Schitt’s Creek: 8 Astounding reasons to watch this show

    By now, you must have heard of the name of this show called “Schitt’s Creek.” This quirky little show has been produced by father and son duo, Eugene Levy and Daniel Levy. At the 2020’s Emmy Awards, Schitt’s Creek made history by winning the most number of awards in a single category. Recently, it has also received 5 nominations at the Golden Globes Awards. Surprisingly, it took so long for the show to get the recognition that it deserves. Schitt’s Creek is a 6 season show about a filthy rich family’s fall from grace.

    Schitt's Creek
    Eugene Levy and Daniel Levy at the Emmys.

    We have listed 8 astounding reasons to watch Schitt’s Creek –

    1. Unique Plot of Schitt’s Creek

    Schitt’s Creek begins with a scandalous raid at the Rose mansion when Johnny Rose gets brutally scammed by his assistant. Johnny Rose(Eugene Levy) has always been an honest and kind-hearted human being. He created an empire from scratch by selling DVDs. Little did his innocent mind ever comprehend that his assistant will rob him so badly and leave him penniless.

    The Rose family is left with nothing except a town called “Schitt’s Creek” which Johnny bought as a joke for David’s birthday. The family with a Beverly hills aura is reduced to nothing when they reach this remote town. David, Alexis, and Moira find it hard to believe that this town will be their residence for the foreseeable future. But, they settle in at the local motel, and thus, began the journey of the Rose family in Schitt’s Creek.

    2. Wholesome characters

    Schitt’s Creek is such a unique show that every character is beautifully different. Be it David’s silent judgemental look, or Alexis’s Kardashian vibe, or Moira’s eccentricity, you’ll never fail to admire them. Stevie is the first person with whom you can relate a bit. The rest of the town is not used to the grandeur and pomposity like the Rose’s. Stevie( Emily Hampshire) watches the family from a safe distance and gives a hilarious take on the absurdity of these characters.

    Schitt's Creek
    L TO R: Patrick, David, and Stevie.

    Even the town’s people have this fresh vibe that you’ll enjoy throughout. Twyla, Ronnie, Jocelyn, Roland, and the others form a very dynamic and enthralling cast that will fill your heart with joy and warmth.

    3. Smooth Writing and Character Development

    Schitt’s Creek should be showered with awards for their polished representation of an upscale family’s fall from grace. So far, all the other shows are busy with their portrayal of rich people and their parties and sophistication, masking the evilness that has filled their hearts.

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    The Rose family is different. Despite being a millionaire, Johnny Rose wasn’t egocentric. David knew the affluence of wealth would not change the fact that his so-called friends will never care about him. As a bullied child, he tried to fit in the society with his chic clothes, luxurious mansion, and a confident attitude. Underneath all that pretension, was a child who wanted to be accepted for being who he was.

    Schitt's Creek
    The Cast of Schitt’s Creek at the Pride Parade.

    At Schitt’s Creek, David got his first true friend, Stevie. Before Stevie, he never knew what friendship meant. Schitt’s Creek showed David what it feels like to be surrounded by people who truly care about your well being.

    Alexis(Annie Murphy) has a bold personality who was always surrounded by famous people. She had a lot of fascinating stories to tell. With her upscale friends, she roamed around the entire world. But, she never experienced what it felt like to be with her family and loved ones. Sure, she was the most enchanting personality in any room, but she always felt that something was missing out. At Schitt’s Creek, she learned the blessings of having a family. She also finished her education that she’d left to spend her father’s money callously. She always relied on her father’s money.

    Schitt’s Creek portrays how Alexis realises the significance of having her career and financial stability. By the end of the show, Alexis was glad that they’d lost the money. The Rose family needed a jolt of reality to comprehend what it’s like to have the most important treasure and not value it.

    Moira Rose’s character development was different. Sure, she could never let go of the power of money, but Schitt’s Creek made Moira realise the values of being in a loving family. She got in touch with her inner self with Jocelyn and her friends. She watched her kids grow from these spoilt brats into entrepreneurs. Johnny Rose too got back his entrepreneurial spirit and started focusing on rebuilding his business ventures. Johnny and Moira became proud parents when they saw David and Alexis taking charge of their lives and not relying on the family’s wealth.

    4. Bewitching LGBTQIA+ Representation

    If there is any show that shows how a town should treat LGBTQIA+ people, then it’s Schitt’s Creek. They don’t act surprised or shocked around David. He is accepted throughout for his sexuality. He doesn’t have to come out to his parents. They are aware of his preferences and are eager to know about his dates. David cites a beautiful reference to White Wine to show how he likes people for their qualities and not for their gender.

