Kelly Clarkson Net Worth And 7 Interesting Facts

    Kelly Clarkson is a person who has given people a reason to feel happy or content or sad or just put them in a vibing mood with her songs. Even at 39 years of age, she continues to bring out new songs every year.

    Apart from singing, Kelly has also tried acting and writing and has excelled in those fields as well and has managed to make the Kelly Clarkson net worth reaching almost $50 million and that is a lot for a singer. But as she is not just a singer and has other ways of earning as well, that number should not be a surprise for any of you.

    Kelly is a person of high beliefs and she motivates people with her songs. To quote her ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.’ Those words describe how full of positivity Kelly is. That quote tells you that even if life throws the hardest punch at you, as long as you are still alive, you can still get back up.

    A lot of Kelly’s songs have made their way to the US Billboard Hot 100 and on many other lists of favorite or most hit songs over the last 2 decades. And the rankings of her songs justify the Kelly Clarkson net worth.

    She also writes her own songs like a lot of other singers. She is a person full of life and mischief. Once she said, ‘Everyone says I’m like the girl next door, y’all must have really weird neighbors.’

    In this article, I will be talking about Kelly’s singing career, her songwriting, and acting, and even list some of her best songs and albums for you to listen to. And of course, there will be the Kelly Clarkson net worth at the focus of the article. So let us dive deep into the voice of Kelly’s life.

    kelly clarkson net worth

    What Is The Kelly Clarkson Net Worth?

    Kelly Clarkson Net Worth $45 million
    Albums Breakaway, Meaning of Life, Thankful, All I ever wanted, Wrapped In Red, My December, Piece by Piece, Stronger
    Movies & TV Shows The Voice, The Kelly Clarkson Show, American Ideal, Ugly Dolls, Trolls World Tour, Delgo, The Star, Sugar, and more.


    The Kelly Clarkson net worth is estimated to be over $45 million. That should not be a surprise considering all her deals while starring in the reality TV show The Voice and all her songs and albums being such a big hit worldwide.

    All her songs and albums have sold millions of copies worldwide. If you want to know how popular and talented she is, just think about the fact that her debut single broke a 38-year-old record of The Beatles for the fastest ascend on the singles charts.

    Besides singing, she also writes her own songs and she has also featured in a few movies and dramas and well as musicals in theatre. She also has a few books written like the River Rose and The Magical lullaby which she wrote along with Laura Hughes. So along with singing, being an author contributes to the Kelly Clarkson net worth as well.

    Talking about Kelly’s tour revenues, she has made $60.5 million from them so far. Her highest-grossing tour was the Meaning Of Life tour which made $17.5 million and sold 275,000 tickets. Her Addicted tour also made over a million dollars in just 2 dates in the year 2006 at the Nikon Theater in Jones Beach at Long Island. That whole tour made $9.1 million.

    The Breakaway tour also got a huge reception and she made almost $10 million from that which put her behind only Carrie Underwood in terms of an American Idol alumni’s tour gross totals. With all her tours making so much money, they are sure to boost the Kelly Clarkson net worth in the future as well.


    Things Other Than Her Singing That Help The Kelly Clarkson Net Worth

    For Kelly’s television career, she makes around $14 million for each season. She was a full-time coach from the 14th season of the show till its 20th season. She was also a part-time adviser in the 2nd and 13th seasons of the show. She won the 14th, 15th, and 17th season of the show as a coach. All that just makes the Kelly Clarkson net worth grow more and more.

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    Kelly has said that she loves the Voice and Blake Shelton being there just makes it a much more enjoyable experience for her. Apart from that, Kelly has also hosted The Kelly Clarkson Show and the Billboard Music Awards a few times.

    The Kelly Clarkson show which debuted in 2019 was a huge success and had more than 2 million viewers for each episode. This show is going to come back again and you should be excited about that.

    Kelly has also worked for advertising brands like Tresemme, Wayfair, Amazon, NASCAR, Ford, American Greeting, Toyota, Apple, Vitamin Water, Proactiv, Norwegian Cruise Lines, etc. So many endorsement seals are sure to make the Kelly Clarkson net worth grow exponentially.

    Besides all that, Kelly also owns a lot of real estate. She has a mansion in Henderson, Tennessee which she bought for $3 million. She also has bought a lot of other houses and mansions. All these things are priced at more than a million. She also got some more finance from her divorce from Blackstone.

    kelly clarkson net worth

    How A Lot People Contributed To Making Kelly Clarkson Net worth What It Is Today

    Even though Kelly is completely self-made, she has been helped by a lot of people along the way. These people motivated her to keep on singing and spreading the love of God through her songs. Even without them, she might’ve been a star but these people still played a role.

    Kelly went to the Pauline Hughes Middle school and in the 7th grade, the school’s choir teacher heard her singing in a hallway and then asked her to audition for the school choir and thus began her journey that has given rise to the Kelly Clarkson net worth which has grown so much.

