you, my friend, Derek doesn’t fall in this category. He has only a few cars, which includes:

    Car Names Car Cost
    1. Ford Escape $23,295
    2. Hummer h2 $64,000
    3. Lamborghini $695,000
    4. Mercedes s63 AMG $299,999

    6 Interesting Facts About Derek Jeter

    Derek Jeter Net Worth
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    Here are 6 interesting facts about Derek Jeter that may blow your mind:

    1. Derek Jeter appeared on an episode of a TV show Seinfield.

    2. At a time, Derek was dating the former miss universe, Lara Dutta.

    3. In the 1992 season, when Derek’s performance was not that good. He was frustrated and used to talk only to his parents on the telephone. And the telephone bill he received was almost $400/month.

    4. Captain Clutch and Mr. November. These are the titles he earned for his outstanding performances.

    5. World Series MVP and All-Star Game MVP, both were won by Derek.

    6. Derek was acknowledged as a most worthy and extraordinary player of the Florida State League.

    Related Questions

    Here are some related questions to Derek Jeter. Have a look:

    What is the worth of the baseball autographed by Derek Jeter?

    The Derek Jeter signed baseball will cost around between $200 to $250. There are also Derek Jeter signed photos which will cost you $100 to $175.

    How many followers Derek has on social media?

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    Derek Jeter uses social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

    He has 2.5 million followers on Facebook as of 25 June 2021.

    He has 38.7K followers on Twitter as of 25 June 2021.

    He Has 294K followers on Instagram as of 25 June 2021.

    His Facebook Account

    His Twitter Account

    His Instagram Account Link

    Does Derek Donate Money in Charity?

    In the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, Derek donated $25,000 to Bronson Healthcare. He also has a charitable organization, named Turn 2 Foundation. Their main focus is to prevent the youth from consuming drugs and alcohol.

    These are the things which make him a very likable person not only on-field but off-field also.

    What Are The Most Famous Quotes of Derek Jeter?

    Here are some of the greatest quotes by Derek.

    • “When you achieve the goal that you worked hard for, that feeling is amazing.” Derek Jeter
    • “When people doubt my ability, I love it. Because it pushes me to do lots of hard work and prove them wrong.” Derek Jeter
    • “Do you know what I want to do? Wake up one weekend and not have to do anything and not have to go anywhere.” Derek Jeter
    • “You don’t just accidentally appear in the world series.” Derek Jeter.
    • “I used to look up to my mom and dad because they were very successful in their field. I was very lucky because I didn’t have to look very far to find my role models.” Derek Jeter.

    Derek Jeter Net Worth Summary

    Derek Jeter developed his interest in baseball from a very young age. He decided to continue his journey as a professional baseball career and he had a very successful career.

    He won five world series titles in Major League Baseball history, and he is very well known for that. He also won many awards and achievements throughout his whole career.

    Derek is also best known for his great leadership skills and multiple endorsement deals with big companies.

    As a baseball player, Derek Jeter spent his entire 20 years Major League Baseball career with the New York Yankees.

    Derek Jeter net worth is in the millions and the potential earning was from his baseball career.

    In his life, he dated many famous models. In 2016, he got married to Hannah Davis. They welcomed their 1st daughter Bella Raine Jeter in 2017 and 2nd daughter in 2019 Story Grey Jeter.

    So that was all about Derek Jeter’s net worth and his incredible life. I hope you have learned something from him and got inspired.

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