Stye Home Remedy- 24 Best Remedies To Get Relief

    Stye Home Remedy

    Looking for eye stye home remedy? Here is all you need to try out to get rid of an eye stye effectively.

    If you have some type of burning sensation and itching near your eyes for many days in a row, you might be having an eye stye most probably. This is a severe eye infection that can happen to anyone. This piece of information provides you the possible signs and symptoms with causes of eye stye so that you can prevent them in the future. Also, you must use an eye stye home remedy to have relief from the symptoms.

    If you have noticed a small red bump around your eyelash base, there are higher chances of it being an eye stye. This causes serious discomfort near the eye but you do not have to worry about this eye ailment as there are remedies to treat it.

    Symptoms Of Eye Stye

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    Some common signs and symptoms of an eye stye include:

    • Burning sensation
    • Swelling of the eyes
    • Pain in eyes
    • Having blurred vision
    • Itching
    • Eye redness and tenderness

    Sometimes the red bump developed as a result of eye infection can contain pus which should never be ruptured because it may cause the infection to spread. Sometimes the bump can also bleed so proper care is required to treat an eye stye using any eye stye home remedy. In case you see the eye stye occurring again, make sure you visit a doctor to know more about it.

    There can be several causes of eye stye, these include:

    • Not removing the eye makeup before you are sleeping.
    • Not washing your hands before changing your contact lenses.
    • Using eye makeup products that are expired
    • Keeping poor eye hygiene
    • Poor nutrition
    • Sleep deprivation
    • dehydration

    Knowing all these causes and symptoms of an eye stye, it is important to learn which eye stye home remedy you must follow to treat your eye. Let’s look at some of the most used and effective eye-stye home remedies that anyone can follow.

    Eye Stye Home Remedy

    1. Coriander Seeds For Eye Stye

    Coriander seeds provide a soothing effect to your eyes. You require 2 tbsp of coriander seeds and nearly a cup of water for this stye home remedy. To make sure this remedy works you need to use it correctly. Just boil the seeds of coriander in water for a few minutes and strain excess water so that the seeds cool down. Once they have cooled down, wash the area affected by this mix.

    You can do this twice or thrice in a day and witness your style healing in no time. This stye of home remedy is most recommended and best out of all as coriander seeds contain anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce the edema inside your eyes making them heal and get rid of an eye stye thus proving that you should try this stye home remedy.

    2. Tea Bags For Stye

    Warm tea bags are truly amazing and believed to work wonders for treating an eye stye. This stye home remedy provides relief from the pain and helps immensely in reducing the swelling caused due to it within 48 hours or so.

    You just require a tea bag along with warm water for this stye home remedy. Just dip the tea bag inside the warm water for one minute and remove excess water. You have to place this tea ga on the area affected with stye until this tea bag has cooled down completely. If the eye stye is located inside the eyelids, do not keep a hot tea bag on top of it, make sure you close the lid and keep this over your lid.

    Repeat the same procedure 2 to 3 times a day to witness relief from the symptoms.

    3. Guava Leaves For Infection

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    If you think about how this stye home remedy will work, you must know that this remedy not only helps healing stye but also provides relief from swelling and pain caused by it. The leaves of guava have anti-inflammatory properties and are antimicrobial in nature. These astonishing properties will prevent your eye from infection.

    You require a soft cloth, water, and 5 to 6 guava leaves for this process. All you have to do is boil the leaves for 5 to 6 minutes and let them cool down a little bit. Dip soft cotton or cloth inside this water and place it on the eyes for about 10 to 15 minutes. You must use this stye home remedy 2 to 3 times a day for results.

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    4. Garlic Juice For Stye

    This stye home remedy has been used for ages. Garlic juice is very well known by everyone as a great cure for eye infections due to its antibacterial properties. It helps to reduce the eye stye and gives a huge relief from the symptoms of stye.

    All you need is a q-tip and one garlic clove. Crush the clove and apply the juice from it carefully to the stye using a q-tip and then wash using lukewarm water once it is dried completely. Make sure you are not using your hands for this even they are washed once.