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    Schitt's Creek

    This soothing representation of genderless love and friendship in a town won the hearts of people from all over the world. The show won GLAAD Awards for its LGBTQIA+ representation.

    5. Fairy tale romance

    I’m sure that every one ship David and Patrick(Noah Reid). Who wouldn’t? Schitt’s Creek shows what a healthy relationship should look like.

    Patrick elevates David from his insecure self and turns himself into this confident gentleman. He loves David and strives for a future where they both can be themselves without being distracted by the taunts of society. Before meeting Patrick, David never knew what true love felt like. His ex-boyfriends were busy extracting money from him and using him for his position in society. Patrick was the first person who didn’t care about his status. Together, they set an example for the generation and showed how real relationships go through beautiful and ugly phases but emerge victoriously.

    You have to work through your rough patches to make a relationship work. Patrick and David became an inspiration to society. Another couple that deserves mention is Alexis and Ted.

    Schitt's Creek
    Alexis and Ted.

    Often in life, we’ve all experienced the pain of unrequited love. We all thought that we are going to end up with this dreamy person, but the reality was different. Alexis and Ted showed how love isn’t the only requirement in a relationship. They had to part ways for their career commitments but never stopped loving each other. Alexis, who was always scared of commitments, fell head over heels in love with Ted and was ready to a point to sacrifice her career. But, they realised that they might end up detesting each other if they don’t follow their passion. The beauty and pain of the unrequited love of Alexis and Ted will melt your heart.

    6. Witty town name

    It must be strange to name a town “Schitt’s Creek”. Roland Schitt, the mayor of the town, got it from his forefathers. For generations, the Schitt’s have owned this town, and hence the name came, Schitt’s Creek. But, what’s more catchy, is not the town’s name but the town’s poster. While entering the town, Johnny Rose is appalled to see such a quirky poster. He can’t believe that he owns a distinctive town with a ludicrous poster.

    Schitt's Creek
    The Town Sign.

    By the end of the 6th season, the poster does change, but the quirkiness remains the same.

    7. Humour, Snappy phrases, and wigs

    The writers have beautifully executed the fact that you don’t need crappy jokes to make the audience laugh. The writing of the show is creamy and smooth. The simplicity of the characters with touches of eccentricity makes the audience roll on the floor. Be it David’s Scare Crow outfit, or Moira’s Crow film, or Alexis’s songs, the show has surpassed several levels of humour.

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    One of the most captivating things that Schitt’s Creek has is its snappy phrases. From the very beginning, you’ll fall in love with Alexis’s “Eww David,” “Boop.” Moreover, David’s astounding facial features every time something doesn’t go his way is hilarious. You’ll find yourself imitating his expressions when encountered with adversity.

    Moira Rose set a benchmark the moment she stepped on the screen. Her beautiful, enchanting yet unique costume makes sure that your eyes are set on her only. Her collection of wigs, her style statement, her enigma creates a surreal atmosphere filled with pompousness and elegance.

    Schitt's Creek

    Nobody could’ve played Moira Rose better than Catherine O’Hara. She has a charming personality who is in constant awe of the mess that they’d landed in. The show also shows the importance of finding and rooting for your passion. Age shouldn’t be a bar for following your dreams. Moira gets back to her roots of acting and becomes a huge success.

    8. Siblings bittersweet rivalry

    If you have a brother or sister, you can relate to the constant bickering of Alexis and David. Most of the time, they end up hating each other for hogging up all the space, and being messy, or stealing our food, but at the end of the day, they stand by each other in their highs and lows. When Alexis was busy with her world tour, David spent days worried about her well being. Alexis helped David overcome his fear of driving and get a license.

    When Alexis was heartbroken to see Ted with someone else, all she needed was a hug from her brother. At David’s wedding, Alexis had a huge smile on her face. She couldn’t believe her little brother is getting married to the man of his dreams.

    Here is a video of the cast’s little chit-chat-

    Schitt’s Creek isn’t just a show. It’s a representation of the struggles of our life. Often, we hit obstacles in our life and face undesirable outcomes. What’s important is, to not lose sight of the bigger picture and start building everything from scratch. When you’re surrounded by your loved ones, you have the strength to overcome any absurdity. You’ll find the right people to lean on, you’ll find success, love, and most of all, happiness.

    Head over to Netflix to catch all the six seasons of this heartwarming show. While you watch it, you might also want to check out how the new Netflix show Fate: The Winx Saga is doing –


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