Top 7 Tooth Abscess Home Remedy

    A tooth abscess is a very bad issue if you get it. What’s worse is that it can happen in various areas of the tooth for various reasons. People come up with many tooth abscess home remedy ideas, but some of those work and some do not and we have listed a few ideas that will work for you.

    People are very conscious about their teeth. Teeth are what make the smile of a person much better and if there is something wrong with your teeth, your smile would get affected. That is why people try their best to keep their teeth in the best health possible.

    But sometimes even with them doing everything to ensure that their teeth remain healthy, something or the other happens and they have to suffer. You can’t always control wha happens to your body and teeth are one such issue that requires some extra care to stay healthy.

    Tooth abscesses are something that can trouble a person a lot. Although sometimes when people experience and find out that they have tooth abscess, they try to pass it off as nothing and do not do anything to help their tooth or they try such tooth abscess home remedy ideas that are completely useless.

    There are a number of tooth abscess home remedy ideas that will help you through these issues and you would have to care for yourself so that you do not get the same issue ever again.

    In this article, I am going to be talking about a few tooth abscess home remedy ideas that are going to work. I will also be telling you about the symptoms and causes of tooth abscesses so that it helps you understand the issue a bit better. So without further ado, let us start.

    What Are Tooth Abscesses?

    Before talking about the tooth abscess home remedy ideas, let me first explain to you what tooth abscesses are. A tooth abscess is a pocket of pus that develops in various tooth regions for various reasons and is a result of a bacteria infection.

    Tooth abscesses are also called dental abscesses sometimes. If you have a tooth abscess, then you might experience pain from a moderate level to a severe level. The pain can also spread to your neck and ears if not treated quickly or if you are experiencing severe pain.

    Tooth Abscess Home Remedy

    Bacteria enters the tooth when the tooth gets chipped or broken or if it is decaying. Once the bacteria has entered the tooth, it will infect it and pus will start forming which results in toothache.

    If you leave your tooth untreated for a long time or tooth abscess home remedy ideas that do not work, then this could become a very serious issue. Sometimes it also develops into something that could be life-threatening for you. That is why you should take this issue seriously and not pass it off as nothing.

    There are also a few types of tooth abscesses. These types are based on the location of where the abscess has formed. These 3 types are:

    1.Periapical abscess

    The periapical abscess forms at the tip of a tooth’s root and can be severely painful to you if left untreated for a while.

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    2.Periodontal abscess

    The periodontal abscess forms on the gum next to the root of a tooth and it could easily spread to tissues and bones surrounding the tooth and jaw.

    3.Gingival Abscess

    The gingival abscess forms on the gums of a tooth.

    Understanding the causes of abscess before you start learning the tooth abscess home remedy ideas is also essential. Basically, because some bacteria enters your teeth, abscesses are formed. You can also say that these 3 types of tooth abscesses are the causes.

    The periapical tooth abscess is the most common abscess and there is a heavy chance that this is the type of abscess you have. The periapical abscess can happen if you had a dental cavity and you left it untreated or even because of an injury or dental work. To heal this, dentists have to drain it and get rid of the infection that has formed.

    If you go to the dentists soon enough, you can get your tooth saved by them with a root canal treatment but if you have a bad case, then your tooth might have to be pulled out. If you are not experiencing severe pain and if you think the issue is not very serious yet, then you can try some of the tooth abscess home remedy ideas that I am going to be telling you about.

    You can use these tooth abscess home remedy ideas along with the treatment that your dentist has suggested to you as these ideas are very basic and do not interfere with the treatment at all but rather help speed up the process.

    Before we get to the tooth abscess home remedy ideas, let us find out how you can identify this issue.

    Symptoms Of Tooth Abscess

    The most basic symptom of a tooth abscess would be a lot of pain in the tooth or in the gums. This pain will come out of nowhere and it will keep getting worse with time. There are other symptoms as well.

    If you are experiencing pain in your ear, or neck along with pain in your mouth, then you could have an abscess. Abscess pain also gets worse when you lie down. There will obviously be the pain that will be caused if you bite or chew anything with your bad tooth. You might also experience redness or swelling on your face, especially around your mouth.

    Tooth Abscess Home Remedy

    Abscess causes the gums to become swollen and red and your tooth becomes very sensitive as well. You might also have bad breath or a foul taste in your mouth all the time. Tooth abscess can also cause your teeth to become discolored or you might even lose a tooth.

    Some of the rare symptoms include having tender or swollen lymph nodes in your neck or under the jaw as well as fever. If your abscess ruptures somehow, you will feel instant relief along with a bad taste because of the pus draining out but that does mean you should start poking it. You can just try some tooth abscess home remedy ideas or go to a dentist.

    Things That Escalate The Abscess

    There are a lot of things that increase your risk of getting tooth abscess as well. If you have bad dental hygiene and you do not take good care of your teeth by brushing twice a day as well as not flossing, then you can get various issues like tooth decay, gum diseases, abscess, etc.

    You should also make sure that you are not eating food that contains a lot of sugar or eating a lot of sweets or sodas regularly. If you do that then it can lead to you dental cavities, giving rise to tooth abscess.