    Repeat the stye home remedy twice a day. And you need to ensure that the juice of cloves does not enter your eyes as it might sting a bit.

    4. Clove Oil For Stye

    You can always use this stye home remedy for great results. This is another disinfectant that does amazingly well for treating an eye infection like a stye. It has great antimicrobial properties with certain antioxidants that help to fasten the healing process. All you need to ensure is that the clove oil does not enter inside the eyes as it may burn.

    You need clove oil instead of paste and a q-tip for applying. First of all, grind the cloves to make a fine paste and apply it to the corner of your eye last and a bit on the stye too. Leave it for an hour or so for drying out and wash it. You will notice a drastic change with first usage itself. Repeat the same 2 times a day.

    6. Potato For Eye Stye

    Potato is also an anti-inflammatory compound and is a mild astringent. Once you apply it, you will notice that the swelling is reduced and the infection is also prevented from spreading further.

    You require only a small potato with soft clothe or cotton for this stye home remedy. You just have to peel that potato and grate it. Place the grated potato inside of cloth and wrap it. Now place this cloth on the area affected for 10 minutes or more to see results. You can apply the same twice a day for improvement.

    This remedy is great as potato is readily available in your house so you can easily make the necessary ointment for applying.

    7. Turmeric For Eye Stye

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    You cannot deny the excellent properties turmeric possess. It has been used for centuries for its health benefits. It is an excellent antiseptic and often used by people all over the globe especially in Asian regions for the treatment of internal and topical infections. This herb is popular for the healing properties it possesses.

    You need a pinch of turmeric powder and a glass of water for this stye home remedy. Just mix the turmeric in water and then rinse your eyes with the liquid so produced. Try to use this remedy twice a day for getting instant relief.

    8. Salt Water Mixture For stye

    Although it seems simple and not as effective as other remedies, you must know that it’s beneficial too. The warmth of this water will help soothe the eye and get relief from the irritation caused by eye stye. It helps reducing pain and swelling by promoting the flow of blood or circulation in the region. Using salt in this remedy can improve the remedy altogether as salt is known for its antimicrobial properties.

    You require one liter of water, soft cloth or towel, and one tablespoon of salt for this remedy. All you have to do is boil the wat and some salt to it and let the water cool down a little bit. Now dip the towel or soft cloth you have inside it and apply it to the area. You can also compress it on the area affected and leave it there for 10 to 20 minutes until the towel remains no longer warm.

    Try to perform this remedy twice a day until the stye has healed completely.

    9. Cooked Eye For Eye Stye

    When you apply heat to the infection or stye, swelling will automatically reduce and the pain will also be relieved. When you apply cooked eggs, the heat from the eggs can help you with healing the stye quickly.

    You just require one hard-boiled egg for this remedy and place the egg on the stye and leave it over the affected area for 10 minutes or so. Repeat the same twice a day for fast results.

    10. Aloe Vera For Stye

    Aloe vera is also popular for its soothing properties and its properties to fight against acne-causing bacterias. It is useful for the treatment of sore eyes. This plant has several health benefits and helps to hydrate the eyes while proven soothing effects that help you get rid of the pain and itching caused by stye.

    You only require one aloe vera leaf. Cut the pulp out and remove the scaly material present inside of it. Place this pulp on the affected area and leave it as it is for some time. Rinse your eyes using clean water. If you use this remedy 2 to 3 times a day, it will help you heal quickly.

    11. Honey For Eye Stye

    Honey is a popular emollient that helps to keep the skin moisturized. This property of honey has tuned out to be useful in reducing the itching sensations in the region affected with a stye. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and anti-allergen properties that are really beneficial for treating various skin conditions including eye stye.

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    You will need 3 tablespoons of honey and 2 cups of water for this stye home remedy. Mix the honey in water thoroughly and slightly bring the temp of this mixture to a warmer scale. Rinse the area affected with this water twice a day for results.

    12. Lavender Oil For Eye Stye


    You just require lavender oil for this stye home remedy to work. Lavender oil is proven to be effective for its soothing and cooling properties mainly for irritated and inflamed skin. It also possesses antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that can be useful in many ways. You cannot use this oil for your child if they have stye as it can be harmful, makes sure you dye it with coconut oil or water before applying.

