How To Get Thicker Hair (Impressive Tips And Tricks)

    Know About Proven Tips and Tricks To Get Thicker Hair And Dazzle

    Naturally thick and voluminous hair has been the talk of the decade and has been a major concern not only for women but for men also. Isn’t it? I am sure we all have tried various tips and tricks along with myths related to achieving thicker and quality hair that shines like anything and make us look stunning than ever.

    It’s not one of the guilty pressures to desire thick quality hair. It is basically a need. Have you ever seen any actor or actress being half bald or with thin, greasy hair appear on shows and television? Of course NOT! If they do it becomes talk and gossip of the season and they are trolled all over the internet and social media pages. The point of giving this example was only that it’s the time we should pay attention to our hair and get thicker hair which will enhance our look overall.

    While striving for thicker hair, I am sure you might have wasted a lot of money and time on different products that promised to give you the desired results as soon as possible. But, again you were disappointed as it does not work out well. After having used dozens of shampoos, serums, masks, and whatnot, you have come to the right place. Why not try some amazing tips that are tested and get thicker hair the way you desired?

    Before getting into the tips, let’s understand the science responsible behind thicker hair. A scientific approach is very important before understanding the root. You will get to know everything about thick hair and how to get thicker hair along with tips in this piece of article. Keep scrolling.

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    What Do We Exactly Mean When We Say Get Thicker hair?

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    If we talk about thick hair, it refers to the volume and density of your hair along with the number of follicles of hair present on your scalp. Healthy or thick hair is often mixed with coarse hair.

    Coarse hair refers to or implies the hair follicles circumference and nothing else. So what’s thick hair? To be precise, after you tie your hair, the thickness of that ponytail will be the deciding factor if your hair is thick or thin. Normal thickness when it comes to human hair is ranging from 0.003 inches to 0.005 inches. Hair below this will be termed as thin hair and above this is thick hair given that your scalp has very little visible skin.

    Causes Of Thin Hair

    There are few causes you should be seeing if you are worried about thin hair.

    • genetics
    • Medical conditions
    • ageing
    • chemicals
    • harsh products usage
    • poor diet

    How Do We Get Thicker Hair Using Products?

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    If you have reached so far, I am assuming that you have gone through a lot of trouble due to various products that claimed to make your hair thicker the way you wanted but let you down and disappointed. Do not worry, here are some chemicals to look for in the description before visiting the stores to get thicker hair and look appealing.

    Products to use To Get Thicker Hair

    1. Conditioners And Shampoos

    Do not blindly go with advertisements or advice before buying. The shampoo or conditioner you are using should be able to give a voluminous effect to your hair. Following are certain ingredients to look for in the products you are going for.

    • Oil control ingredients should be present that controls excess sebum production in your scalp as due to high sebum your hair becomes flat and thin.
    • Surfactants that can clean your hair without any remains of residues behind.
    • Polymers that helps in providing a coating layer to your hair. This layer will lift your hair giving it bounce.
    • Starch should be present so as to enhance and improve the quality volume you desire.
    • Linseed oil, plant essences, vitamin E, fruit essence, biotin, and zinc are common ingredients that are very important for thick hair.

    2. Serum To Get Thicker Hair

    A serum can add great shine and plumpness to the hair. While opting for a good serum it should always contain main ingredients like jojoba oil, almond oil, vitamin E, ceramides, sunflower extracts, etc.

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    Sprays To Get Thicker Hair

    There are a lot of sprays present in the market that can control frizzy hair and give them a voluminous shine we all look for. Based on what you desire you can always look for products that are cruelty-free, sulfate-free, or began.

    If you have thin hair, these sprays provide texture and lock the excess frizz that makes you look dull. A good spray for your hair should contain panthenol, polymers, and vitamin E.

    Oils To Use To Get Thicker hair

    Popular and tested oils that have amazing effects and do brilliantly well to get your longer, stronger and thicker hair are as follows.

    1. Olive Oil

    Want a magical potion packed in a bottle for your hair? Well, it is one of the most cost-effective and excellent oils for your hair. It consists of omega 3 that is the foremost essential ingredient to get thicker hair. Not just omega 3, olive oil also works to moisturize your hair and scalp giving it a healthier and shinier bounce.