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    You should make sure that you drink enough water and drink regularly because having a dry mouth can never be a good thing. These things are not really a tooth abscess home remedy idea but you should follow these things to make sure you do not mess up your teeth health.

    Tooth Abscess Home Remedy Ideas

    Now that you know about the causes, symptoms, and things that can pose a great risk of you getting dental abscess, let us move on to talking about things that can help you in getting rid of these issues. Yes, I am talking about the tooth abscess home remedy ideas.

    You should not that you do not have to start treating the tooth abscess on your own. It is best treated by a dentist. These tooth abscess home remedy ideas are just to relieve some of the pain and symptoms caused by the abscess.

    Fenugreek Tea

    This is one of the best tooth abscess home remedy ideas as this tea contains antibacterial properties. This tea is also known for healing wounds and reducing inflammation and that is why it would help you a lot. You can buy this at any supermarket in your area.

    Rising With Saltwater

    If you rinse your mouth with saltwater, it will relieve your pain temporarily and what is another benefit is that you would not have to spend money on it. Everyone has water and salt at their homes, right? Using saltwater can also promote healing your gums or other wounds.

    Baking Soda

    Using baking soda is a great and affordable tooth abscess home remedy because you can make this very easily. This can easily remove plaque in your mouth and it also has some antibacterial properties to help you get better. You just have to mix the baking soda with water and salt and then gargle with the mixture for 5 minutes.

    Cold Compress

    This is another thing that people might have at their home. A cold compress helps with injuries and wounds and a tooth abscess is no different. When you use this cold compress it will numb a bit of the pain and be very helpful to you. You can just use a dry towel with ice cubes in it and hold it against your infected area for a while.

    Oregano Essential Oil

    Oregano oil has antibacterial and antioxidant properties and it will be great in reducing some of the swelling as well the pain caused by the abscess. Before using this oil, make sure that you have diluted the oil with a carrier oil so that you do not experience any other kind of irritation. You can find this oil at any health food or drugstore.

    To use this oil, you just have to mix it with a carrier oil and then put a few drops of it on a cotton ball or swab and then place it on the affected area for a few minutes and then leave it on for 10-12 minutes before rinsing it.

    Clove Essential Oil

    This is another oil that helps with a lot of issues. Clove oil has been used by people as a natural toothache remedy or tooth abscess home remedy for centuries. This oil also has a lot of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and you can buy this anywhere.

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    Make sure that if you have bought a concentrated form of this oil, you have to dilute it first. It can come in both dilute and concentrated form when you buy it. You can just drop 3 to 5 drops of the concentrated oil on an ounce of carrier oil and you would be good to use it.

    When it comes to using it, you can use it just as you did with the oregano oil. If you want to make a mouthwash out of this thing, you can just put a few drops of this in a glass of water and use that as a mouthwash. You can use this remedy 3 times a day.

    Thyme Essential Oil

    The next oil that will help you with the tooth abscess pain is the thyme oil. This is another tooth abscess home remedy which will help with the swelling. What this also does is that it kills parasites and fights with bacteria which is good for your teeth health.

    This oil comes in a concentrated form as well so be sure that you dilute it before using. You can make a mouthwash out of this the same way you did with the clove oil and the method of applying it on the tooth abscess is the same.

    Oil Pulling

    A lot of people believe that oil pulling helps with removing the toxins that are present on your teeth and gums. This is another tooth abscess home remedy that has been used by people for centuries.

    Oil pulling is a great treatment for issues like bleeding gums, bad breath and for reducing bacteria in your mouth as well. If you want to use this remedy, then try raw coconut oil or sesame or olive oil. You should do oil pulling in the mornings before you have eaten anything.


    Now some of you might be making faces at the mention of garlic but this actually helps and it has been in use for centuries for treating dental issues. Garlic helps in reducing your pain as well as killing the bacteria in your mouth.

    To use garlic, you just have to crush the cloves of garlic and then rub the paste on the area that has the abscess. You can use this tooth abscess home remedy a number of times in a day.

    Hydrogen Peroxide

    Hydrogen peroxide is a great home remedy for killing the bacteria in your teeth and gums and it also reduces plaque as well as stops the bleeding of your gums. To use this, you just have to mix this with water and then swish and spit. Although, make absolutely sure that you do not drink this solution as it could be harmful.

    Other Remedies

    Other remedies that would help with preventing tooth abscess are brushing your teeth twice a day, remembering to replace your toothbrush every 3-4 months, eating healthy food and not eating a lot of sugar as well as going to the dentist for regular checkups.

    Tooth Abscess Home Remedy

    If you find out that you have tooth abscess, then you should not just rely on these tooth abscess home remedy ideas, instead, you should just directly go to your dentist because these remedies only help with the pain and symptoms, they do not completely heal the abscess. You can use these remedies along with the treatment that your dentist suggests.


    The above mentioned tooth abscess home remedy ideas are going to be a great help to you in every way. They will help you reduce pain, reduce the bacteria and plaque as well as the swelling amongst other things.

    The only thing that you should keep in your mind is that you should take proper care of your teeth and not neglect your dental health. I am sure you must have heard that prevention is better than cure, right?


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