    Carefully apply lavender essential oil drop by drop to the stye and leave it as it is. Make sure you do not apply too much as one or two drops are enough at once. Repeat this 2 to 4 times a day for healing.

    13. Epsom Salt For Stye

    Another stye home remedy includes salt. This salt works as an astringent and helps cleaning the area. It helps getting relief from the pain causes and the warmth of water used can reduce the stye within no time.

    You will need one cup of water, a washcloth, and 1 tbsp Epsom salt for this remedy. Mix the salt and water and soak a washcloth inside the mixture so produced. Wring the cloth to remove excess water and place this on the area affected and leave it there for 10 to 15 minutes. You can repeat the same 3 to 4 times a day for this remedy to show good results.

    14. Tea Tree Oil For Infection

    Tea tree oil is miraculous when it comes to anti-microbial properties and often used treatment for treating topical infections and happens to be an excellent stye home remedy. It has some great antibacterial, antiviral, antiparasitic, and antifungal properties that makes it really effective for the treatment of various kinds. It is also good for promoting fast healing and reducing inflammation caused due to infections.

    You will need 4 to 5 drops of tea tree oil along with 2 tbsp of clean water for this stye home remedy. Add the water and oil, mix them well. Place this mixture produced inside a fridge so that it remains cool. Apply one or two drops on the affected area and leave it there.

    Make sure you apply this stye home remedy 2 to 3 times a day so that stye heals quickly within few days.

    15. Coconut Oil For Stye

    You require a q tip and coconut oil for this remedy. Coconut oil is great for keeping the skin hydrated and helps reduce the swelling caused due to stye. It also has the ability to kill the bacterias causing stye which helps to prevent stye in the future too.

    You require a q-tip and coconut oil. Rinse the area affected with clean water first and then lightly warm the oil. Apply the oil using the q-tip and tear the duct area. Leave it as it is for as long as you possibly can. You have to keep applying the oil throughout the day so make sure you do this on a holiday or when you do not have plans.

    16. Apple Cider Vinegar

    Apple cider vinegar is known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties thus making it an amazing stye home remedy. It helps to reduce the infection and swelling. It has a low acidity which makes the eye heal faster than most remedies.

    You will need 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, 1 cup of hot water, and a cotton ball. Dilute the apple cider vinegar inside the water to form a mixture. Soak the cotton ball in this and squeeze excess liquid. Place this onto the stye for 2 minutes. Repeat the same procedure 2 to 3 times a day.

    17. Bread And Milk For Eye Stye

    This stye home remedy is among the oldest remedies people used for stye. The warm milk is supposed to help you rupture the stye, due to these properties many people have benefitted from this home remedy. You have to make sure you are not using milk that is too hot as it can damage the eye and the skin around your area Is sensitive make sure you take proper precautions.

    You will require a slice of bread, cotton, antiseptic ointment, and a cotton ball for this remedy. You have to take a clean and fresh slice of bread and then cut the bread double the size of your eye. Soak this bread slice in warm milk and place this on your eye that is affected for 15 minutes or so and notices the stye rupture.

    If the stye is still not affected or ruptured after using this stye home remedy for once, make sure you wait for some time longer. When the stye ruptures and pus comes out from it, clean it using a cotton swab or cloth and then use the antiseptic ointment of the stye so that infection is not read further. If the pus still not comes out for long, repeat the same process twice a day.

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    18. Castor Oil For Stye

    Castor oil is also used for many years now as it has hydrating properties that help the skin thus making it a useful stye home remedy. It is useful for treating any infections associated with the skin except for skin ailments like skin cancer or serious problems. It helps to reduce the swelling and gets relief from pain. It will help get rid of the infection that has caused stye in the first place.

    You will need a cotton swab and castor oil for this stye home remedy. Dip the cotton ball inside castor oil and apply it all to the affected area. Rub this over the stye smoothly using gentle motion, make sure you do not press it to puncture the stye. Leave it there for 10 to 15 minutes and then wash it using lukewarm water sot that oil does not stay there.

