Worried About What to Eat After Wisdom Teeth Removal? – Try these 11 Excellent Foods

    Dealing with wisdom tooth is one of the most hectic jobs. Usually, individuals don’t have to remove it. However, if the wisdom tooth start affecting the jawline structure or the gums around the tooth then it is important to immediately get rid of it. Most of the people are lucky to not grow the wisdom tooth in the first phase itself. A person has the possibility of growing 4 wisdom teeth in total (two in each jaws). However, there is no probability at which the individual can have them. Removal of wisdom teeth is the last thing you would want. However, since there is no escape we all must be accustomed with what to eat after wisdom teeth removal.

    Before moving forward, it is important for everyone to understand why the removal of wisdom teeth is important. Of course, the pain it comes with is one of the major reasons but there is more than what meets the eyes. When there is very little space last in the back of your mouth or when the wisdom tooth grows as odd angles, things start to mess up. Such scenarios are well explained as impacted wisdom teeth. A partly emerged wisdom tooth can also be referred as impacted wisdom tooth.

    As of now, we all are well accustomed with the pain the tooth brings. However, we miss out on the infection, damage and the decay the tooth can cause. If the tooth is growing at an angle with lesser space to move out, it starts to affect the neighbouring teeth and decay the gum which becomes hard to clean in future. Therefore, the only remedy to this is the removal of wisdom tooth.

    Well, removal of the wisdom teeth are only the first stage of the process. The crucial part is to recover the gum after removing the teeth. This process requires you to maintain proper health and nutrition rich diet. With the help of a nutrition rich diet, an individual minimizes the risk of swelling, complications and provides nourishment to the gum at the same time. The struggle in getting the nutrition arises due to the fact that the food after surgery must be soft and easy to chew. To assist the wound healing, there must be loads of minerals, energy and protein in the food.

    To help everyone figure out what to eat after wisdom teeth removal, we bring this article which will focus on 11 different soft food items that is best for providing nutrition packed meal throughout the day.

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    What to Eat After Windom Teeth Removal? – 11 Foods

    #1 Broths

    What to Eat After Wisdom Teeth Removal - Sleck
    Source – NDTV Food

    If you are looking for something which is liquid based and won’t cause much pain around the gums than choosing broth over soup is an excellent choice. Broths are a great source of nourishment for dental surgeries. Apart from being nourishment rich in vitamins and minerals, broths are delicious and a great way to stay hydrated at the same time.

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    However, it is not advised to replace broths with water completely. One of the best broths to opt for after dental surgery is bone broth. Bone broth are commonly referred to as nutritious stock cooked using the connective tissue and simmering animal bones. Whatsoever, there are no direct studies on the benefits of bone broth but the studies on the components of bone broth are significant. At the end, to avoid any irritation on the wound, it is advised to consume brother either cold or lukewarm.

    #2 Blended Soups

    What to Eat After Wisdom Teeth Removal - Sleck
    Source – WhiskAffair

    Well, everybody can’t have bone broth. If you are a vegan and are looking for something which sticks to your diet than going for blended soups might just work out for you. Blended soups are made out of tomato or pumpkin and are a great dish to consume after dental surgery. Apart from it, as an individual who is concern about his/her nutrition chart, you won’t have to worry much as it is packed with minerals and vitamins.

    Apart from it, the consumption of blended soups are highly advised to be lukewarm in temperature as it helps with throat infections as well. Therefore, you won’t have to question ‘what to eat after wisdom tooth removal’ anymore.

    #3 Greek Yogurt

    What to Eat After Wisdom Teeth Removal - Sleck
    Source – Medical News Today

    As common as it sounds, Greek yogurt is the best answer to what to eat after wisdom tooth removal. This is a high-protein food which helps in soothing the pain from Dental surgery. It is the special creamy texture that the yogurt has which numbs the mouth. Being rich in protein, vitamins like calcium and zinc, this meets with the daily nutrients requirement of an individual.

    In fact, studies have shown that having a high-protein diet helps on faster recovery and therefore, is recommended for consumption after surgery.

    #4 Mashed Potatoes

    Creamy Buttery Mashed Potato | Sleck
    Source – RecipeTin Eats

    Mashed potatoes has been an efficient source of nutrients since the beginning. Most household which couldn’t afford steaks had to look forward to mashed potatoes to meet with the nutrient’s requirement. Potato is one of the most commonly grown root vegetable which can be cooked in various ways. Being rich in calories, it meets with the energy requirement of a patient.

    By now, you must have realised that after a surgery it is important to have liquid based or mushy food to not affect the gums and stitches. Therefore, opting for mashed potatoes can avoid the struggle of biting steaks during dinner.

    #5 Mashed Bananas

    Banana Puree
    Source – Healthy Little Foodies

    Well, everything that is mashed and nutrition rich is good for your health. Bananas have always been the best fruit whenever we speak of nutrients. Properly mashed bananas are often a good source of energy for babies. However, as we grow older, we have to move to different sources of energy.

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    Whatsoever, having a dental surgery gives you all the rights to move back to being a kid. Mashed Bananas have very soft texture therefore reducing the risk of discomfort.

