How To Keep Wasps Away (Best 4 Tips)

    Preventions And Methods On How To Keep Wasps Away From Your House

    Like many other members belonging to the animal kingdom, wasps also hibernate during winters. They usually create their home in the form of nests near safe places to protect themselves. These safe places include your house too, which makes you and your kids unsafe.

    Wasps and hornets can be a nuisance and pest when we proceed towards the warmer months of the year. Once they build their homes inside your house, getting rid of them without getting bitten or hurt is a task really difficult to accomplish.

    The insects are a natural part of our ecosystem and food chains and play a key role in controlling pests that would otherwise lead to destroying plants and crops that sustain the livelihood of many.

    Zoological department experts state that wasps are very important and play a great role in the ecosystem. Although we do not deny their importance in getting rid of crop-eating pests, we are not very attracted to them to keep them as guests in our houses.

    They are filled with very nasty sting and once they build a nest in your home or porch, it is highly dangerous, especially for underage children. He has shortlisted certain prevention tips and guidelines on how to keep wasps away.

    Prevention Tips On How To Keep Wasps Away

    how to keep wasps away

    You are smart enough to be aware of the famous slang “Prevention is better than cure”. Yes! the question of how to prevent wasps is always better than how to keep wasps away because prevention is easy and getting rid of them once they made their home inside yours is difficult.

    Some tips to keep in mind while talking about prevention are:

    • Empty your bins and wash them regularly. Keep your bins away as they contain leftover food items from your windows and doors of the house. By following this, the wasps are less likely to get attracted to the content of your bins.
    • Check the lofts in your house to check if there are holes or gaps in the roof of your house, it is commonplace through which the wasps might enter your house and build their home in the form of a nest. If you witness any gaps, seal them. You can also put insect mesh over the grille vents and air bricks if required.
    • Inspect your house carefully including the areas of the shed, loft, garage, and the region under the eaves during the months of spring to check if small nests are under construction. You will see that these nests are nearly the size of a goofball and they usually contain fewer wasps or insects.
    • Removing these insects when they are very few is far easier than removing them when the queen of wasps starts laying eggs and produces many in number. These will eventually grow and accommodate more spacious nests which are difficult to deal with while removing them
    • Incorporate plants that smell sweet outside your houses. They will attract wasps and keep them away from entering your doors and windows to get inside the house.
    • Seal the garbage cans and make sure all the compost piles are completely closed as the wasps aren’t as picky as humans and tend to feed on rotted food as well.
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    Types Of Wasps

    how to keep wasps away

    Before knowing how to keep wasps away, it is important to determine which types of wasps are we dealing with. Even after following all the preventive measures, there are still chances that wasps can build their nest in your house. Identifying the type of wasps that have entered your house is important to know for the best treatment to get rid of them. A few of the most common wasps that might be buzzing all-around your home may be:

    Yellow Jackets

    These are known through their striking yellow and black color bodies. These wasps have the reputation of being the entirely aggressive types of wasps. They have the ability to sting their selected enemy when feel instigated or threatened by them. These wasps are social in nature signifying that their working pattern includes groups of males, workers, and their queens. They can make their nest under the ground as well as above the ground.

    Paper Wasps

    Similar to yellow jacket wasps, paper wasps are social too as they live in colonies. Their distinctive feature is that their nests are above the ground. You can check the ceilings of your porch or window tops and doors to check if paper wasps have started creating their shelter in your house or not. The shape looking at which you can identify paper wasps is upside down or umbrella nests that are flipped. The paper-like material they use to prepare their nests gives them the identity to be called paper wasps. Just like other species of wasps, even these wasps will sting repeatedly if they feel threatened by you.


    These are often confused to resemble yellow jacket wasps. These are often larger in size and make larger nests than other wasp species. If you are living in the United States, you will find commonly Bald-face hornet or European hornet out of all the 20 species they have. Species of hornets will also remain not bothered at all by you until you or someone else tries to go near and touch their nest. In this situation, they will start stinging repeatedly to protect their house.