    Kelly had not received any professional vocal training before joining her school’s choir. She graduated from Burleson High School in the year 2000. She had performed in a lot of musicals like Annie Get Your Gun, Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, and Brigadoon in her high school.

    She also sang at her school’s talent show during which an audience member told her that she has been given a gift by God and that she is destined to sing. Even without this stranger, she might have become a sensation, but let us just thank all these people who have somehow helped her along in her journey to the huge Kelly Clarkson net worth.

    kelly clarkson net worth

    The Struggle Before The Success

    After her graduation, Kelly kept on singing and got some classical training, and she that in the hope that she would get a scholarship from that. But even after getting scholarships from the University Of Texas At Austin, University of North Texas, and Berklee College of Music, she declined them all saying that she wanted to do this on her own.

    Kelly later said that she would never be too old to go to college and that she had already written a lot of music by that point so she wanted to try her own hand at her career and hence, the Kelly Clarkson net worth’s journey started from that day on.

    Even though she had made a bold move, she still had to have enough money to support her demo recording material because, at that point, the Kelly Clarkson net worth was almost zero. She tried recording labels but all her attempts failed.

    She also declined recording contracts from Jive Records and Introscope Records saying that those would have pigeonholed her like a bubblegum act and she had been confident that something better would come for her.

    To kick start the Kelly Clarkson net worth and her musical career, she moved to Los Angeles in 2001 and also appeared in a few television series like Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, Dharma & Greg, etc. She also worked with Gerry Goffin and recorded 5 demo tracks to get a record deal.

    But you would be sad to know that almost every record label turned her down. She had struggled a lot by that point and the lack of other career options and fire to her house forced her to go to Burleson and work in a movie theatre and promote Red Bull energy drinks. She was also a telemarketer and cocktail waitress in a comedy club.

    So you can see how much Kelly worked and struggled to kick-start her career but to no avail. With almost no backing up from her finances, i.e. the Kelly Clarkson net worth being so low, she had been forced to do small jobs here and there. But as Kelly was a true believer of God and had been working hard to achieve her dream, something came along to help her.

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    How American Idol Got Kelly’s Net Worth On Track

    Kelly Clarkson Net Worth

    Even though Kelly had nothing to show of her struggle in the Kelly Clarkson net worth, she never gave up, and on persuasion from her friends, she went on to audition for the reality television series, American Idol: The Search For A Superstar and that is what changed her life forever. Thank you Kelly’s friends!

    Kelly went on to win the competition and man did it complete America’s search for a superstar. Kelly became a sensation over time and released a lot of albums and did a lot of shows. She won American Idol on September 4 in 2002 and after that, she struck a record deal with RCA records and 19 records as well as with S records by the talent manager Simon Fuller.

    Simon Fuller was the creator of American Idol and him along with Clive Davis helped Kelly get those deals and kick-start the Kelly Clarkson net worth’s journey. Kelly’s debut double-A-single was released on September 17, 2002 which was Before Your Love/ A Moment Like This. Both were performed by Kelly during the season finale of American Idol.

    She debuted at number 60 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and the single climbed up to number 52 in the next week and went on to go to number 1 eventually. This broke a 38 years old record set by a British band that you might know. That band was nothing big, just The Beatles.

    That’s right, with her first single, Kelly broke the freaking Beatles’ record, talking about overachieving. Kelly truly deserved this after all her hard work and struggles. This single also went on to become the best-selling single of 2002 in the USA. That is how a star was born and how the Kelly Clarkson net worth began ascending.

    After that, Kelly released her debut album Thankful in the year 2003, just after 7 months of releasing the first single. Many critics praised her work in this single and they just loved her voice and sass in her music. Thankful debuted number 1 on the Billboard 200 and sold over 4.5 million copies.

    The lead single, Miss Independent in Thankful was a hit and it earned Kelly her first Grammy Award. Imagine that, going from not getting deals from recording studios to winning a Grammy for her first-ever album. The Kelly Clarkson net worth has never looked back ever since then.


    Kelly Clarkson Songs And Albums Statistics

    In The First Decade Of Her Career

    American singer Kelly Clarkson has released 8 studio albums as well as 6 extended pieces along with a compilation album, a remix album, and 47 singles. Kelly’s 2nd studio album which was Breakaway was released in the year 2004.

    This album expanded her audience to international markets and is still her most successful album to date with worldwide sales of 12 million copies. With so many copies sold of just one album, you can see why the Kelly Clarkson net worth would be so high.

    Breakaway topped the charts with the help of the commercial hits of her worldwide hit singles like Since U Been Gone, Behind These Hazel Eyes, Because of You, Walk Away, and Breakaway. All these songs contributed greatly to the Kelly Clarkson net worth.