    Repeat the same process a few times a day till your stye has completely healed.

    19. Bitter Gourd For Eye Stye

    Bitter gourd is an excellent detoxifying agent. It will help immensely in cleansing the skin and remove the stye. You can always use the leftover bitter gourd from the eta for compressions as this will help you alleviate the pain caused. Bitter gourd is also known to be antimicrobial in nature thus helping prevent infections and making an effective stye home remedy.

    You only require a better gourd for this stye home remedy. Cut the gourd into thin slices and apply them directly over your eyes, Leave the slices for 10 to 15 minutes and remove them using clear water.

    This was one method you could use to remove the stye or treat it using bitter gourd, another method to use it is by brewing a tea out of this bitter gourd. Drink the tea made out of this in the morning itself when you are on an empty stomach. You may also add salt to it for taste. Repeat this stye home remedy twice a day.

    20. Milk Cream For Stye

    You can simply apply milk cream without using bread for its application as the warmth priced by milk can help deal with swelling and pain thus quickly eliminating the pus that might be left out even after using other remedies to remove it.

    You will require one tbsp fresh milk cream, one tbsp milk, 4 tbsp water, and a cotton ball for this stye home remedy. You have to warm the milk cream lightly, makes sure it is bearable but at the same time effective enough to sting the eye. Apply this cream to your eye and concentrate only on the stye using the cotton swab.

    Do this 2 times a day until the stye has healed completely.

    21. A Coin For Stye

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    The warmth a metal has can also help you treat the stye effectively. It will help soothe the pain caused by stye and provide instant relief so that you can carry out your activities effectively.

    All you need is a coin for this style of home remedy. Make sure you wash the coin using antimicroboal soap and water. Rub this coin against a coarse or clean cloth so that it gets slightly warmer. Place this coin over the affected eye and wait for it to cool down. You can also warm the coin between your palms by rubbing it.

    Repeat this stye home remedy few times daily for relief.

    22. Tamarind For Eye Stye

    Tamarind seeds also help you treat eye stye infection. Tamarind is an effective and proven stye home remedy to deal with stye as it helps provide relief from pain and swelling caused by stye. You only require 2 cups of water and a handful of tamarind seeds.

    Just soak the seeds in water for more than 10 hours and then drain out the water. Use this water to rinse the eye affected with a stye. Store this water to be used twice or thrice a day for rinsing. Do this twice or thrice to witness great results and relief.

    23. Onion Rings For Eye Stye

    You might be thinking about why onion is used or what properties does it have that can help deal with eye stye. Well, onions cannot help you remove the stye from the roots completely but it does help to reduce the pain and assist in giving relief. Although it might cause a burning or stinging sensation in the beginning it does possess antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that can be effective in treatment.

    Another useful and important way to use onion is using chopped onions. When you use chopped onions, water is likely to come out of your eyes because of the pungent fumes it releases. The water coming out hydrates the eye naturally and aids in pain relief. It also helps cleaning the eyes and remove dust or dirt particles from them that might cause infection in the future or spread the infection further.

    You require few onion slices for this process. Cut the onion into thin slices and place them over your eyes for few minutes. Repeat this stye home remedy twice a day for relief.

    24. Acacia Leaves For Stye


    If the stye is immensely painful, using acacia leaves might be helpful and the only solution for your problem. The soreness and swelling resulted from stye will be healed quickly within few minutes once you apply it or use this stye home remedy.

    You will require water and a small bunch of leaves from the acacia plant. All you need to do is boil the leaves in water and then drain the leaves out. Once the leaves are out, use this warm water to rinse your eyes and get relief from pain. Repeat this stye home remedy twice a day for it to work more effectively against eye stye.

    These were some stye home remedies that you can use to get relief from eye stye. If the remedies do not help you get relief from the pain and swelling or stye keeps occurring, again and again, it might be due to another underlying onion that needs to be diagnosed. Make sure you visit your doctor and report the issues for better and quick treatment.


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