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    How To Keep The Wasps Away From Your House

    After understanding preventing measures and determining what type of wasps or hornets are present in your house the question floating all-around your mind is how to keep wasps away from your house.

    Let us see different measures that can help you get rid of them as soon as possible.

    Wasp Traps On How To Keep Wasps Away

    If you have observed many wasps around your garden, it does not necessarily mean they are there to build houses, the reason for their buzzing around that area could be in search of food. But, this does not mean they are welcome in or near your houses. There are position free traps for wasps available all over the market that you can use if you want to have quality time for a picnic in your garden and can’t go with the plans because of wasps buzzing.

    You can use these traps again and again as most of these are reusable. Take any container and fill it with beer or any sweet juice along with traps, as soon the insects or wasps enter they will get trapped.

    Natural Options on How To Keep Wasps Away

    Do you know how to keep wasps away using ingredients available in your house? You can easily use peppermint present in your house as it acts as a repellant to keep the wasps away. You can take a small container to dilute peppermint oil with water and creating a spray out of both these ingredients.

    Peppermint can be used in your garden areas as well to deter the critters. Spray this mixture prepared on the spots you mostly see wasps buzzing and making their nests to reduce the number and eventually they will vanish.

    Other than peppermint, another option you can use is water mixed with a cup of white vinegar. Keep the mixture in a spray bottle and spray again wherever you see wasps more frequently. A few blasts through this spray should be able to get rid of wasps in your house.

    How To Keep Wasps Away Using Sprays

    When you search online and nearby stores, a variety of sprays for wasp control are available. From a wide range of insecticides that are fast-acting to kill these bugs to a range of surface sprays that can be used to deter these insects from hanging around, everything is available.

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    You can use destroyer sprays to treat tiny nests as they will help in exterminating wasps inside their nest itself. It is very crucial to read the label where instruction s are given on how to use the spray. Usually, all the label instructions ask to keep these sprays for a time period of 24 hours or longer time might be given on the label based on chemicals used. Before you make an attempt to clear the wasps, make sure to follow these instructions.

    Make sure you are protecting yourself from these sprays while covering your eyes with goggles, wearing gloves, using a dist mask, etc while you are dealing with these wasps nests. Doesn’t matter if the nest is very small or large, suing protective gear is mandatory. Usually, the best time to use sprays on these nests is either early in the morning or late at night because the wasps are very less active during that time and present in their nests only.

    How To Keep Wasps Away Using Help From Professional

    how to keep wasps away

    If you have come across a wasp nest in your garden or your house, and the nests are so large to deal with without taking help, always call professional pest controllers to help you get rid of these nests and wasps.

    We do not contain tools that are specially designed to be used on wasps to control them but professionals do. They have tools along with protective clothing gears to remain safe from wasps stings. Do not put yourself in front of swarms of angry wasps which is a major risk.

    A full-fledged nest might contain thousands of wasps which are impossible to deal with all alone.

    What Are The Things To Avoid

    How to Keep wasps away without hurting yourself? Follow these important tips.

    • Do not get angry and randomly use a stick to destroy or dislodge the nest created by wasps. This is highly dangerous as it will make the wasps inside very angry with you. The swarm of wasps might attack you at that very moment to defend their home. The stings are fatal when repeatedly done.
    • Try not to use smoke as a means to get the wasps away as it may cause fire and you may lose all control over the flames generated. The last thing you would ever want to remove wasps is your house catching fire in between. The angry wasps will attack you too.
    • Do not put your life in danger by going near the wasp’s nests in order to remove them without wearing safety or protective gear. If you are allergic to stings of wasps, this is the last thing you will do. Their stings are not easy to deal with as the whole swarm of wasps will be there to attack you repeatedly.

    These were some prevention tips and treatment tips on how to keep wasps away from your house and garden for your safety. Do follow all the safety measures to avoid getting stings from wasps. These wasps and insects like mosquitoes can cause serious health problems. Be safe while dealing with them.


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