How To Hard Boil Eggs In 3 Best Ways

    How To Hard Boil Eggs Using Three Easy Methods

    Are you new to the kitchen and wondering how to hard boil eggs to eat them as a whole or making an amazingly delicious recipe with boiled eggs? Do not worry, we have three different methods that you can easily use to hard boil eggs and enjoy their taste with a lot of healthy proteins.

    We all are huge fans of egg salads, sandwiches that have plenty of mayonnaise, spicy brown mustard, curry powder, paprika, and a lot more things. Imagine the mayo spread thickly along with eggs between two slices of bread. It sounds mouthwatering, right?

    Needless to say, if you or your kids hit the gym regularly you might have developed a constant habit of eating eggs. They might be in the form of boiled eggs, egg omelets, or egg sandwiches. Only because we eat eggs regularly and we love eating eggs t is important to learn how to hard boil eggs using different methods.

    Presenting you 3 different methods with a tutorial to know how to hard boil eggs. All you need to do practice and learn the perfect timing. Let’s see how.

    How To Hard Boil Eggs

    1. How To Hard Boil Eggs On Stove

    how to hard boil eggs

    The most traditional method to boil eggs is using the stove. Most people across the world follow this practice of boiling eggs. Let’s see how to hard boil eggs using the stove.

    1. You have to begin with choosing a large bowl or saucepan that is big enough to hold all the eggs you need to boil in one layer itself. Do not stack the eggs over one another. You can use any stainless steel vessel having a glass lid over it for this method.
    2. Cover your eggs fully using cold water, the bowl should have enough water to hold the eggs and cover all at once.
    3. Set your pot or vessel over medium to high heat and let it boil fully.
    4. Just turn the flame off within one minute or two minutes. Once the water has reached full heat, remove the vessel from the boil. Cover the pot with the lid that comes along with it.
    5. Boiling the eggs for too long will make the egg yolk appear grayish in color which looks unappealing to most of us.
    6. Set a timer depending upon how you want the eggs to come out.
    7. For transferring the eggs inside the bowl, you can use a slotted spoon. Transfer them again inside the cold water. This will make your eggs very easy to peel which becomes a difficult task otherwise and you will have to wait for them to cool down. Let the rest of the egg for a while in cold water or ice water. Touch to see if they have cooled down completely or not.
    8. If you have to serve eggs later, you can directly keep them anywhere. Peel the eggs after you have taken them out of the ice bath. To break them efficiently and remove the outer coating or shell, all you have to do is hit one end of your egg against the counter or any hard surface to remove the shell. Once the cracks are seen, put it below running water, it becomes easier to remove the shell this way. Some eggs are more stubborn, you might require to peel them off using your hands.
    9. Remember that when it comes to setting a timer for eggs to boil, you have to set it in properly because every increasing minute counts.
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    As a rule, let all the eggs rest in hot water inside the vessel or covered pot for:

    • Two to four minutes- If you need the eggs to be semi-firm white and soft-boiled having a runny yolk.
    • Five to six minutes- If you wish to have medium-boiled eggs having a yolk of custard-like consistency.
    • Seven to eight minutes- If you wish to boil the eggs hard and want a bit of creaminess in your egg yolk.
    • Nine to ten minutes- If you need completely hard-boil eggs having firm yolks, you need to boil them for this much time.

    This is the most followed method and it easiest to follow, you just have to note the time or set a timer to notify you when your eggs are boiled and ready to be peeled off.

    2. How To Hard Boil Eggs Using Electric Egg Boiler

    how to hard boil eggs

    If you think you cannot keep up with timings and you wish not to be bothered by keeping a time record, investing in a good electric egg boiler is a great option. If you need to boil a lot of eggs at a time for all the family members or your friends after gym sessions, you can buy an electric egg boiler depending upon how many eggs can fit in inside of it. It is to just an egg boiler, many electric egg boilers come with special features that enable you to make a small omelet or poach eggs.

    Let’s see how to hard boil eggs by using an electric egg boiler in your house.

    1. You will receive a measuring cup along with the electric egg boiler, using the cup given, pour the water into the electric egg boiler’s base. The level of water you are pouring is going to decide how firm your eggs will come out as well as the minutes until the timer goes off.
    2. Look for the larger tip of eggs and carefully puncture each larger tip with the pin provided at bottom of the measuring cups. This is important as it will reduce the chance of eggs exploding. It also makes it easier for you to peel off the eggs once they are boiled as per your needs.
    3. Set the eggs in this boiling tray and insert this tray into the electric boiler appliance. Usually, the appliance includes a tray inserted for poaching eggs and omelets, which increases the versatile use of trays.
    4. After setting the tray, all you have to do is turn the device on. It will automatically time itself based on the amount of water you have poured using the cup provided and automatically switch off once the eggs are boiled. If you are putting 6 hard eggs for boiling, you can expect it to turn off after 10 minutes depending on the water poured.
    5. After it turns off, just remove the eggs by opening them and keep them in ice water for a while so that you are easily able to peel the outer shell if desired. Without keeping in ice water, it becomes difficult to peel as the eggs are very hot to handle with your fingers.
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    Follow this guide to learn how to hard boil eggs using an electric egg boiler.

    3. How To Hard Boil Eggs Using Microwave

    how to hard boil eggs

    You don’t have a stovetop? Do not worry, as long as you have a good and appropriate holder, you can even use the microwave to boil eggs without fail. A good holder having a lid or something to cover is a must if you are opting for this method to learn how to hard boil eggs. Without a proper vessel, if you just keep the eggs in an open bowl, the eggs are most likely to explode.

    You can purchase one easily having an old cover on top of it if you do not wish to invest in an electric egg boiler because you already have a microwave oven in your house. Let’s see how to use the microwave to know how to hard boil eggs.

    1. The first step involves filling the base of the microwave boiler with water up to a line given which you can also call fill line.
    2. Set as many eggs as fits in the holder such that they do not stack over one another.
    3. Cover this boiler with the lid or top that comes with it.
    4. Keep the device inside the microwave oven. You might have to experiment twice or thrice to learn the perfect timing as per your set up but typically it takes nearly 6 minutes for the eggs to boil soft and nearly 9 minutes for hard-boiled eggs.
    5. Once the microwave has gone off, remove the boiler kept carefully because it is hot and you might end up getting hurt. Just cool them by keeping them in ice water for a while and peel them using your hands.
    6. Your eggs are ready to be eaten raw or with delicious meals.
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    These were the top 3 ways that you can use easily learn how to hard boil eggs. Make sure you are keeping all the safety measures if you are in the kitchen for the very first time. One more method you may use is using an electric kettle, however, it might take longer and you have to switch it on and off again as the water generally comes out for boiling making the process hectic.

    You can follow other methods and boil the eggs. Enjoy the rich protein source! If you wish to learn amazingly delicious stuffed mushroom recipes, follow these recipes for your weekends and get-togethers.


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