4 Interesting Facts about Pea Protein Powder – The Best Plant-based Protein

    Pea Protein Powder, one of the most interesting protein powders available on the market. This is interesting because many won’t believe how beneficial this is and others would criticize without even having it. And others just hang between.

    Protein Powder is one of those products where people get fooled and getting fooled means in both ways, some brands will just exaggerate its benefits and some will just bluff about it just because they love another type of protein powder.

    Firstly before buying any type of stuff which we consume we have to check and study it properly, whether it has all the benefits mentioned in its natural form or not. We will do the same for pea protein today. So today we will just introduce ourselves to pea protein and its benefits and disadvantages.

    What is Pea Protein Powder?

    Pea Protein powder is nothing but protein content extracted from the pea, the name itself explains its meaning. Usually, many protein powders are made from natural substances like pea and are manufactured in the same manner.

    Pea Protein Powder is manufactured mostly for vegans, vegans have limited sources to have protein in their diet, so this process makes the perfect fit. Except for pea they have many other sources too from which the manufacturer extracts the protein content and provides it in powder form.

    pea protein powder

    There are many people out there who consume protein in powder form on a regular basis, and they are bound to have particular protein. Pea protein powder can be consumed in the place of whey protein if anyone wants to replace it.

    Pea protein powder is Hypoallergenic, the interesting part is that pea protein is naturally Hypoallergenic, so the powder manufacturers don’t need to add artificial additives. This is the reason many people consume this protein powder during the post-gym workout.

    Nutrients Amount
    Protein 15 g
    Sodium 230 mg
    Iron 5 mg
    Carbs 1 g
    Calories 80
    Fiber 1 g
    Total Fat 1.5 g


    The above mentioned numbers are on an average basis, the amount differs from brand to brand, but the amount present in the protein powder will be around these figures. After all, you have to buy the protein powder according to your needs, so you can look after that.

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    How is Pea Protein Powder consumed?

    Protein powder is mostly consumed by those who visit the gym on a regular basis, mainly you can say bodybuilders. It’s not like only gym freaks have protein in their diet, many people who are unable to meet their need for protein, they also add such protein content supplements or powder in their diet (by consulting their Doctor or Physician).

    The main reason bodybuilders or people who do work out have protein products is because they have certain requirements of protein to have in their daily life, so their muscles can grow. They also get protein naturally from sources like food, and fruits. But it’s hard to eat that much in a day to reach a target, and I say the number depends on the weight of the person.

    pea protein powder

    Most people consume pea protein powder in smoothies and shakes. Mainly vegans love this protein powder because it is gluten free and it provides high quality of protein, if it is for losing weight or gaining it doesn’t matter, everyone can have it.

    Let us go through a couple of recipes to consume it, if you like it surely comment down below, or if you know one of the best recipes you can share with us in the comment section.


    Blueberry with banana Swirl

    The following recipe is for one person and it contains:

    • Carbs = 25 g
    • Protein = 32 g
    • Fat = 4 g
    • Calories = 303
    Ingredient Amount
    Pea Protein Powder 1 Scoop
    Banana 1 Small
    Frozen Blueberry 50 g
    Vanilla 2-4 Drops
    Dairy Free Milk 100 – 150 ml
    Dairy Free Yogurt 100 – 150 ml


    All you have to do is put your pea protein, milk, and blueberries in this blender. Blend these three things till it has a smooth texture, after that pour it into the glass. After that repeat the blending process with banana and yogurt and pour it in the glass. Then swirl it nicely and your smoothie is ready, you can add toppings of blueberries.

    Toffee-P-Corn Smoothie

    The following recipe is for one person and it contains:

    • Carbs = 38 g
    • Protein = 34 g
    • Fat = 2 g
    • Calories = 312
    Ingredient Amount
    Pea Protein Powder 1 Scoop
    Banana 1 Large
    Toffee Drop 4 – 6 Drops
    Cinnamon ½ Teaspoon
    Dairy Free Milk 250 ml
    Pop Corn Handful for Garnish
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    Ok! So the recipe is the easiest! Even the laziest person can make it. All you have to do is add all the ingredients to your blender and blend it till it has a smooth texture. After blending, pour it in your glass and garnish it with some popcorn on the top and cinnamon and you have your smoothie. Quick and tasty!

    These are only two recipes I’ve shared with you all, you can have your own recipes by making smoothies with your own ingredients. Making smoothies like a chef you know! Jokes apart, if you are getting late so you can just have 1 scoop of protein powder in your milk and you can have it.

    Advantages Of Pea Protein Powder

    Pea Protein is High in quality of protein compared to many other protein powders. It suits almost everyone’s body and fits in their diet charts. This protein powder contains all that one’s body needs.

    For our body, there are 9 amino acids which are very essential for it. Getting these 9 amino acids is not that easy, our body cannot produce these acids with a type of food content on a daily basis. By having Pea protein powder we get all 9 amino acids.

    For the ones who cannot eat high protein rich food like beef or pork, they can have pea protein to fulfill their needs. This type of protein is best for heart health and muscle growth, very few have such benefits. Apart from that, the type of protein that gets easily digested in our body is animal protein, but here pea protein is exceptional, it gets easily digested.

    pea protein powder

    Pea Protein is very rich in iron, it adds a good amount of iron in our diet. For a person who is suffering from iron deficiency, this protein will definitely help you to cover up from it. So basically, this protein shares many aspects and benefits for us, having one of these proteins will surely help to improve our health.

    From the beginning of the article, I’m mentioning the fact that it is good for vegans, so let’s mention it again, It is gluten free and contains no dairy products. So isn’t it the biggest advantage of all, that a vegan can fill their need for protein in his/her diet. After all, whatever we eat is to fulfill the needs of these nutrients.

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    Many people suffer from various common allergies, and because of these issues, they have to avoid their respective products. In pea protein’s case, things are different, as I mentioned above Pea Protein is hypoallergenic, but if you have an allergy from peas then the best option is to avoid it.

    For the ones who are trying to lose weight, this protein is really recommended. Having this protein will increase the amount of protein in the diet and eventually the consumer will feel full. So eventually your calorie intake will decrease and it will result in weight loss.

    According to many researches, this protein powder decreases the risk factor of heart diseases like cholesterol and Blood Pressure. There were studies where people having high cholesterol and blood pressure had this pea protein powder and after a couple of weeks results showed a decline in cholesterol and blood pressure level.

    Lastly, this pea protein does not cause any bloating or gassiness if you are worrying about it. Yes, it is true that whole peas can cause bloating in some people but the pea protein doesn’t do so.

    Disadvantages Of Pea Protein Powder

    If you look you will find many advantages of pea protein powder, but there are very few disadvantages, many of you will feel like I’m promoting it, so for them, I’m talking all this about Pea Protein, not Pea Protein of a particular brand.

    Till now people face very few issues with it, so continuing with that the first one is We get this protein in the form of powder which is initially extracted from Pea, so after all this process what all we get is protein and we lose fibers in it.

    Last but not the least, sodium content in this type of protein is a little high. So if you are specially recommended to have a sodium-restricted diet because of whatever reasons, this protein powder is best to be avoided.


    So, Should you eat Pea Protein Powder or Not? It’s all up to what type of health conditions you have. If you are allergic to peas that’s not at all recommended, and if you have no issues or allergies from peas, go and grab it. After all, pea protein is rich in nutrients and it is good for your health.

    Winding up this article, hope you liked it, at the end whatever you have should be good for your health and should suit your body. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment down below.


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