    Kelly also topped the Irish Albums Chart and Dutch Album Top 100 with these as well and became the best selling single in the US and also the world’s 7th best album in the year 2005 according to the International Association of the Phonographic Industry.

    Clarkson released her 3rd studio album, My December, in 2007 amid a high-profile feud with music mogul Clive Davis. In the year 2009, she also released her 4th studio album, All I Ever Wanted, which became her 2nd number one entry on the Billboard 200 list.

    All these albums truly kick-started her career in her first decade in the industry and laid the foundation for the Kelly Clarkson net worth which was going to become huge in the upcoming years.

    Her 1st single, My Life Would Suck Without You still holds the record for the biggest jump to number one in the history of the Billboard Hot 100 chart, followed by the hit singles I Do Not Hook Up and Already Gone.

    In 2011 Clarkson released her 5th studio album Stronger, accompanied by the hit singles Mr. Know It All and Stronger. Stronger was awarded platinum by the RIAA, due to its success, which is currently considered her most successful single, topping the list at number one on Billboard’s 16 charts including the Hot 100 chart.

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    kelly clarkson net worth

    Second Decade Of Her Career

    In 2012, Clarkson celebrated the 10th anniversary of her career with her first compilation of the greatest hits, Greatest Hits- Chapter One. Released in 2013, her 6th album and the 1st Christmas album, Wrapped in Red, became the top-selling Christmas album of that year in the United States adding to the Kelly Clarkson net worth even more.

    Her lead single Underneath The Tree has been a popular Christmas carol since it was released. Clarkson signed her recording deal with 19 records and RCA records with the release of her 7th studio album, Piece by Piece, in 2015 striking another deal to grow the Kelly Clarkson net worth.

    Awarded Gold by the RIAA, it became her third number 1 album on the Billboard 200 list and produced the hit singles Heartbeat Song and Piece by Piece celebrated their 100th milestone on the Billboard Table.

    With so many songs making their way to the Billboard, the Kelly Clarkson net worth is sure to be very huge. People just love her voice and her lyrics and that makes them love her songs and her even more.

    Kelly has won a lot of awards till now and she is going to be winning a lot more. She has had a total of 174 nominations for awards out of which she has won 74 awards. If you want to know how good a person Kelly is, you can just watch the Voice, by doing that you will get to know your star better and you will also be adding to the Kelly Clarkson net worth.


    A Background Check On The Lady

    Kelly was born on the 24th of April in 1982 and she is currently 39 years old. Her full name is Kelly Brianne Clarkson. She was born in Fort Worth, Texas. Her parents are Stephen Michael Clarkson, who used to be an engineer, and Jeanne Ann nee Rose who used to be a 1st grade English teacher.

    Kelly is the youngest child amongst the 3 kids her parents had. She has a brother named Jason and a sister called Alyssa. She also has 2 half brothers from her dad’s second marriage. Her parents had divorced each other when she was just 6 years old due to which she stayed with her mum but her brother went with their dad and her sister with an aunt.

    Even with all that, Kelly has been able to grow stronger and she forges on and keeps adding to the Kelly Clarkson net worth. Talking about Kelly, she is of English, Welsh, Irish and Greek descent. Jeanne Ann is a descendant of Republican state senator Isaiah Rose about whom they discussed in Kelly’s episode of Who Do You Think You Are? which aired in 2013.

    Kelly has been raised in Southern Baptist and talking about it she said that she grew up in a church. She used to be the leader of a youth group and hence she grew close to God and one reason behind that was that He is the only one she could completely rely on, always.

    Kelly began dating Brandon Blackstock who is the son of her former manager Narvel Blackstock. They even got married in 2013. Ever since then, Brandon has been the manager of Kelly. They have a daughter together who was born in 2014 and a son born in 2016.

    Later in June 2020, Kelly filed for a divorce with Brandon because of their differences and she won the custody of both the children later. In 2019, Kelly also revealed that she had autoimmune and thyroid conditions ever since 2006. Even with all that, Kelly continues to sing and make the Kelly Clarkson net worth grow.

    kelly clarkson

    Closure | Kelly Clarkson Net Worth

    The Kelly Clarkson net worth, which is over $45 million, will tell you how popular Kelly is, because to earn that much money, you have to have talent and love for your work. And Kelly does not just love her occupation but she also loves her fans.

    Who does not love music? I definitely do and so do billions of other people and someone like Kelly, who is a singer is just supposed to be praised. We might not have enough knowledge to judge how she sings and if there are faults in her songs or any other such things.

    What we do know is that her voice is just so melodious that we can’t stop ourselves from listening to her songs on repeat again and again. She gives people hope from her songs, she brightens the atmosphere when we play her Christmas specials.

    After so much struggle in her initial days, Kelly deserves to be where she is today and a person who spreads hope and love through her songs deserves to be loved by us. Lastly, if you have any suggestions let us know in the comments section. Till then you can check out Dave Chappelle net worth.


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