    #6 Applesauce

    Homemade Applesauce Recipe
    Source – Bigger Bolder Baking

    Having apples after a dental surgery is surely not the right advice. However, both applesauce and apple have different texture which brings us to the importance of having applesauce. Applesauce has a soft texture and is made out of pureed apples. Pureed Apples are cored and skinless, thus, avoiding the rough texture associated with the same. However, this leads to reduction of nutritional components of apple.

    On the other hand, consuming applesauce can help you enrich in Vitamin C which helps in boasting the immune system.

    #7 Scrambled Eggs

    Scrambled Eggs
    Source – Times Food

    Well, since day 1, we all have been taught to eat eggs every day. Eggs are the most protein rich diet and therefore, is the proper energy source for every individual. However, one thing that most of us aren’t aware of is that we must look out for omega-3-enriched and pasteurized eggs for better development of muscles.

    On the other hand, scrambled eggs are probably the number one item on the list of ‘what to eat after wisdom teeth removal?’. The only reason to recommend everyone scrambled egg instead of boiled or fried is that scrambled egg becomes much easier to chew and swallow. This indeed decreases the chances of hurting the dental surgery.

    #8 Avocado

    Source – Medical News Today

    Avocado is an exclusive fruit unavailable to restrictive areas. While the fruit is rich in vitamins, the fruit is low of carbs and great when it comes to healthy fats. This become one of the major reason for nutritionist to suggest consuming Avocado after a good workout session. Apart from it, the smooth and creamy texture that accompanies Avocado is something that everyone must experience in their life. There are various studies in the history which shows the significant benefits of Avocado in healing up the wounds.

    In case of minor surgeries, most doctors recommend Avocado for faster recovery and therefore associate the same with promising results. Therefore, it is a must to add Avocado in ‘What to eat after wisdom teeth removal?’ list.

    #9 Banana Ice Cream

    How To Make One-Ingredient Banana Ice Cream
    Source – Kitchn

    One of the best recommendation after a dental surgery is to consume ice cream. This food item is cold and therefore numbs the pain for every person. Apart from it, the soothing effect that it carries is something that nobody would want to miss. However, we recommend you to consume banana ice cream in place of regular ice cream as regular ice cream is both rich in sugar and fat which might not be good for your health when consumed in excess.

    Well, if you don’t know how to make banana ice cream, the process have been mentioned below.

    1. To begin with, it is important to freeze the banana for at least 3-4 hours.
    2. Now, cut the frozen banana into slices and put it in the blender and add milk to it.
    3. Blend the mixture and enjoy the irresistible taste of the same. To make it more existing, you can blend strawberries in the same as well.
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    For further help, you can check out this website.

    #10 Hummus

    Easy Homemade Hummus Recipe
    Source – Simply Recipes

    Well, most of you might not be aware of what hummus is. Hummus is commonly known as a common dip available in the Middle Eastern Cuisine. However, this dip has gained a lot of popularity and is widely accepted in many regions. Well, hummus is considered to be a great source of vitamins, protein, minerals and healthy fats.

    In order to make hummus, you will need a good combination of lemon, garlic, olive oil, blending chickpeas in a food processor. However, if all of these seem too much for you then you can purchase the same from a supermarket.

    Whatsoever, one of things that you might miss on is enjoying the same with chips or Nachos. Therefore, it is recommended for you to enjoy the same with bread or something else with mushy texture.

    #11 Smoothies

    10 Toddler Smoothies
    Source – Yummy Toddler Food

    Well, if it isn’t Starbucks, having smoothie must be really veggie and nutritious. Smoothies can be of any texture and any flavour as per your wish. You just need to have the creativity to get the best out of the flavours. You can found several corners which offers greater combination of flavours/fruits. However, it is important to make sure that the smoothie carries enough protein and calories to make the recovery process easier.

    However, if you can’t find the right texture and flavour at your nearby store, you can make one at your place itself. Just get the fruits/vegetables and freeze for few hours. Then blend it with milk and natural sugar.

    With this, the list of ‘What to eat after wisdom teeth removal?’ comes to end. However, you can create your own dish which has a mushy texture and lukewarm temperature to it. On the other hand, consuming something cold can benefit you as well as it will numb the pain.

    The worst case scenario starts when you have to get stiches for the dental surgery. This kind of pain takes greater time and involvement to repair the gum damages. To address to the different issues mentioned by most of the people, we have covered the frequently asked question section which will address all the questions related to ‘what to eat after wisdom teeth removal?’.

    What to Eat After Wisdom Teeth Removal? – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q1. How long does it take to eat normally after wisdom teeth removal?

    Normally, if you haven’t got any stitches after wisdom teeth removal, you can start consuming normal food in 2-3 days. However, as the number of stitches increases, the recovery process takes more time. To cope up with the same, it is recommended to wait for at least a week or two before going back to normal food schedule.

    Q2. What kind of food to consume after wisdom teeth removal?

    Once the wisdom tooth has been removed, the person has to make sure that the gum around the dental surgery isn’t disturbed much. The gums are really tender and slight pressure on the same can cause a lot of issue for the individual. Therefore, to avoid any such situation, it is advised to consume liquid-based or mushy food.

    Q3 What is the best food item to consume after wisdom teeth removal?

    The best item to consume after wisdom tooth removal is ice cream. It has both soft texture and cold temperature which helps with the pain.


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