    Always take some time for your hair and use warm olive oil. You may do other stuff meanwhile and wash your hair after 1 or 2 hours. Keeping it overnight using a hair cap is also completely fine.

    2. Castor Oil

    I have seen many people trying castor oil but either throwing it or keeping it aside after just 1 use because it’s consistency is highly thick. But, thick consistency doesn’t make it less good of hair oil when it comes to getting thicker hair as it is highly rich in Vitamin E. Till now you all have understood how important it. E is for thicker and stronger hair.

    Hair Masks To Put To Get Thicker hair

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    1.Egg Mask

    It’s not a new fact that eggs are a brilliant source of protein. Protein is very crucial when it comes to the healthy functioning of hair as hair needs keratin for growth. I will not stress a lot on this important ingredient as the benefits are well-known and tested by many. Just beat 1 egg or two if you want and apply it all over your scalp. Keep it for 30 minutes as after that the smell becomes intolerant. Rinse it and use your go-to shampoo.

    2. Banana Mask

    In the above essential ingredients, we have talked about starch. Where to get starch for hair? Yes, it’s a banana mask that can solve the issue. It is highly rich in collagen content. Take the full banana and mash it completely. After mashing you can use either olive oil or castor oil and apply it over your hair. Castor oil is thick and banana mash is also thick in consistency so using coconut oil or olive oil is the better option here.

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    Herbs To Get Thicker Hair

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    1. Aloe Vera

    In the previous decade, the popularity of aloe vera rose a lot. It has amazing quality and great effects on hair, skin, and scalp. You can get aloe vera gel in various stores belonging to different brands, but nothing beats natural aloe vera gel. Cut out a piece of aloe vera and extract the gel from it. Apply few drops of your favorite hair oil preferably olive oil and massage it on your scalp and you are good to go.

    2. Fenugreek Seeds

    Something that has been immensely popular for ages. You can put these fenugreek seeds and soak them in normal water for the night. In the morning grind these seeds and make a thin paste. Mix it with fresh yoghurt and olive oil to apply on hair and get thicker hair within a few months.

    Diet To Get Thicker Hair

    1. Food Items

    To get thicker hair that shines, you need to have a balanced diet containing all the essential fats and proteins. Consuming protein not only has amazing benefits on your muscles, but it also strengthens the hair follicles’ roots. Intake of food items like eggs, fish, walnuts, yoghurt, almonds, beans, along with green leafy vegetables helps in the intense thickening of hair.

    2. Supplements

    Your body requires a variety of nutrients and minerals in trace amounts that cannot be completed through your diet entirely. For that role of supplements comes into play. You can have a lot of vitamin supplements like Vitamin B12, B5, A, booting, zinc, iron, etc. to receive ever-lasting thickness and shine.

    Salon And Spa Treatments To Get Thicker Hair

    If you visit spas and salons regularly, you will start noticing shinier hair that has a thick appearance and texture. Hair spas are responsible to increase the flow of blood in your scalp that nourishes the scalp and helps to absorb all the nutrients of oils used better.

    You do not have to spend dollars by visiting hair salons for spas, you can also have spas at home by using natural and home-based ingredients.

    Some Tips To Get Thicker Hair

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    1. Regularly have hair cuts. If you are having very thin hair, you may cut your hair very short for instance length of your shoulders. This hair cut will provide an illusion to everyone including you that you have thick hair.
    2. A balanced diet should be taken full of walnuts, eggs, fishes, fibre-containing food, etc.
    3. Wash your hair thoroughly and properly using lukewarm water and always use soft towels or tee-shirt to dry your hair. Use gentle rubbing as it reduces frizz.
    4. Go for using a ceramic brush this time. This brush adds dimension to the hair strands making them look voluminous.

    A Wrap Up To Get Thicker Hair

    Although you cannot magically change your hair appearance overnight (Without having to wear a wig or extensions probably). you can follow the above-given tips and natural product ideas to get thicker hair that is shiny and dazzling at the same time. Just keep in mind that the change does not occur overnight. Follow these practices weekly and witness the change.


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