Lil Xan Net Worth – Bio, And 10 Interesting Facts

    lil xan net worth

    Lil Xan net worth is the wealth earned because of his career as a hip-hop singer. He is known for his song ‘Betrayed‘ which is popular on YouTube. Coming from a poor family he pursued his passion in music. He is a YouTuber and his music got popular through online platforms such as SoundCloud. Being unemployed for several years and dropping out of school, he started rapping.

    Once a drug addict, binging on Xanax, an anti-depressant, his music unlike other rap music encourages people not to take drugs. His debutant album sold out within 5 hours and reached the top charts. His music is average and with a good rhythm unlike most of hip-hop rap, his songs are slow and rhythmic.

    Name Nicholas Diego Leanos
    Age, D.O.B 25, 6th September 1996
    Profession Rapper, songwriter, singer
    Net Worth $3 million
    Genres hip-hop, mumble rap, trap


    Lil Xan Net Worth

    lil xan net worth

    Lil Xan founded the band Xanarchy after his tracks got popular on online audio platforms like SoundCloud. He uses his stage name Xanax due to his addiction to the drug. His track ‘Betrayed’ is charted at number 64 in Billboards music. His music is slow for a rap genre and has a good beat. Unlike most rap songs, his singing and composing is different from mainstream rapping.

    Lil Xan Net Worth – Early Life

    lil xan net worth

    Lil Xan comes from a poor family who lived from motel to motel. He is of Mexican descent. He struggled with a poor life throughout his childhood and also dropped out of school. He did menial jobs of cleaning streets, peddling drugs, etc. to make a living before he accidently started rapping. He also tried to do something in photography but after his camera was stolen, he started making music through rapping.

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    His mother’s name is Candy and he attended the Redland East Valley High School from which he dropped out. He faced numerous hardships during his early childhood. He listened to hard rock, alternative rock, hip-hop, and pop music.

    Lil Xan Net Worth – Career

    lil xan net worth

    He hit popularity with his track ‘Betrayal’ and most of his other songs are average with a good beat. Most of his songs were released on SoundCloud which gave him fan following and recognition. He admits to having an addiction to drugs like Xanax and Opiates. He encourages people not to get addicted to drugs through his music.

    His career graph is not impressive for a musician but his music has a unique rhythm for a rap genre. He used the name ‘Diego’ in the anti-drug campaign. His debut album is called ‘Xanarchy.’ He was a member of a band called ‘Low Gang,’ and prefers to make solo music. His first album was sold out within a few hours of its release.

    His other popular songs are ‘Sorry,’ ‘Center Fold,’ ‘Vicodin,’ ‘Been Bout It,’ and others. Lil Xan comes from a poor background and has made a conscious choice to stay out of drugs. He is a thoughtful rapper who encourages everyone to say no to drugs through his music. Unlike most rap songs, his lyrics have a positive tone and a voice.

    He has done well for himself being a dark horse at the age of 25. His face is tattooed. Does that remind you of Mike Tyson? But, he isn’t even close to the boxing legend and treads his individual path in music, lyrics, and rapping.

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    Lil Xan Net Worth – Interesting Facts

    lil xan net worth
    • His mother’s name is tattooed on his face
    • Unlike most music reality shows, his talent in music gained recognition through a music platform, Soundcloud
    • He does not do recreational drugs
    • His music is influenced by Pharrell, Queens of Stone Age, Artic Elephants, etc.
    • He likes to start his day with fast food from McDonalds


    Lil Xan net worth is impressive enough for a poverty-stricken teen to make it big quickly in the music industry without any ‘godfather’, ‘guidance’ or ‘obsessing about music reality shows.’ He is an inspiration to all the teens who think music reality shows are the only avenue for recognition, they are certainly not! He inspires everyone to stop taking drugs instead of following the beaten path that most of the rappers do. He creates music with gumption and a purpose for a good cause.


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