How To Record on YouTube TV (for Beginners) in 3 Simple Steps

    While using YouTube TV, you can record different programs, including live shows, sports, etc. Moreover, you are not restricted regarding the number of recordings you can save, and they won’t take up any space on the smartphone, computer, or smart TV. Here’s is some details about how to record on YouTube TV, and how you can watch them easily.

    What is the working procedure of the YouTube TV Recording?

    When you want to record a specific program on your YouTube TV, all upcoming airings and reruns of the shows will automatically be added to the DVR library. You will not be able to record one episode by itself, but as YouTube TV gives you unlimited space to store the programs, this will not be a problem.

    You don’t need to worry about eating up space on your phone, computer, or streaming device. This is because YouTube TV can store all your recordings online for nine months. All you need is to have an internet connection, and you can record and watch your favorite programs without any trouble on your YouTube TV. Here are the steps of how to record on YouTube TV.

    Methods on How to Record on YouTube TV


    To start the process of how to record on YouTube TV, firstly, you have to open the app and select the magnifying glass situated at the top-right corner of the screen. After that, enter the name of the show that you wish to record. Next, select the plus icon next to the name of the show.

    1. When you open the YouTube TV app, you can record various kinds of shows on YouTube TV with the help of any web browser by searching at You can also download that app on the smartphone from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. You can also add the app to your smart TV or streaming device.
    2. Next, you will have to sign in. If you are working with a browser, you can click on the button showing Sign-in in the top-right area of the window. If you are working in the app, you can tap the button showing Sign in at the bottom part of the screen. Next, select your Google account and sign in with the help of your username and password if you are not signed in. However, while using a streaming device, you will have to go to and write the code on your screen. Then you need to sign in by using your Google account.
    3. After that, you have to select the magnifying glass icon. This can be seen in the top-right corner of your home screen.
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    Point to be noted: These steps mentioned above regarding how to record on YouTube TV are applicable in an Apple TV device. However, the steps are usually almost the same, no matter which device you are using.

    1. Next, write the name of the program which you want to record.
    2. After that, select the show.
    1. Lastly, select the plus (+) icon situated near the name of the program. This will be the button that will show Add to library. After you select it, YouTube TV will add all the ongoing and upcoming shows to your library. The program can be added to the library on all your devices.

    Note: If you cannot find the plus icon, you will not be able to record that program.

    After selecting the plus sign icon, it will turn to a checkmark, and a notification will show, instructing you that the show will be added to your DVR library.

    Note: If you’re using a smartphone, you can also tap and hold the program to see a pop-up window. Then tap on Add to Library, and it can be recorded.

    Steps to Record Live Sports on YouTube TV

    If you want to record live sports on YouTube TV, first select the magnifying glass icon to search for the event. Then, select the event and the plus sign icon. After that, select if you want to record that event or all the events of the team or the league.

    1. Open the YouTube TV.
    2. Then select the icon showing a magnifying glass. You can find this in the top-right area of your screen.
    3. Next, enter the name of the sports or the event, league, or team.
    4. Select an option.
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    How to record on YouTube TV

    5. Next, tap on the plus sign icon.

    6. Lastly, you have to select what you want to record. If you select the name of the league, YouTube TV will record all games from that specific league. You can also select and record all games from one or more teams or just one event at the same time.

    You can start the recordings of the games from any team or league while watching any other sporting event. To do this, first, pause the game and select the plus icon showing below the name of that specific event. Then select what you want to record on YouTube TV.

    Note: There might still be some ads in your recordings that you cannot skip, depending on what network you are watching.

    YouTube TV can record all sporting events for an extra 30 minutes after a game is scheduled to end if it is extended. YouTube TV can also detect the time at which a game ends and extend the recording task until then. On the other hand, the non-sports shows, can only be recorded for an extra one minute after their scheduled ending-time.

    Steps of how to Record on YouTube TV in case of Live Shows

    When you wish to record a live show on YouTube TV, start watching that program and then pause it. Then, select the icon of the plus sign present below the title. Depending on what device you’re using, you might also have to select the Add to Library option.

    1. Open YouTube TV and go to the tab showing Live. You can see the Live tab at the top area of the home screen.
    2. Then select the program and start watching it. If you’re watching a live show, you can skip the steps before this step.
    3. Next, you will have to pause the show which you are watching. You can tap the play/pause button on the remote if you are watching on a streaming device. If you are watching YouTube TV on your computer, you have to click the video to pause it. In case if you are watching on a smartphone, you can tap on the video and then tap the pause button that appears next.
    4. Finally, choose the plus sign icon to start your recording. You can see this icon below the title of the show. If you are working on a streaming device, you can see the plus sign icon by pressing the down button on the remote controller or by scrolling down.
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    Note: If you want to record a program that is ongoing, YouTube TV will only record from the time when you added the program. If a rerun of that show airs, the previous recording, which is incomplete, will be replaced with the full show.

    What Does YouTube TV’s DVR Offer?

    Aside from offering unlimited storage space for your recordings, YouTube TV’s DVR has some other very special benefits. You can access the recordings from any smartphone, computer, or TV with a connection to the internet.

    You can also fast-forward, rewind, and skip specific ads, except for ads shown by certain networks. Also, you can record any kind of program while watching other shows. You can record unlimited shows at the same time.

    Your family members, while being connected to your YouTube TV account, can also enjoy these special features of the DVR. If you haven’t tried it, you can add a maximum of five family members to share this great experience. Only remember that people you add to your account will have to have their own Library and will not be able to see through your Library.

    So, don’t wait, and start to enjoy various shows with the help of the steps of how to record on YouTube TV.

    Even the simplest things like recording on YouTube TV or creating GIFs can be tricky sometimes. But, when you have a detailed guide for the same, the task becomes super easy. To know more about such simple things, you can read the blog on Here’s How to Make GIF in Photoshop? A Simple And Precise Guide.


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